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130513 – flip the bird at UMNO’s May13







Anwar said it.

The rakyat showed it in KL and Penang

Whatever you UMNO and your agents try to fan up.. and still trying… up yours.


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Bad Duet spoils a Beautiful Night

It was a brilliant night, weather wise… people power and youth spirits in the air..

A call for a peaceful gathering at our own Freedom Square, Dataran Merdeka – a symbol of our country’s independence, one of the most popular spot for locals and tourists to visit… especially on a night like this… for a group of people to speak freely of current socio-political issues, especially one that is hotly debated by individuals, civil society members and politicians.

What did the Government do? An order was given DBKL and PDRM combined to seal off the Dataran for “safety reasons”. Not even visiting families (long weekend) and tourists were allowed in.

When we pressed for reasons – we were audience to a 20-min comical duet between a PDRM ASP and the DBKL officer-on-duty telling us the other party was in charge… some samples of the duet dialogue:

  • “PDRM only closes the road… the Dataran is governed by DBKL.”
  • “DBKL rules say cannot enter between 1am and 6am (normally) but tonight the PDRM officers are here and they say no one can enter”

In the end, we were referred to a duet of boards hidden by the branches of an overgrown tree… a board that dates “1972”. The DBKL officer tried his best to read off it… the best he could do was telling us “so you see, we have rules…. you can enter the Dataran before 1am… but PDRM say tonight cannot” he started the chorus again without missing a beat.

Bottomline –  this group of intelligent and spirited citizen, made largely of youths whose peers are either busy at home on social media sites or downloading bootlegs, or at some parties taking candy pictures of themselves, was denied a platform once again.

Not to be deterred, they found their space at the footsteps of the Bar Council. The KL People’s Assembly by the Occupy Dataran group did convene afterall – peacefully, democratically, intelligently and with extremely constructive discussions and arguments.

Lots of sing along as usual

The KL People's Assembly in session

Shame on DBKL. Shame that it wasn’t allowed under the biggest flag pole standing.

symbol of independence and freedom - emptiness


Tipu Malaysia… now “better” than Myanmar

The current government’s strategy – 2 steps forward for a photo session and nice headlines, then 5 steps back on the fine lines.

1) Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA) to be amended to allow students above 21 to participate in political activities.While the AG appeal against the case that was recently rule for the “UKM4” students (same subject, same Act)

2) Printing Press and Publication Act – partial repeal. Regulations requiring annual renewal of press and publication licenses to be removed.
BUT – The home minister still have absolute power to decide on and  issue licences, on the conditions for the licences, and removal of licences. The Home Minister’s decision still cannot be challenged in court.

3) Police Act – to be repealed! – Hooray…. BUT (read below).
Lets put it this way – Myanmar (Yes, MYANMAR) just passed their own version of a Peaceful Assembly Bill… guess what? They have more freedom than us!!

Can’t wait to see the 2 replacements for ISA and EA… sure terror one!
For now… lets LET THEM HEAR IT!!!…
In Peaceful Assembly form lah.
Friday 25Nov 7.30pm – Candlight Vigil at Bar Council.
Saturday, 25Nov 2pm – KLCC Park
Saturday, 25Nov 7.30pm – Dataran Merdeka (will stay for the weekly #occupydataran assembly)
Also on Sat, Overseas Malaysians have also planned a GLOBAL ACTION DAY – 12 cities so far!!


Free PSM E06 Candlelight Vigils

PSM’s EO6 continues to be detained without trial and with shifting reasons given by Bukit Aman.

Candlelight vigils have been happening every night at entrance of Bukit Aman between 8-9pm everynight.

Tomorrow (16 July 2011), there will be a big one at Dataran Maybank in KL. 

Bring your own candles, poems, songs and flowers. Call Nalini at 019 3758912 for further info.




delCapo’s 47 min of silence on eve of 47th Hari Malaysia

At the KLSCAH with over 50 fellow silent protestors… via Twitter


it’s time to move with the times

The night of 01 Aug was meant to be a nationwide PEACEFUL candlelight vigil in 8-10 cities in Malaysia + 1 in Sydney and 1 in London. 1 hour program to show solidarity for the thousands who have been arrested during the 50 years under the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA).

