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Why Bersih 3.0?

All the reasons have been stated and valid. You can google and read.

For delCapo… it comes down to this:

The Election Commission (SPR) is NOT independent.

Not only is it not independent like it should be, it is the tool used by Najib’s Barisan Nasional government to corrupt Malaysia’s democracy. 

delCapo has been calling for their suspension in August 2011.

 So cut the bullshit, Najib… as long as the EC is what it is today, any elections you call will be an insult to the people.

That is why Bersih 3.0 (40 countries involved, no less) will be the biggest ever…. and you will feel the rakyat’s wrath.



Suspend the Election Commission (SPR) until Electoral Roll is clean!!

I dunno about you folks out there… but i have bloody  heard and seen enough !!

How fucken rotten is our Electoral Roll?!?!?!

  • Non-citizens are in the roll
  • Blatant and open recruitment of foreign workers as voters with signed contract… more like CON + THREATS.
  • IC with “00” codes in the roll (who are these aliens?)
  • 3,500 people over 100 years ol still in the roll? That’s just in Sabah.. rock n roll, man… Malaysia damn alot of  centurions!!!
  • Duplicate voters (“coincidentally” all UMNO fellas)
  • Phantom voters (finally proven and admitted by EC after years of saying no such things exist)
  • Multi voters at single address (up to 50 in some uncovered cases)
  • Sudden suspicious big increase in new voters in certain constituencies
  • Dodgy postal votes (with cases of army personnel confessing in the faud cases)
  • Shifting of voters from one constituency to another without their consent
  • Recent knee jerk reactions by EC  when cases are reported, including deleting names off the electoral roll
  • More and more examples and cases appearing everyday, thanks to the diligent work of PAS, DAP, PKE, NGOs and NGIs (seriously.. the task is not easy and damn tedious)

Finally, Najib (or APCO’s reports finally got through the blink doors) recognizes “the problem” and ask to setup some parliamentary select committee (PSC) on electoral reforms… Nazri just annouced this will happen in October….blah blah blah…

Yes yes, so you have finally realised the “WHy Bersih?” thingy was not for fun fun or opposition politics issit?… or finally realised you have to layan the rakyat because the heat is too fucken strong… cannot tahan.. ok fine, politics aside… how much a wayang kulit and waste of time this 5 BN + 3PR + 1 Independent MP PSC will be… how we think civil societies, NGOs and international observers should be brought in to joint the task force….nevermind for now, we save for another day of ranting.

Question is – So now how? Just wait?… harlow!! The shit is still stinking and more shit is still being covered up!!

This is what delCapo thinks… IMMEDIATELY:

  • Until the cleaning is done and100% integrity is returned to the Electoral Roll… NO ELECTIONS!!
  • Meanwhile, the entire SPR / EC rank and file personnel should be SUSPENDED!!!

WHY BERSIH, did you ask??


Why Bersih? Here’s a reason.

Bersih’s demand #1 – Clean the electoral roll 

The electoral roll is marred with irregularities such as deceased persons and multiple persons registered under a single address or non-existent addresses. The electoral roll must be revised and updated to wipe out these ‘phantom voters’. The rakyat have a right to an electoral roll that is an accurate reflection of the voting population.

 In the longer term, BERSIH 2.0 also calls for the EC to implement an automated voter registration system upon eligibility to reduce irregularities.

Here’s just one proof of why.


Malaysia’s Election Commission (SPR) – a new low

Fresh off delCapo’s rant on telling the EC to shut their gap if they cannot help Bersih’s cause, they have sunk to a new low.

Regarding Indelible Ink

EC: ‘Using indelible ink is a backward practice’… 

Errrr…. then why the fuck did you spend RM2.4 million in 2008 to buy the ink, promised to use, then last minute cancel!?!?!?! WHY!?

Regarding Automatic Registration of voters

EC: “Democracy also requires intelligent people. Automatic registration would enable even a mad man to cast his vote which will not contribute anything to the process.”… (Unregistered Voters) either lazy or indifferent,” he said. “So if these people are automatically registered they won’t take the election process seriously at all.”

My dear 3.9 millions non-registered eligible voter fellow Malaysians… apparently you guys are STUPID, MAD, INDIFFERENT or LAZY and dont deserved your right to vote.

Fucken hell… Are you included when it comes to paying taxes (aka the EC’s  fucken salary)?

Wan Ahmad… you really TALK COCK LIKE SING SONG !!


EC / SPR the referee?

Know who this is?

His name is Robert Hoyzer. A corrupt referee.


The Election Commission or SPR of Malaysia, in theory, is supposed to be like a referee – independent and enforcer of election laws to ensure free and fair elections. 

Well.. in theory.

They are not shy about admitting that they are NOT!. 

In a session earlier this year, this EC deputy chairman Wira Wan Ahmad Wan Omar fella told the forum “we are powerless”, “we only run the elections as administrator”, “we can propose changes but up to government to approve”.

Blah Blah blah…. ok fine… you and the EC / SPR are lame ducks. 

Hang on, didn’t you judge and declare some seats in the Perak state assembly not vacant when faced with their resignation letters?

Oh… sometimes got power to be referee but most of the time don’t have, is it?

Okok… powerless unless otherwise poked by some stick or fed with some of these candies maybe?

Maybe that’s the boost you just got last night to talk shit like “Bersih is Pakatan stooge in bid for Putrajaya”, “There was (a 2007) demonstration and as result, a momentum was built and in the 2008 election (the opposition) won big… now, the rumour is that snap polls will be called and history will be repeated”

Oi! Lets make 3 things very clear

1) There are 8 demands by Bersih … you can read them here. Very clear. People want free and fair elections. Period. 

2) Bersih is a people’s movement, let by a steering committee of NONE political party member. Infact some of them have been whacking Pakatan Rakyat harder than BN (e.g Haris Ibrahim and Amiga herself)

3) Both Pakatan and BN were invited to join. One side did, the other side didn’t… even chose to oppose.


So Berish and the people’s motivation is very clear.

You, Election Commision… can you do anything? Can, then you just do it. In fact you should have DONE it.

But you say you are powerless, right? We even told you we will take your recommendations to the government and fight for them if they are in line with the people’s will.

So if you cannot do anything… THEN JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

Because everytime you open your mouth you make yourself look like this – a BN / UMNO Lembu trying to act like you are a referee.



youtube vids for Bersih 2.0


Malaysiakini: Batang Ai by-election on 07

Oh how you disappoint delCapo, EC….. no surprises =]

should have taken bets since the last post…. damn…

Here’s another prediction – no fucken difference! Pakatan Rakyat will take all 3 seats.

that was a REAL hard decision..

that was a REAL tough decision..


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