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Hindraf “Last Man Standing” Murugan’s trial – update

Follow-up on my previous post

The trial is now ajourned to 25 Jan 2011 and aims to be concluded on 28 Jan 2011.

Sunny did a great video coverage here.





Hindraf “last man standing”, 5-7 jan, Duta Courts

Nov 2007.

A spirit rose.


Remember this?


and this, my fav picture from the rally. THE COURAGE, THE SPIRIT, THE MAKKAL SAKTHI that inspired and woke up an entire nation.

Now… after all the so-called leaders turning political, after all the arrested Hindraf activitists have been released on “negotiated terms”…. there’s ONE MAN STANDING – Murugan.

Whatever those who want the original Hindraf spirit to “go away” is trying to sell, and have sold to the rest… Murugan is not buying. He stands and he stands firm.

written by Sekeran:

5 – 7 jan 2011

8.30 am Jln Duta Court 5 (Jenayah) Level 3 Right Wing

New Year Greetings, Comrades,

We begin the New Year with yet another chapter of this ground-breaking saga of The Hindraf Rally on 25th November 2007.

The illegitimate-UMNO led ruling government has used all its resources including the courts to subdue all the defendants in the case, but Murugan, the Last Man Standing is not giving them a walkover.

He has taken it upon himself to use his trial to highlight the double standards, selective prosecution and victimisation by the authorities.

On 26th Oct 2010, the judge had ordered the proceedings to commence in the absence of his lawyer, leaving Murugan to face the court and the prosecution team by himself.

Fortunately, he was not alone. The presence of many of you, activists and lay supporters, has been a source of strength not only to Murugan, but the CAUSE that he represents. It must also have caught the attention of the court and the powers-that-be, that the people care and are watching.

Tomorrow, his lawyer, Visva, is expected to cross-examine the the arresting officer, and the prosecution may call one or two more witnesses before it closes its case.

Could I therefore ask you once again to lend your support, by your kind presence, if possible, however brief it may be.

Irrespective of whether you are able to make it, at least for the sake of YOUR Constitutional Right To Assemble Peaceably without arms, please publicise this case of selective prosecution as widely as possible via e-mail, sms, blogs etc.

Thank You.

PS; I will be away till mid- january: for info please call Mani 0142278439

Have we all forgotten the original hindraf spirit?
One of the main sparks that started the rise of the people to rally for our rights since 2007?

The political games, the media’s blackout, the people’s short memory.. it’s sad to know that there’s only one last man standing from the original Hindraf spirit… one last spirit that refuses to compromise when his comrades, his leaders and maybe the rakyat has abandoned him and what he represents.

It’s to the ruling party’s interest to bury the Hindraf spirit with the dismissal of the Hindraf case.
The courts, the AG and even some of the original hindraf guys are compromised  in line with BN’s interests.

Do we let the heroic flame of the original Hindraf rally die with this last man holding the sole candle?
Will the 30,000 who stood with him on 25 November 2007 against the FRU’s water cannons and tear gas stand up again?

Will the rest of us who felt their spirit and awaken to social activism now come back and show solidarity to this Last Man Standing??

5-7 Jan, Dutacourts.

try to be there.


N25 Bkt Selambau – BR’s latest ground report

DO NOT let MIC/BN take advantage of a division & sneak in a win!!!

As long as we are DIVIDED, BN is SUCCESSFUL !!


AnilNetto has also been working on the ground

Don’t fall into Samy Vellu’s hypocritical acts like this visit to Hindraf national coordinator RS Thanenthiran

HERE IS Barisan Rakyat’s very own Viveg rports back from Bukit Selamabau: Feedback on the ground situation in Bukit Selambau.

Indian Community Support:

  • · The majority of Indian community’s support seem to be behind PKR
  • · Even though the Makkal Sakthi initially called for boycott, some of the local supporters has gone to ground asking the people to vote for Pakatan.
  • · The prospect of having an Exco from the area is the carrot that is being.
  • · MIC will surely claim otherwise and Samy Vellu’s visited Thanendran in the hospital and planned to use the visit to potray Hindraf as supporting MIC. Good thing Hindraf corrdinator Kannan has come out to say Samy Vellu’s claim is not true.
  • · No matter how dissatisfied the Indian voters will be with Pakatan, there is minimal chance of them supporting BN.
  • · It’s beyond my comprehension why they still say that Hindraf will work in support of Pakatan in Bukit Gantang but will remain passive in Bukit Selambau. It doesn’t matter really because the local unit seem to have seen reason.

