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it’s time to move with the times

The night of 01 Aug was meant to be a nationwide PEACEFUL candlelight vigil in 8-10 cities in Malaysia + 1 in Sydney and 1 in London. 1 hour program to show solidarity for the thousands who have been arrested during the 50 years under the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA).

Not only has the Act outlived it’s use, it is also against human rights and against the constitution and it has also been abused. What started and promised by the first democratic government of Malaysia to be targetted at terrorists during the emergency has since not only repealed long after its necessity has run out, but used against civillians, journalists, activists, opposition politicians and supporters – in the name of politics.

1 hour program was to continue the efforts by civil society members, NGOs and the people to push for it to be abolished. Not modified. Abolished.

In Petaling Jaya, Klang Valley leg of the 1 hour program, became an 8-hour saga.

a peaceful location

Vigillers denied

Vigillers pushed into the mall

Vigil in the mall

The Arrest of Cikgu Bard 1 of 30

Heavily guarded PJ police station

has there been a terrorist attack?

solidarity - awaiting our detained comrades' fate

the detained comrades

the candles still burn

why don't we feel welcomed?

Dear Home Minister and PDRM Chiefs,

It’s time to move  with the times.

People Power will not fade nor go away. Peaceful vigils and demostration are here to stay. And PEACEFUL is possible.

Civil disobedience is the order of the day and the will of the Rakyat.

The violence, publich disruptions, chaos have been brought in by your instructions to the police officers.

It’s time to move  with the times.

Are candles such dangerous weapons that full geared FRU units have to be activated and instructed to bash into the vigillers? Are the brutal tactics of arrests necessary on a bunch of taxpayers exercising their civil rights to assemble and speak against injustice?

The crime rate is high and precious manhours should be spent solving the rampant crime cases and preventing them, not show of force to clamp down civil societies, in the name of politics. No more will such action gain you any political mileage.

It’s time to move  with the times.

Brainwashing the Special Brunch officers that civil society members and activists are “opposition” supporters and have them come try to convince us to stop activism will NOT work.

“Wait til you all become the government then you can change the laws”

Excuse me? (1) We are NOT political and trying to become the government. We fight for justice and human rights. (2) Are you saying that there will be a change in government ? (3) Are you conceding the current government is condamned and only a change in ruling party will do?

This is what I repeat to the old chap SB officer who likes to come “convince”  or intimidate us. “If there is a new government and the ruling party decides to use ISA to detain all the politicians, their cronies and police officers (like yourself), the same people at these vigils will burn candles for you. Think about that.”

It’s time to move  with the times.

Asking them to intimidate us with threats will only be laughed at.

It’s time to move with the times.

Abolish the ISA and all draconian laws.

Recognise the will and wishes of the Rakyat. Work with us. Stop trying to bash us down.

It’s time to move with the times.

Change. or be changed.


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Vigil in Ipoh a success l 8.36 min


ISA turns 50 (updated with locations)

The Internal Security Act (ISA)  turns 50.

It is draconian. It is against our Constitution. It is against human rights. It has been misused and abused as a political tool.

How about retiring  it?

No… not modify it like a plastic surgery procedure. ABOLISH IT!!

IF the government has not heard the rakyat so far… let us tell you again on 01Aug2010.

NATIONWIDE “ABOLISH ISA” Candlelight Vigil, 8pm, 01 Aug 2010

(more details soon)

  • Dataran MBPJ, Padang Timur in Petaling Jaya at 8pm
  • Speaker’s Square, Penang (9pm)
  • Dataran Bandaraya Ipoh (8pm)
  • Dataran Zero KM, Sungai Petani (8pm)
  • Taman Hijau, Jalan Sultanah Zainab, Kota Bharu (8pm)
  • Pusat Tanah Wang, Jalan Perdada, Sibu (8pm)
  • Bangunan Al Idrus Commercial Centre, Kuching (8pm)
  • Front Entrance of 1 Borneo Hypermall, Kota Kinabalu (1pm)

Bring a candle and spend a cool Sunday night in the name of human rights and justice.

See you there.



I knew it… he ain’t as dumb as we think

just recently over a teh tarik we were saying how some ministers are plain stupid… Hisham Kerismuddin’s name was popular in the topic… for various reasons we all know lah.. no need to elaborate.

But he is (trying anyway) proving us wrong, ain’t he… maybe he took delCapo’s advise and got good help after all .. hahahaha

Here’s why delCapo is suddenly a “fan”.

