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Quote of the day – Azmin Ali

“I did not win because of Anwar”


Oi! you been watching too much of Nazri talk cock like sing song in Parliemant, is it?

It’s like Rosie saying  “i did not marry Jibby coz he’s Razak’s boy… it’s pure love”

hahahahahaha!!! hoo… hhahahahahahaha!!!


Bloggers for Nurul Izzah? hell yeah!

Zorro alerted the sometimes ostrichized delCapo on his invitation to help Nurul Izzah out of her predicament.

Puteri Democrasi to step up and put a stop to all the time wasting, tiring politics crap in PKR ?

A leader who actually work for the people and not obsessed with only his/her own political ambition nor pocket?

so… delCapo for Nurul Izzah to run for PKR deputy presidency?


All you fellas step aside!

delCapo has been saying for awhile –  “Nurul Izzah for Malaysia”, “Nurul Izzah for (future) Prime Minister” !!!

yeah Yeah YEAH!!!


Penanti by-election – latest


IT was a largely uneventful by-election day in Penanti….

Yes… some phantom voters were found…. some voter’s names mysteriously dissappeared from the registers…

The absence of a PR-BN battle was felt…. so was the presence of “pondok panas” by party members….

Many voters decided to stay away – whether to boycott, or on holidays with family (self-paid or BN-sponsored), or sheer laziness to come out and brave the 36 degC heat.

Record low turnout of <50%, but still a bgger majority win by PR’s Dr Mansor….

Special mention to Nai Khan Ari, the independent candidate of Thai origins…. who beat the more “famous” Aminah by 100 votes…. Kamarul as a joke with 56 votes (my dog has more friends!! hahahahaha)

delCapo didn’t do too badly too….. 5,558 majority is close enough to the predicted “just over 5,000”, no? hehehe…..

Kelantan next!

Updates at delCapo’s Twitter 

Pix upload on delCapo’s Picasa



It was a great rally at Taman Guar Perahu hosted by a fiery and uncompromising Chegu Badrul…. of great speakers, inclding Khalid Ibrahim, Mat Sabu (local boy who put the crowd instiches with his comical style of speaking), Lim Guan Eng, Azmin Ali and Anwar.

Too bad they ran out of time, finishing at 12 midnite on the dot…. Nizar was in the area but the crowd of 3000+ at Taman Guar Perahu didn’t get to see him.

Most of the speakers whacked BN and UMNO… you would think they might let up since UMNO is not contesting… but the UMNO-orchestrated police harrassment of Pakatan Rakyat leaders, including Chegu Bard and DAP maestro Lim Kit Siang, + the banning of terms like “Altantuya/Aminah” “Perak” did not go down well…. and they came out firing!! YEAH!!

The most important thing is for Penanti to come out and vote & come out early!!

The most ridiculous stories of the nite surrounded (1) UMNO’s encouragement of Penanti folks NOT to vote (!!), and (2)UMNO’s sponsorship of 2000 voters to go on “holiday” to places like Padang Besar with RM100 pocket money each + transportation!!

A PKR sure-win… delCapo thinks by over 5,000.



P59 Bkt Gantang – DAP dinner…. big guns are out

050409-bkt-gantang-dap-dinner-31_sPix of the DAP dinner of 5,000 + another few thousands non-diners attendees..

All the big guns were there…. Karpal & Tok Guru got standing ovation & cheers no less than Anwar, Nizar & Lim Kit Siang.

Zaid Ibrahim too was present.

It was a great nite of Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara…. check out te pix.

A win for Pakatan Rakyat is a win for all Rakyat!!


N25 Bkt Selambau – BR’s latest ground report

DO NOT let MIC/BN take advantage of a division & sneak in a win!!!

As long as we are DIVIDED, BN is SUCCESSFUL !!


AnilNetto has also been working on the ground

Don’t fall into Samy Vellu’s hypocritical acts like this visit to Hindraf national coordinator RS Thanenthiran

HERE IS Barisan Rakyat’s very own Viveg rports back from Bukit Selamabau: Feedback on the ground situation in Bukit Selambau.

