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#PIPA # SOPA – not that far away..

The current hooha about PIPA and SOPA maybe regarding bills going through the US Congress and Senate… but it isn’t that far away from Malaysia.

IF they are passed, they will affect internet users across the globe… moreover, who knows what kind of  ideas they might give the oh-so-creative Jibby & yoRais (who incidentally has just won his case against DinBinjai at the appeals court).



Ah Jib 哥 , a donkey can never be a Unicorn

Ever noticed Najib giving a speech without paper or those cool expensive transparent text prompters in front of him?

Ever heard or see him do anything not scripted and off the cuff?

The Christian lunch was so tightly choreographed the old robes couldn’t even chorus an amen…

The recent Royal Selangor Club luncheon saw Jibby snookered by an old faithful of his father with the now famous question “Mr Prime Minister, would you make the transition of the government for Pakatan a smooth one if the opposition wins the next general election?”  What did he do? Couldn’t even cook up a respond to save his tail and just ran.

He has also taken on the official “Jib 哥 ” (brother Jib) name given to him by the Nasi Lemak 2020 gang and now used by the Chinese-speaking Malaysians to whack him.

All the media choreography and PR packaging…  the millions of our money spent on the making of Mr 1Malaysia… still such dogshit results.

What a bloody dropkick…

A donkey can never be a unicorn lah…



post 901 – AI and AA

So Anwar was found not guilty. Malaysian politics normal service resumed, for now.. We’ll see if the government has the balls to appeal…. keeping one eye on that Datuk T video too.

DelCapo is of the cynical opinion that for 901, Jibby picked the lesser of 2 evils (considering some of the blogtivists actually called for Anwar to be jailed, in the name of getting sympathy votes to win GE13).

Noticed how almost everyone praised the judgement (except Saiful..hehehe), even UMNO/BN themselves :).. But most call it an UMNO/BN decision, not really a good judgement. “Glad the judge had the guts to make it” was the best could be found. Sad, innit, for the judiciary?

The 3 bombs were bloody unfortunate.. Lucky not many were hurt.. Been waiting for Hisham to say some predictable bullshit like “see, mass public assembly is dangerous”

Perkasa only managed 50+ (NONE of them look like a typical member) probably paid idiots on site. Boo!

The one overlooked light of hope – PDRM personnels. For once, doing their job damn well on the ground (the courtroom circus notwithstanding).. Traffic well directed.. Polite but forceful to a highly charged crowd of thousands.. Nice pix of them shaking hands, smiling and waving at PR crowd. Could this really be? That the officers are opening their eyes and minds.. Would be nice if this is converted to votes 🙂

Then there’s AA – no, not Azmin Ali (who, incidentally was absent in most pix and those with him in it showed absent of smiles.. Go figure).. delCapo is referring to Adam Aidli.

Suspended by USDI for 18 months!! By a panel of UMNO fellas + a prosecutor, without his own representation (not allowed under AUKU).

Kaninah!! Way to go, UMNO!!
No doubt what’s Adam gonna be busy with 18 months free from exams… And GE13 has to happen within that time.

Maybe Jibby had some damage control and “lose less” votes with Anwar’s acquittal.. But here comes People Power surging in the name of Student Power!!

Hidup Rakyat!!
Hidup Mahasiswa!!
ABU ABU ABU !!!!!!


901 – beyond Anwar.. it’s ABU time.

901 – all the hoohah about Anwar. For the records (again), delCapo thinks Anwar is more useful in Jail than out.

Honestly, for the sake of Anwar and Pakatan… 901 is a gift from UMNO/BN.

Whatever the verdict may be, Najib’s UMNO/BN is in a no-win situation.

If Anwar is not guilty, UMNO/BN will be ridiculed. There may be months of appeals and wayang (to revent public outcry) and finally maybe they jail him afterall or they let it go. Whatever it is, they look like fucken idiots.

If Anwar is found guilty…. appeals notwithstanding, bail situation depending… Reformasi 2.0 one way or another, in one form or another, WILL happen.

Then the question of “WHO TAKES OVER?”