1) ISA

We hammered him just yesterday for using arrests and threats as a lazy way of justifying his soon-to-be submitted (none or minimal) amendments to ISA in parliament… a political opprtunist.

Wah… today… he actually started briefing “opposition, activists on ISA reforms”

Not so lazy after all, uh? He actually planned this !!!

Here comes the briefing “ahh… you see… from recent events… we got arsonists AND international terrorists… cow head, wild boar head religious hatists… so we need ISA… no need to change! Thank you… ” 

Not lazy… but LAME!!! I wonder who was invited to this briefing…

2) Action on church arsonists, even if from Umno

From one glance… the statement looks ok. Home minister doing his job lah…

But think about it though… it’s actually quite clever, politically…. no?

On one hand… UMNO gets endorsement for being the one who “fought for Muslims’ rights to the word ‘Allah'”… so passionate that their guys are prepared to burn churches!!

On the other… The government looks good too! They will be arrested even if they are from UMNO..

WAHHHH!!!!! Thank you, Home Minister…. dammit… we all thought if they are from UMNO, they will NEVER be arrested and proscecuted!! You are the fairest Home Minister we ever had, Hisham!!!… waaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!! Malaysia is saved lah….

See how ridiculous it is?? a statement like that is like SPECIAL… fucken arrogant prick.

Wanna impress us? Arrest some real buggers like Khir Toyo (not some ikan bilis again who are more than happy to gain street credibility), proscecute him as mastermind and jail his ass for a few years…

We are not as stupid as you look, even in your small sparks of little cleverness…



ISA – ahh… another political tool…

So Home Minister, next parliament sitting, you are supposed to try and table amendments to the ISA act…. even though there have been many suggestions/proposals that the current ISA act simply has to be abolished completely as it is outdated, old and with too much room for abuse… and abuse it has been, politically.

This is convenient… threaten to arrest arsonists (the places of worship attacks) with ISA, even though there’s no need to.. then remind everyone that “In the case of the attacks on places of worship, only 19 people have been remanded and (even then) it is not an ISA issue,” …. Then why bring it up at all??? Easy way to justify your precious ISA’s existence, uh?

I hate political opportunists!!

Oh ya… of course… arrest 50 fellas quietly under ISA… choose which ones are good to keep… Keep 10 (or is it 12) and release the rest… linking them to “unamed international terror organisations”…. do a press release only after a human rights lawyer expose the arrests.

Scary lah!! Who are these 50 and the 10-12 still detained? local or foreign… still scary…. Why? because the ISA does not allow anyone to question the arrests, nor know their well being as human beings!

What’s scarier is the government using these as justifications NOT to abolish the ISA… and leave it to be used politically again when convenient.

We need a new law to counter terrorism… it is called an Anti Terrorism Act… new, up-to-date and with checks and balances so no abuses of power and human rights…. get rid of this old ISA crap.

Hisham… don’t be lazy lah… go do your homework. If you need help… plenty of good help around… just ask.


No2ISA march 010809 – Lets make this one count

Follow delCapo on Twitter during the march… hopefully pictures can be uploaded “live” here too.

All those heading down…

  • Go early
  • Bring mineral water (for drinking and in case FRU gets trigger happy)
  • DO NOT fall into ANY group’s instigation for violence…. we come in PEACE! Stay Cool!!…



Yes2ISA vs No2ISA, Pro ISA vs Anti ISA…

Anyone who lives in Klang Valley today would have experienced extra heavy traffic all day…. largely due to the numerous police roadblocks all around. Why? There’s a high profile “ISA Day”…

ISA Day? Yup… it was supposed to be an “Anti-ISA” day, championed by GMI… but the so-called Pro-ISA parties have also decided to join in the fun…

Their (Pro ISA) distractors may argue that these are pro-UMNO/BN supporters in disguise.. there to possibly:

  1. give the mainstream media an angle to sell the fact that Malaysia still needs ISA
  2. play “nice guys” and disperse when the police tell them to (so Anti ISA will look bad)
  3. threaten Anti ISA and create unrest.

Lets get a short lowdown of both sides’ causes

Pro-ISA or Yes2ISA

  • ISA is “key” to maintaining peace and national security in the country…
  • errr…. that’s all really.

Anti-ISA or No2ISA

  1. Allows for dentention without trials , therefore violation of basic Human Rights  (read article)
  2. Anti-democracy
  3. Malaysia’s ISA Act gives absolute power to the Home Minister and police for arrest… resulting in abuse of power, political arrests.
  4. “Out of date” law made in the 1960’s to counter the communists ressurgence.
  5. Check out the 1960’s debate in parliament before ISA was passed as a law.

