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Penanti by-election – latest


IT was a largely uneventful by-election day in Penanti….

Yes… some phantom voters were found…. some voter’s names mysteriously dissappeared from the registers…

The absence of a PR-BN battle was felt…. so was the presence of “pondok panas” by party members….

Many voters decided to stay away – whether to boycott, or on holidays with family (self-paid or BN-sponsored), or sheer laziness to come out and brave the 36 degC heat.

Record low turnout of <50%, but still a bgger majority win by PR’s Dr Mansor….

Special mention to Nai Khan Ari, the independent candidate of Thai origins…. who beat the more “famous” Aminah by 100 votes…. Kamarul as a joke with 56 votes (my dog has more friends!! hahahahaha)

delCapo didn’t do too badly too….. 5,558 majority is close enough to the predicted “just over 5,000”, no? hehehe…..

Kelantan next!

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It was a great rally at Taman Guar Perahu hosted by a fiery and uncompromising Chegu Badrul…. of great speakers, inclding Khalid Ibrahim, Mat Sabu (local boy who put the crowd instiches with his comical style of speaking), Lim Guan Eng, Azmin Ali and Anwar.

Too bad they ran out of time, finishing at 12 midnite on the dot…. Nizar was in the area but the crowd of 3000+ at Taman Guar Perahu didn’t get to see him.

Most of the speakers whacked BN and UMNO… you would think they might let up since UMNO is not contesting… but the UMNO-orchestrated police harrassment of Pakatan Rakyat leaders, including Chegu Bard and DAP maestro Lim Kit Siang, + the banning of terms like “Altantuya/Aminah” “Perak” did not go down well…. and they came out firing!! YEAH!!

The most important thing is for Penanti to come out and vote & come out early!!

The most ridiculous stories of the nite surrounded (1) UMNO’s encouragement of Penanti folks NOT to vote (!!), and (2)UMNO’s sponsorship of 2000 voters to go on “holiday” to places like Padang Besar with RM100 pocket money each + transportation!!

A PKR sure-win… delCapo thinks by over 5,000.



Sunday Candle-light Vigil – for Aung San Suu Kyi



counter: Arrests (167)

New Arrests on 26 May 09 in Ipoh: 19 + 2, including speaker Sivakumar, MPs, Aduns, passers-by, 2 fellas walking to DAP office in the evening to attend indoor vigil and event company workers….

 Home Minister & PDRM…. your guys cannot even give (or cannot be bothered to give) good reasons for the arrests anymore…. just tangkap, tangkap, tangCrap…

Once again – It is NOT working!!! stop wasting the Rakyat’s money!!!


counter: Arrests (146), Raid on Political office (1)

Among the arrested – Elected Wakil Rakyat, Politicians, Lawyers, NGOs, Activists, Supporters of Democracy, ordinary citizens on morning walk.

Office raided lie a terrorist organisation – DAP PJ office…. a first in Malaysian History.

Once again…. 1Malaysia MY ASS!!!!


“Live” blogging from Penanti – Nomination day

Barisan Rakyat team in Penanti….

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Al-fatihah, More By-Elections, More Arrests…

delCapo’s deepest condolences to friends at PAS and the family of late YB Ismail Yaacob.

Another by-election…. maybe BN will skip this one too??


On the other hand… delCapo dunno to give “Hattrick” award to Jenice Lee or the PDRM… 3rd time in a month she wears black, stands up for democracy and gets arrested by democrapcy!!

delCapo would like to ask Home Minister & IGP… have you done a review on all these “tangkap tangkap tangCRAP” , ka??? If neutral, any positive effect in the eye of law enforcement?? if not, any political mileage gained by BN???

Maybe time for you guys to relook at your own strategies ya…. you doing alot of favour for PR’s mileage  and the Rakyat’s deepening hatred… hahahaha!!!


!!!PEOPLE POWER!!!  Rakyat right behind you!!!


Wah!! PDRM damn good lah….

Snatch thieves, robbers, car thieves, rapist, murderers must be quite scared….

Why? the PDRM is damn efficient these days – a dozen pople in a condo area holding peacful candle light vigil and signature campaign, lawyers trying to help some arrested citizens and a 33-year old alleged thief all rounded up and made news!!! They can even enter state assembly and “enforce” on the lawmakers!!

So you crooks out there better watch out… the new Home Minister & PDRM leadership are super duper, man…


PDRM and UMNOtusan Malaysia… Bloody political running dogs.

You keep up the manhandling and harrasing our lawyers, MPs and Aduns, ESPCIALLY the young pretty ones…. and the shitass media keep up this “selected” reporting… the Rakyat will keep pouring our fury on you….

watch this and tell me u are not pissed off – arrests in a private property, a condominium common area.



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