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budget 2009… my 2 sens..

AAB announced the budget…. highlights here:

lotsamoney pumped in… lotsa “goodies” for all, rich or poor….

that makes BN & AAB a POPULIST, doesn’t it? yes yes… that also means hypocrite as they whack DSAI & the opposition for making populist promises…

ok… now we wanna hear what the opposition have to say during the debate… we wanna know if it’s as good as it seems… whther Malaysia Inc can actually afford the goodies…..

Or is the opposition gonna just wait & let DSAI fulfil his 15 Sep prophecy & present their own budget anyway??

lets wait & see….

hey, we gotta thank the Rakyat for allowing a strong opposition, for allowing DSAI back in, for allowing them to put so much pressure on BN that they have to turn populist… for whatever it’s worth =]


It’s Merderka day long weekend…. is it just me or are they less flags decorated on buildings & cars this year??


Quote of d day… Botak outdone today… by his boss

what did our PM say today that beat all the Botak minister’s usual bull-fucken-shits in parliament, during the debate on DSAI Bill, to win delCapo’s Quote of d Day??


silence… not even his usual “Zzzz”….


MT’s blocked? not quite….. *Updated*

Access MT thru


No internet censorship my ass…..



Not only should MCMC be hung for the blatant abuse of rights… they should be shot for being plain stupid!!
– is this gonna stop internet users from accessing info?
– can this really achieve the shut-down of MT?
– most imprtantly, if this is a political motivated move… it is now REALLY winning the voters back, uh??


check out Minister of FrothMouth’s statement too….

Information Minister Shabery Cheek said MCMC must have its reasons for blocking Malaysia Today.

“I am aware of the issue but it is not under my jurisdiction,” he said.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz said sensitive issues should be discussed within the perimeters of law.

If need be, he added, they should be done behind closed doors.

Citing the recent Bar Council forum on ‘Conversion to Islam’ as an example, the minister said it was ‘stupid and foolish’ as the open dialogue bothered people’s emotions.

He then added that the Bar Council is unable to understand the feelings of Muslims as they are not Muslims. (What The Fuck!?!?!?! Can some Malay lawyer brothers or sisters pleeeease spit on him)

damn….it’s getting tougher & tougher to pick quote of d day these days…. just UMNO buggers alone fill up top 10…


Quote of d Day…. Botak wins 2day

In respond to  “hot hot” Fong Po Kuan’s chilliPadi shots, our ever entertaining Home Minister’s reponse:

Syed Hamid explained the DNA Bill was originally meant to come after the Kenaf and Tobacco Board Bill, but as he was not feeling well earlier, he had applied to the Parliament for it to be debated later.

“There is no sinister motive. Don’t interpret it as having sinister motive. ” – source

WTF?!?!?!?! why dun u say your mistress bite your balls??

 you win delCapo’s QUOTE OF D DAY!!!


Why dun u just call it DSAI Bill??

it’s officially known as DNA Identification Bill…. DNAI Bill? Just call it DSAI Bill lah….. so BN MPs will won’t screw up when they vote for it!!

If not politically, or shall I say anwarically, motivated… why must jump Q & rush?? where is the fire??

Why no consultation with the experts, lawyers?

No privacy rights? no safeguard measures? no allowance for accused to have own independent DNA experts? No prper guidelines on usage & disposal of samples????

Eh… why dun u just use ISA like u always do lah… or if u wanna gostan in lawmaking (which the current draft is obviously doing), why dun u just declare marshall law or take a gun & shoot who u dun like… dun fucken waste time???

pui!Pui!! PUI!!!!


Blogger(s) of d Month!! *SALUTE* to Barisan Rakyat Bloggers

I would like to push for the idea of some Malaysian Blogger awards of some sort… whether on regular basis or one-offs….

From PP (Permatang Pauh or !!!PEOPLE POWER!!!)… delCapo nominate the team of

“Barisan Rakyat” bloggers


Blogger(s) of the Month!!!!


MCH!!! 2 hour from Bangsar to KL!!!


Merdeka Day celebrations dress rehershal….. massive massive gridlock around whole KL…

where the fuck were the warnings & information by traffic police, event organisers etc???? Nothing on the news, newspaper, radio…..



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