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Malaysikini reports – No ‘envelope’ journalism in M’sia, delCapo: Who needs Envelopes when u have Sticks??

Information Minister Ahmad Shabery “Foaming” Cheeks spoke at the launch of World Development Information Day in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysiakini’s full text pasted below) regarding Malaysia;s recent Press Freedom ranking by Reporters Without Borders.

Now… delCapo would like to ask…. IF the media is either (1) owned by the Government or controlled by the government-linked companies/individuals, or (2) carrying license which needs “approval” from the Government, of which can be revoked at anytime, plus (3) a new Natioanl Media Council to be set up to oversee the media, plus the multiple acts & laws we have in place…… OF COURSE there’s no room or need for the so-called “Envelopes”.

We have enough whips & sticks… no need carrots (envelopes) lah, Mr Minister….

Also… u said “The minister said some counties which are ranked higher in the press freedom index may not weigh in equally with their corruption index”….

delCapo couldn’t agree more…… Malaysia, under you bunch of assholes, is ranked BOTH badly in the Media freedom AND Corruption indexes…. No? read your own “free media” The Star’s report here not so long ago…

delCapo would like NOTHING more than to agree with you, Mr Minister…. but you  “Talk Cock Like Sing Song”!!!

How how how???

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First Tomboys… now Yoga…

hmmm….. delCapo wonders what next….. sharing a pizza?? speaking in multi-languages?? surfing the internet??? singing chrismas songs for fun?????
Fatwa council has been very active lately, uh?…
Full text from Malaysiakini within… also read Marina Mahathir’s views on d same subject….

Malaysiakini: Backbenchers rap Penang’s multi-lingual road signs

delCapo was amused by the so-called “UMNO Bullies” term & stories…. i agree with those who take the stance – “fight the bully, or walk away…. stop sitting there, do nothing but whine like a bitch”

Anyway…. the following exchange in Parliament, as reported by malaysiakini further amuses delCapo today… (comments within)


mohamad aziz sri gading mpMohamad Aziz (BN-Sri Gading) said the Penang government’s decision to implement the multi-language road signs instead of road signs in the national language was disrespectful to the nation’s social contract. [friend… the national language is still there lah… just adding other languages!]

thor teong ghee chinese road plate 250708“I want the Ministry of Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage, with courage, with honesty, to explicitly tell the House what kind of action will it take against the insolence displayed by the Penang government to use road signs with three languages which is disrespectful to the federal constitution,” he said. [delCapo loves it when UMNO fellas use words like “respect”, “constitution”… make me spit easier… PUI!]

He then argued that the constitution stated that Bahasa Malaysia was the primary language of the nation and must be used as the main language for public road signs. [[hey numbskull… key words “Primary”, “Main”… look them up…. they do not mean “Only” “exclusive”, ok??…. fuckwit! with no sense of cultural, heritage AND any command of language as an MP…. sad, man]


Anti ISA Candlelight Vigil – Lights in Darkness

It’s a dark & cynical world out there….
But in dark we always find some light –

  • Candles
  • The innocent smile on kids
  • The new blood youngsters (hope to c & hear u guys sing next week)
  • The laughing faces
  • The inspirational speeches
  • The warm sing along

Madam Marina was wonderful

“MC” Zorro held court on the nite *Salute*


It was another great candle vigil (read more here, here, here , here & here)… glad to hear Seremban is gonna have their own (Friday, 31oct08,  8 pm at Dataran Seremban Park)

missing those who couldn’t be with us on this festive & special nite….

see more of you next week..

Happy Deepavali !!!

Enjoy the many many pix within…

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Malaysiakini: Vwaishhnnavi and mum freed, 10 in court

Malaysiakini reports & updates here.

delCapo just wanna say this – you muthafuckas are SICK, SICK SICK!!!

She’s 6 years old…. delivering what she believed was a Deepavali invite to the leader of her country!!! You detained her overnite????

How much damage could have been done if you had accepted her gesture of goodwill (even though you might be totally irritated) & then send her home???

How much damage?!?!?!?! versus trying to erase the image of detention off this little angel’s memory for doing something pure!!!!!!!!!

this is just so fucked up…..

to Hindraf leaders…. in light of knowing what these sick bastards won’t stop at doing…. pls spare a thought before sending anymore kids in front…. really…. not asking you to back down from the fight…. but children’s mental health are NOT fucken worth the risk, uh??

from Mobs Crib

from Mob's Crib


A day wif the Heroes @ RPK ’s 2nd Habeas Corpus hearing, Shah Alam High Court…


What/Where? – RPK’s 2nd Habeas Corpus hearing, 9am at Shah Alam High Court


Details can be found HERE (Malik’s Disquiet) here & here… so delCapo, between limited legal knowledge & fighting to stay awake during various part of the hearing, better not try to elaborate on the proceedings…. just a few comments & some pix tribute.

delCapo can say this though – overall…. our team kicked ass!!!! YEAH!!!!

Azhar Azizan Harun & Malik Imtiaz Sarwar gave everyone a lesson of how to present a case smoothly, comprehensively and most of all, how to make sure the judge does not miss a beat of their arguments…

Especially Malik…. i think all the ladies would agree that this man deserves a hug from each of you….kekekeke

 He was indeed, a Hero of d Day…. welldone!!!! excellent job!!

Can’t say the same for the other team though, who just stuck to the “it’s the Home Minister’s goddam right to arrrest whoever, whenever” stance…. quite a shame actually…. delCapo always prefer to watch a good fight…

So from a layman’s point of view…. no fight!! our team kicked the govt’s legal team’s ass….. no doubts about it… substance, delivery, furnace…. all over…

now it’s over to Judge Datuk Syed Ahmad Helmy Syed Ahmad to make a decision on 07 nov 08…. will he be a rakyat’s hero & let justice prevail!!!! Let’s pray for the force to be wif him…

here’s delCapo’s pix tribute to a day spent with heroes of RPK’s trials. Thank you TEO for the nice pix again…

Our Hero RPK's brave heroines

Our Hero RPKs own heroines


anothe big presence from Bala hero of Bangsar

anothe big presence from Bala hero of Bangsar







Anti ISA Candle Vigil…. a nice way to burnout sunday dinner

What a nice  & meaningful way to burnout a Sunday dinner…. with your friends, loved ones…

What a kickass way to warm up before a sunday night drink with your kakis…

deLcapo felt the love last nite at latest Anti ISA candle vigil…. at least 500 times over!! Thats right…






 NEW!! – Balloons with “No to ISA” were added to the event…. & released after shouts of !!!FREE, FREE, RPK!!!

NEW!! – LIVE performances…. We didn’t know how this was gonna turn out (with no electrical supply & no PA system)…. but it turned out to be one great sing along session… Sam and Iedet, u rocked!!!!!

BlogBros & Sisters were out in force, as usual….. Zorro, Haris (who are you, Haris?? kekeke), WhispererSurind,  Shanghai Steven, Queenie, Boom, Gus, steesh, paradise storm, …..

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