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EC / SPR the referee?

Know who this is?

His name is Robert Hoyzer. A corrupt referee.


The Election Commission or SPR of Malaysia, in theory, is supposed to be like a referee – independent and enforcer of election laws to ensure free and fair elections. 

Well.. in theory.

They are not shy about admitting that they are NOT!. 

In a session earlier this year, this EC deputy chairman Wira Wan Ahmad Wan Omar fella told the forum “we are powerless”, “we only run the elections as administrator”, “we can propose changes but up to government to approve”.

Blah Blah blah…. ok fine… you and the EC / SPR are lame ducks. 

Hang on, didn’t you judge and declare some seats in the Perak state assembly not vacant when faced with their resignation letters?

Oh… sometimes got power to be referee but most of the time don’t have, is it?

Okok… powerless unless otherwise poked by some stick or fed with some of these candies maybe?

Maybe that’s the boost you just got last night to talk shit like “Bersih is Pakatan stooge in bid for Putrajaya”, “There was (a 2007) demonstration and as result, a momentum was built and in the 2008 election (the opposition) won big… now, the rumour is that snap polls will be called and history will be repeated”

Oi! Lets make 3 things very clear

1) There are 8 demands by Bersih … you can read them here. Very clear. People want free and fair elections. Period. 

2) Bersih is a people’s movement, let by a steering committee of NONE political party member. Infact some of them have been whacking Pakatan Rakyat harder than BN (e.g Haris Ibrahim and Amiga herself)

3) Both Pakatan and BN were invited to join. One side did, the other side didn’t… even chose to oppose.


So Berish and the people’s motivation is very clear.

You, Election Commision… can you do anything? Can, then you just do it. In fact you should have DONE it.

But you say you are powerless, right? We even told you we will take your recommendations to the government and fight for them if they are in line with the people’s will.

So if you cannot do anything… THEN JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

Because everytime you open your mouth you make yourself look like this – a BN / UMNO Lembu trying to act like you are a referee.



Youth Power

Well done, my brothers!

Cool Video…. sure go viral one =]


Peaceful mass crowd, road closure for a few hours in KL. What’s the problem?

Would like to hereby point the attention of the Home Ministry and PDRM’s rank and file to 2 (of many) events in KL that involve

  • Mass public crowd (many wearing same event-related t-shirts and outfits),
  • Road closures
  • PDRM officers very effectively perform traffic control and ensure crowd and participants safety.


1) Standard Chartered Bank’s Annual KL Marathon


2) Le Tour De Langkawi


So… Home Minister and IGP… what’s the problem with this?

Peaceful crowd gathering and walking from 3 predetermined locations, on pre-determined routes to one destination (The Palace).

With good coordination with the Bersih ushers and the usual good traffic control and crowd safety measure by the PDRM officers, this will be smooth and painless… over  within 2 hours.

Again… what’s the problem?

Why must arrest  people, raid offices, hassle  public figures with interrogation 2 weeks before the event??

Why not spend time coordinating the damn thing??


Revolution 2.0 by Yellow Mellow

A vid inspired… from the USA to Middle East…


Najib looks to bring in the army… how will Bersih 2.0’s yellow revolution turn out?


youtube vids for Bersih 2.0


Welcome UMNO Youth and Perkasa to join Bersih 2.0. pls update all police reports

click to join Bersih 2.0 Facebook page

There’s a countdown frame at Bersih 2.0’s website. Countdown to 9 July 2011, the rakyat’s next Walk for Justice – true democracy, human rights, clean and fair elections, auto voters registration etc..

That’s what we will be PEACEFULLY walking for.

Now we have been hearing that Khairy’s UMNO Youth and Ibrahim Ali’s (well, Dr M’s) Perkasa also going to march on the same day.

Farida ( “Madam” for me and should be for all of you) wrote a great piece on Malaysiakini and said “send in the clowns”. hehehehe… nice.

delCapo would like to say to KJ and Ibrahim’s boys – WELCOME!!! For whatever reasons, right or wrong… you are welcomed to join the peaceful march!! The more the merrier.

Just a reminder (in case what Zorro posted is true about IQ and speed), we will be walking for  justice,  true democracy, human rights, clean and fair elections, auto voters registration etc… 

Wadabout your lots, KJ and Ibrahim?

If you are on the same page…. very cool!!

If you are not, and is marching AGAINST Bersih 2.0’s stands… not cool… but GREAT!! Let it be known once and for all 2 facts you guys always say opposition, NGOs and civil societies speculate and gossip about:

  1.  UMNO and Perkasa are not really strangers, are you? So don’t be shy anymore… hold hands like real family or lovers or whatever.
  2. You guys are anti-democracy and everything Bersih 2.0 and civil societies stand for. That’s your true political stand and manifesto!

Only if you are not on the same page as our objectives of the peaceful march, of course… if you are… as siad before… cool.

So either way… once again… WELCOME!!!!! Just don’t come and try create Mayhem or May 13 2.0 or whatever.

See you on 9 July 2011, ya… Marching is towards the CURRENT palace, ya.. not the multi-billion ringgit one you lots have been pretend building at Jalan Duta but actually using it to celup $$ .

Oh ya.. by the way… all those hundreds that have made police reports, including UMNO Youth (errr KJ, how ah?), Puteri UMNO (hey KJ, aren’t they your skirts?), PERTEKMA (taxi Nazri’s goldminers) …. please give a call to Dep IGP Khalid and ask to update your reports to include UMNO Youth and Perkasa, ok?

Must be comprehensive mah… so later no need to take 10 years to investigate who, where, what and all….





Mat Sabu – you the man !!

delCapo has been to countless rallies and ceremahs when Mat Sabu spoke, rallied, entertained and led…. but this interview published by The Sun (Vincent Tan owned, no less) gives delCapo new respect to the man.

PAS has really done well to pick him as their deputy president and officiate his status as a true grassroot leader.

!!! SALUTE !!!

Rabble rouser, reformer

Posted on 16 June 2011 – 10:59pm
Last updated on 17 June 2011 – 12:37am

Goodness, it’s Mat Sabu, was one reaction heard when Mohamad Sabu was elected PAS deputy president a fortnight ago. While most people know him as a political figure, few know that he is married to his college sweetheart and has four children. He is among PAS’s new leaders who feel it is time for the party to wrest control of the government. Mohd Sabu told HEMANANTHANI SIVANANDAM and ALYAA ALHADJRI, in English, how.

Quite a number of people were surprised that you were elected PAS deputy president. They were surprised that for the first time a non-ulama is deputy president, but more surprised that the members elected you, a rabble rouser and a perceived non-intellectual.
I know that’s their perception of me. I am aware of that. It is a perception that the newspapers helped to perpetuate. It’s all based on the way I make my campaign speeches – loud and full of parodies. I hit out at Barisan Nasional leaders and reserve some choicest words for some of them, I curse and swear at them. But the crowd loves me. But what most people do not know is that I contribute ideas during party meetings especially with Pakatan Rakyat leaders. I also write for Harakah every week.

What do the leaders of the DAP and PKR think of you?
They know I have ideas. And they are willing to try them out.

Continue reading ‘Mat Sabu – you the man !!’


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