Indian Community Support:

  • · The majority of Indian community’s support seem to be behind PKR
  • · Even though the Makkal Sakthi initially called for boycott, some of the local supporters has gone to ground asking the people to vote for Pakatan.
  • · The prospect of having an Exco from the area is the carrot that is being.
  • · MIC will surely claim otherwise and Samy Vellu’s visited Thanendran in the hospital and planned to use the visit to potray Hindraf as supporting MIC. Good thing Hindraf corrdinator Kannan has come out to say Samy Vellu’s claim is not true.
  • · No matter how dissatisfied the Indian voters will be with Pakatan, there is minimal chance of them supporting BN.
  • · It’s beyond my comprehension why they still say that Hindraf will work in support of Pakatan in Bukit Gantang but will remain passive in Bukit Selambau. It doesn’t matter really because the local unit seem to have seen reason.

The issue of Kalaivanar leaving PKR:

  • · The impact of Kalaivanar leaving is not as big as BN expected. It remains a cheap publicity act to highlight in BN ceramah.
  • · All the division members who followed hoim out are not voters in Bukit Selambau.
  • · The Indian community has seen him for what he is.
  • · They know that Kalaivanar stood in the Gurun state seat and lost in the 12th GE. As such they do not buy his claim of not being appreciated seriously.
  • · The scandals surrounding him from his stay in Seremban days have been circulated in Bukit Selambau, leaving doubts on his credibility.

Infighting within PKR:

· I’m a little worried about this.

· Manikumar being new, is being guided by a group of state PKR leaders. And this group is not including the local divisional leaders in some decision making process.

· According to someone from the SP PKR division, even the Malay members of the division are grumbling of not being included in the campaign planning and implementation.

· The locals feel that they know the ground better and should be included in the planning while Manikumar’s campaign team is not absorbing all team players.

· I fear this is the weakest link now.

· If Pakatan is to lose Bukit Selambau, it will be their PKR’s infighting that causes the downfall.

· PKR better handle the dissatisfaction before it causes some damage


N25 Bkt Selambau – a Post from Malaysian Heart (must read)

bukit-selambau-candidatesdelCapo received this comment on a previous posting “Bukit Selambau By Election – lets cut all the crap!!!”

The author signs off as Malaysian Heart…. & he/she has written with much heart indeed.

It details the plight we are facing in the Bukit Selambau by elections….

delCapo still stand by this –

DO NOT let MIC/BN take advantage of a division & sneak in a win!!!

As long as we are DIVIDED, BN is SUCCESSFUL !!


Malaysian Heart, in full below…. please take time to read.

Continue reading ‘N25 Bkt Selambau – a Post from Malaysian Heart (must read)’


KT ByElection campaign ends…

In the final night of campaigning….

  • PAS hosted a dinner for the Barisan Rakyat crew to show their appreciation of our efforts… thank you for the hospitality!
  • We witnessed PKR’s ceremah at Kampung Cina (in front of the local MCA center)….. where Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, Elizabeth Wong, Lo Gwo Burne and a electrifying Tian Chua spoke… the ceremah ended with group singing of  one of all-time favourite chinese songs “Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xing” (The Moon Represents My Heart)…. nice touch!!

The most incredible campaign by PAS & overwhelming support from their DAP, PKR comrades…. some things u just cannot fake. Pakatan Rakyat has truly arrived & almost as one true front…..

Out on the street… u can count 30-1 (PAS-UMNO) cars/bikes/supporters…. pathetic for UMNO/BN (maybe they just went to sleep early)

Barisan Rakyat gang, let by “local boy” RPK should be witnessing another step towards a change in government… starting with capturing KT parliament seat…

Tian Chua said many good things earlier…. one of them “winning or losing is part of the game…. but we have shown that the rakyat’s will towards change, towards making a stand on who should run our countryis strong…. this, in itselfm is a victory!!”

Well…. Pas is confident, Tian Chua claims PKR predicts a 1,800 margin victory… RPK calls it at 5,000 margin (with phantom votes counted)… delCapo has no basis… but will call it an easy victory…. at least 2,000.

For now…. here are some pix… KT, good nite…. good luck!!


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