Not only has the Act outlived it’s use, it is also against human rights and against the constitution and it has also been abused. What started and promised by the first democratic government of Malaysia to be targetted at terrorists during the emergency has since not only repealed long after its necessity has run out, but used against civillians, journalists, activists, opposition politicians and supporters – in the name of politics.

1 hour program was to continue the efforts by civil society members, NGOs and the people to push for it to be abolished. Not modified. Abolished.

In Petaling Jaya, Klang Valley leg of the 1 hour program, became an 8-hour saga.

a peaceful location

Vigillers denied

Vigillers pushed into the mall

Vigil in the mall

The Arrest of Cikgu Bard 1 of 30

Heavily guarded PJ police station

has there been a terrorist attack?

solidarity - awaiting our detained comrades' fate

the detained comrades

the candles still burn

why don't we feel welcomed?

Dear Home Minister and PDRM Chiefs,

It’s time to move  with the times.

People Power will not fade nor go away. Peaceful vigils and demostration are here to stay. And PEACEFUL is possible.

Civil disobedience is the order of the day and the will of the Rakyat.

The violence, publich disruptions, chaos have been brought in by your instructions to the police officers.

It’s time to move  with the times.

Are candles such dangerous weapons that full geared FRU units have to be activated and instructed to bash into the vigillers? Are the brutal tactics of arrests necessary on a bunch of taxpayers exercising their civil rights to assemble and speak against injustice?

The crime rate is high and precious manhours should be spent solving the rampant crime cases and preventing them, not show of force to clamp down civil societies, in the name of politics. No more will such action gain you any political mileage.

It’s time to move  with the times.

Brainwashing the Special Brunch officers that civil society members and activists are “opposition” supporters and have them come try to convince us to stop activism will NOT work.

“Wait til you all become the government then you can change the laws”

Excuse me? (1) We are NOT political and trying to become the government. We fight for justice and human rights. (2) Are you saying that there will be a change in government ? (3) Are you conceding the current government is condamned and only a change in ruling party will do?

This is what I repeat to the old chap SB officer who likes to come “convince”  or intimidate us. “If there is a new government and the ruling party decides to use ISA to detain all the politicians, their cronies and police officers (like yourself), the same people at these vigils will burn candles for you. Think about that.”

It’s time to move  with the times.

Asking them to intimidate us with threats will only be laughed at.

It’s time to move with the times.

Abolish the ISA and all draconian laws.

Recognise the will and wishes of the Rakyat. Work with us. Stop trying to bash us down.

It’s time to move with the times.

Change. or be changed.


other sources and related stories:

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ISA turns 50 (updated with locations)

The Internal Security Act (ISA)  turns 50.

It is draconian. It is against our Constitution. It is against human rights. It has been misused and abused as a political tool.

How about retiring  it?

No… not modify it like a plastic surgery procedure. ABOLISH IT!!

IF the government has not heard the rakyat so far… let us tell you again on 01Aug2010.

NATIONWIDE “ABOLISH ISA” Candlelight Vigil, 8pm, 01 Aug 2010

(more details soon)

  • Dataran MBPJ, Padang Timur in Petaling Jaya at 8pm
  • Speaker’s Square, Penang (9pm)
  • Dataran Bandaraya Ipoh (8pm)
  • Dataran Zero KM, Sungai Petani (8pm)
  • Taman Hijau, Jalan Sultanah Zainab, Kota Bharu (8pm)
  • Pusat Tanah Wang, Jalan Perdada, Sibu (8pm)
  • Bangunan Al Idrus Commercial Centre, Kuching (8pm)
  • Front Entrance of 1 Borneo Hypermall, Kota Kinabalu (1pm)

Bring a candle and spend a cool Sunday night in the name of human rights and justice.

See you there.



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