The intellectuals and idealists would like to think that this is an opportunity to finally say “IT DOESN’T MATTER”, and see us heading towards the right direction of non-iconic politics. Let the period of struggle be held by old guards like Tok Guru, Kit Siang, Hadi Awang, Karpal, Kak Wan…. while the likes of Nizar, Guan Eng,  Mat Sabu, Dr Dzul, Khalid Ibrahim, Khalid Samad, Nurul Izzah, Tony Pua, Malik Imtiaz, Gobind Singh, Ngeh, Nga etc … step up into leading positions. People Power will truly blossom.

Alas, this is Malaysia… the bulk of the crowd (not just rural) needs a HERO, needs an icon. It’s also the reason why 901 is a godsend… coz PR and Anwar were losing the status as the rakyat got numb, bored and tired of the same old shit.

So who’s the next HERO? Azmin Ali is so obvious a choice that it stinks. He is one Anwar trusts to ensure Anwar is still the real icon. He is the deputy president of PKR. He’s been at the forefront of their “struggle” over the years and has had his fair share of hero stories etc etc…

If there’s betting pool (as some of my comrades jokingly suggested), Azmin Ali’s odds will be more ridiculous than betting on “will Rosie be ugly today”. Sure – Nurul Izzah’s name has been floated. Why not throw  Ku Li, Khalid Ibrahim… even RPK into the pools. The bets will still be overwhelmingly Azmin.

delCapo’s problem is (besides personally not liking his face and think nothing of his leadership quality) – Azmin Ali is basically Anwar 2.0. Minus the charm and the brain power.

He will be fried in no time by UMNO. Corruption, ridiculous scandals, pictures, videos, allegations… you name it, they will come out. In fact, to save production costs, they probably already exist and in store!!! and you know what? Azmin WILL fall… and FAST. The NGOs, civil societies, students and even his fellow Pakatan colleagues aint’t gonna fight for him as hard…..and then what?

UMNO/BN knows this… and that’s why the most likely scenario will be –  jail Anwar… let shit hit the fan big time… let Pakatan, under the “leadership” of Azmin, struggle abit…. then whack him… and in the midst of it win GE13.

delCapo dares suggest this. It’s not rocket science, and it’s not original. Just wanna say it in my own words.


The one person that can unite (1) The support of the old guards of PR, (2) the comradeship of the next generation, solid leaders of PR, (3) the voices and masses from bloggers, NGOs, independents, civil society members, students (4) international interests (young, woman, daughter of jailed reformist), and (5) the sympathy mass of fence sitting voters who look for icons – NURUL IZZAH. NOT Azmin nor anyone else.

The one person who can withstand any shithole scandals UMNO/BN can cook up or any internal sabotage that may happen – NURUL IZZAH. NOT Azmin nor anyone else. No shit can stick to this girl… really.

Look at it from another angle:

  • – What’s the biggest  problem faced by People Power movements like Kill the Bill, Bersih 2.0, Occupy Dataran, anti-AUKU,  ABU (Asalkan Bukan UMNO/BN or Anything But Umno/BN)? Not reaching the mass of fence sitting masses.
  • – What’s the problem with HEROES that these fence sitting masses like to vote for? The NGOs, students, middle class, civil society members most probably cannot stand them.

Nurul Izzah is the answer.

So listen up Kit Siang, Hadi and whoever PR top guns who will have a say in who “takes over” Anwar – Forget about Anwar’s personal choice (it’s bloody obvious)… think about the opportunity to truly ignite the ABU spirit AND get the fence sitters’s votes on board.

Never before has there such an opportunity, timing, and such a suitable choice of candidate – NURUL IZZAH.

So let injustice be in the air.

So let Anwar once again be the icon of a struggle. Jail him!

It’s time to move on, beyond Anwar, beyond the old ways.

It’s time to turbo speed ABU.




Something’s up

Noticed how Jibby’s been missing and Muyyidin’s been on turbo charged public appearances?

Noticed how 2011 – 2012 NYE People Power movements were headed by 1) students (TanJung Malim), 2)middleclass (KLCC +LRT), and 3) an Occupy movement (#occupydataran)??

RPK going bonkers and now an official turncoat. Really?

Something’s up, comrades… Dunno what’s up but something is up. It’s never so simple and it will not be dull 🙂
Whatever’s up.. We wait for them to come.. Or we keep on walking?
DelCapo walks…

Happy People’s Power 2012!!
If u think 2011 was exciting.. 2012 will rock your socks off? Yeah!!!!!


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