Now… here’s the thing… No2ISA groups recommends repealling the ISA Act and replace it with a comprehensive “Anti-terrorist Act” with check and balances (with no room for abuse and political arrests) so Malaysia can be safe from terrorist threat without violation of basic human rights.

Yes2ISA and Pro ISA…  i think you should pack up and go home =]


ABM Meeting – Sunday 120409


Greetings Fellow Anak Bangsa Malaysia / Sunday Vigillers….

bangsa_malaysiaMessage from Aloysius:

This Sunday’s Meeting will be held at the KLSCAH -KL-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.

We have the Hall from 7PM – 11PM. But Official meeting will start @ 8.00pm.

From 7.30pm slides of the Bukits Gantang/Selambau bt-elections will be shown + other video clips.
Please come before 8pm. Interesting Session ahead:

1. Bukits & Batang by elections News & Testimonies.
2. ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA News – Perakians keen to join
3. ABM in KOTA DAMNASARA – latest!
4. Other Sharing & Testimonies

For registration & more info, pls contact Aloysius –

delCapo will be bringing candles & a black arm band.


ISA – the essentials part II

isa-for-children-02Part I of our discussions was posted a week ago here.

Last Sunday, we had a part II, which dwelved into arguments FOR and AGAINST a law such as the Internal Security Act (ISA)…. and how we, as the rakyat, must make a decision…. and carry out actions!!

In 1987, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi: “Laws such as the Internal Security Act have no place in modern Malaysia. It is a draconian and barbaric law.”

In 2003 Prime Minister Abdullah called the ISA:
“a necessary law,” and argued “We have never misused the Internal Security Act. All those detained under the Internal Security Act are proven threats to society.”

2008, Rear Admiral (R) Tan Sri K. Thanabalasingam :
“If the government decides to do away with the ISA, an “Anti-Terrorism Act” should be enacted to check the worldwide terrorism threat. This act should be very specific and clear in its intent and should be used only for this purpose.
The ISA has mutated in its use over the past 30 years or so and is now being used for what it was never intended.”

Another MP who never forgets his No to ISA badge

Another MP who never forgets his "No to ISA" badge

Wanna read more?….. download the slides isa-the-essentials-part-II

also check out :

Wanna know more?? Watch this space, and other fellow blogs for updates on when & where the next session will be.

Bring friends & family for a good Sunday evening of knowing more about a topic that has gained so much publicity (thru RPK, Hindraf5, GMI) but perhaps still very much lack the public knowledge of it.


Protected: PJ Sunday “No To ISA” gathering

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ISA – facts & figures

stone_slab-noisa-2Last Sunday, the weekly meetings of Anak Bangsa Malaysia for the cause of “No to ISA” opened a new chapter.

We restarted the movement by refreshing the attendees what is this ISA Act and the history of it. For without knowing what it is & the history of it, we cannot contructively push for reforms.

Some quotes from the past, ironic & prophetic:

The Deputy Prime Minister (Tun Abdul Razak): 21 JUNE 1960, in Parliament “He (ISA detainee) is detained because he represents a risk to the security of the country and not because he is a member of a lawful political party…… It is the enemies of democracy who will be detained.”

D. R. Seenivasagam, 1960, opposing the Bill “….powers given to the Police are so wide, so terrifying, that every citizen of this country will be in constant fear, in constant and absolute fear throughout the days of his life so long as this Bill remains law…..You pass this Bill, but remember that one day somebody else, perhaps, not as democratic as you are, may be sitting on that very Bench; and when that time comes you-perhaps not you but the children of those who to-day support this Bill-will say “My God! we regret the day we introduced this Bill into this House.”

K. Karam Singh, 1960, opposing the BillIt makes this country a complete police State

Chin See Yin, 1960, “if it is left in the hands of someone who is not fair, who practises something that is not good, or who is revengeful or vindictive, then it is going to cause harm to the country.

Tun (then Dato’) Dr. Ismail “let these powers be abused, and you will see how the people in the country will rise against it

Wanna read more?? Click ISA facts Part I – by Jaya

also check out ISA FAQ

Wanna know more?? Watch this space, and other fellow blogs for updates on when & where the next session will be.

Bring friends & family for a good Sunday evening of knowing more about a topic that has gained so much publicity (thru RPK, Hindraf5, GMI) but perhaps still very much lack the public knowledge of it.


Perak MB Nizar spotting the Anti-ISA badge 2 days ago in Ipoh


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