The issue of Kalaivanar leaving PKR:

  • · The impact of Kalaivanar leaving is not as big as BN expected. It remains a cheap publicity act to highlight in BN ceramah.
  • · All the division members who followed hoim out are not voters in Bukit Selambau.
  • · The Indian community has seen him for what he is.
  • · They know that Kalaivanar stood in the Gurun state seat and lost in the 12th GE. As such they do not buy his claim of not being appreciated seriously.
  • · The scandals surrounding him from his stay in Seremban days have been circulated in Bukit Selambau, leaving doubts on his credibility.

Infighting within PKR:

· I’m a little worried about this.

· Manikumar being new, is being guided by a group of state PKR leaders. And this group is not including the local divisional leaders in some decision making process.

· According to someone from the SP PKR division, even the Malay members of the division are grumbling of not being included in the campaign planning and implementation.

· The locals feel that they know the ground better and should be included in the planning while Manikumar’s campaign team is not absorbing all team players.

· I fear this is the weakest link now.

· If Pakatan is to lose Bukit Selambau, it will be their PKR’s infighting that causes the downfall.

· PKR better handle the dissatisfaction before it causes some damage


N25 Bkt Selambau – a Post from Malaysian Heart (must read)

bukit-selambau-candidatesdelCapo received this comment on a previous posting “Bukit Selambau By Election – lets cut all the crap!!!”

The author signs off as Malaysian Heart…. & he/she has written with much heart indeed.

It details the plight we are facing in the Bukit Selambau by elections….

delCapo still stand by this –

DO NOT let MIC/BN take advantage of a division & sneak in a win!!!

As long as we are DIVIDED, BN is SUCCESSFUL !!


Malaysian Heart, in full below…. please take time to read.

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Quote of d Day – Botak’s back

Well… he never went far anyway.

imbecileatworkWhen asked if action would be taken against a sick Waythamorrthy if he returns to the country, Syed Hamid declined to give a direct answer. he gave an Undenial instead.

“Everyone is subject to the law… everyone has to face the consequence,” was all he would say.

delCapo has this to say, based purely on humanity – NOT suprised by your answer…. BUT if u have the balls & inhumanity to use the ISA & detain a citizen returning home on medical bed…. go ahead.

Then, you better pray  hell open it’s door for you before the Makkal Sakthi gets you….


What happened at Bricksfields?

Andrew Ong & Team did a good coverage of what happened at Bricksfields yesterday.

Bottomline is….

  • The OCPD & MP S Manikavasagam made a deal – 50 people to enter the police station, 10 police reports to be made…. the rest of the 400+ supporters to stand at the side & make sure the roads are not blocked.
  • It would have been a smooth & successful day of civil rights movement & good police sense.
  • OCPD changed his mind…. not enough time was given to warn the already settled crowd….
  • CHAOS & Madness !!!

delCapo caught up with some of the Hindraf brothers last night… they were freshly dried from the “extra strong” chemical water this time, when they attended Haris’ mom’s wake… they are really worried about Uthayakumar’s condition in Kamunting & all the more, feeling marginalised by the police’s treatment.

Yes, some of us might of opinion that Hindraf can organise themselves better in the big context of things… BUT on this sad day… it was another sad incident for our brothers.

The OCPD better have a fucken good explanation on the change of mind & swift rush of blood order to activate the FRU.

Valga… MAKKAL SAKTHI!!!!!!

videos from Malaysiakini… listen to Gobind Singh’s interviews will tell u what a state of sadness we are living in, in terms of police vs  civil rights.


11feb09, RPK ISA Trial, Putrajaya Federal Court


Home Ministry’s appeal against the release of RPK from ISA, following his successful habeas corpus application at the Shah Alam High Court on November 7.

RPK’s legal team, led by Malik Imtiaz and included Azhar,  Chandra,  Neo,  Amarjit , Ashoke & Sreekant requested for time to compile & submit arguments to recuse Justice Augustine Paul from the panel of 3 judges on grounds that Augustine Paul may not be 100% unbiased on this case.

Reasons given (from delCapo’s limited legal understanding) –

  1. RPK had, during the Free Anwar campaign, written articles about Augustine Paul unfavourably, and
  2. Augustine Paul had previously reside over a case in 2001 when RPK was charged withbeing a “thereat to national security”, similar to the current ISA detention… & had ruled against RPK.

After a close shave of initial dismissal (which would have meant hearing to proceed & judgement made in the session), Malik Imtiaz managed to convince the panel that such a submission is indeed important and necessary. The submission to be handed in by tomorrow.

Case ajourned to 17 Feb 09 (Tuesday).

More on My Thought My World, SanJiunMalaysiakini.

Side Note: Karpal & Gobind Singh were representing the Hindraf 5 in their appeal to be released from ISA. Dismissed!

Some pix below:

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