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who’s in charge here? – Khalid said what????

Most of u must be thinking this is another delCapo’s  whacking of the CPO Khalid…. well… it’s THE OTHER Khalid….

Just read this on Malaysiakini & could NOT believe my eyes…

First the “townhall & 15 minutes” for vigil crap…. now this piece of shit statement.

May delCapo ask you, Tan Sri Khalid, MB of Selangor-

  • Didn’t you endorse the JERIT campaign & was part of the launch?
  • Didn’t you appear so happy for the photo when they handed the memo to you at the 2nd last day of the campaign??
  • Did you, when you spoke to Tuanku, try to explain what JERIT was about? How the kids are 17-18 yr olds (not 7-8 yr olds) with parents’ consent & well taken care of by JERIT’s responsible adult care takers?
  • Did you not hear how these kids learn so much more about the country during their journey?? read this… These ARE the future leaders!!!
  • READ IT AGAIN! noticed the kid’s impression about our police’s behaviour?

delCapo just dun get it…. are you trying (and failing) to be Mr Nice Guy? .. or just don’t get it that u r now leader of a state & not opposition??.. or just don’t get what is Freedom, Civil Rights, Suara Rakyat?…. or just keeping the other Khalid happy so you can keep getting police escort & not traffic fines???

No wonder that Chief Liar CPO is getting more & more blatant….he’s got a toothless MB fanning his fire….. When are u gonna grow some balls, Tan Sri??

You know what? If this is all you have to say & all you can do for the civil society activities…. don’t say anything & don’t do anything.

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HIDUP JERIT!!! You did it!!!!!!!!!


THEY DID IT!!! That’s the simple reaction delCapo & all the supporters, i’m sure, felt today.

Congratulations to JERIT on reaching your goals with “Ride for Change”, overcoming all that “they” threw at you…. completing the journey from Kedah & Johor…. creating awareness for change along the way… gaining support from MBs of the various states…. & ultimately submitting the Memo at parliamant (nevemind if PM AABzzz never bothered to show his face to greet u guys)

Maybe you should also thank the police for the free publicity & motivation =]

The organisers, coordinators, volunteers… the fearless participants, the parents who stood by their kids and all the supporters who showed up during the journey & at parliament this morning. delCapo *SALUTE* you!!!

This is the true spirit of PEOPLE’S POWER!!!!

Hope to see some of you at this Sunday’s PJ Candle Light Vigil… come share with all your great achivement & experience…

!!! HIDUP RAKYAT!!!!!!

Pix from Malaysiakini  & The Malaysian Insider

Malaysiakini Photo Gallery


Footage in between interviews


one nite in Rawang – !!!people’s power!!!

When kids & people’s elected representatives are detained unfairly & harassed & abused…. especially while carrying out good causes…. we stand up & we fight for them.

500 strong turned up, unplanned, on this nite to a common objective –

  • for the release of the JERIT kids, JERIT organisers, YB Jeyakumar & ADUN Gan Pei Nei!!
  • for the PDRM to stop the lies & harrassment.

Anak Anak Bangsa Malaysia…. this is NOT politics… this is about Freedom & Human Rights.

This is what we call PEOPLE’S POWER, MAKKAL SAKTHI!!!



Malaysiakini – CPO Khalid “We acted to save under-aged cyclists”

So JERIT has been exploiting the young riders, uh?… their parents & they themselves have no clue what they have been doing…. The police have saved the kids!!!!!

Well… according to the CPO Khalid Abu Bakar anyway.

Well well ….. the operations did require CPO Khalid’s personal touch to be in Rawang last nite … must be a big case, uh?

Well well well…. wonder what the public, the JERIT members, the kids’ parents are complaining about…. such ungrateful people, uh CPO???

Maybe it’s because you have a track record of blatant lies after blatant lies??  Remember your failed performances in the past??…. reminders here, here, here, here, here

Maybe it’s because you still treat the rakyat like idiots whom u can spin a story to, after u have carried out the inhumane orders of your masters???

The people’s got news for you, CPO Khalid…. WE DON”T BUY YOUR SHIT!!!! STOP LYING!!! STOP THE ABUSES AND HARRASSMENTS!!!

Who’s in charge here?? Please get rid of this liar as soon as possible…

Full text from Malaysiakini below + JERIT’s statement of reply…. you judge for yourselves, people…

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PJ Candle Vigil 9.5 – this one is for JERIT… & SBotting

support JERIT

support JERIT

The PJ Candle Vigil enters it’s 10th consecutive Sunday.

The crowd has grown! We are over 200 strong again!! With many more new comers & speakers…. it’s open mic sunday these days. Well Done!!!

delCapo would like to dedicate this week’s PJ Candle Vigil to the brave anak bangsa Malaysia from JERIT’s “ride for Change” Campaign…. overcoming the journey, the weather, the constant police harrassments!!

Currently riding into Selangor & targetting to hand over a memo to the PM on Thursday at parliament. Thursday, 18 dec 08 is also the last day of parliament seating for 2008.

JERIT riders, delCapo *salutes* you!! Come join us next week & tell us your stories….

Not to steal too much of JERIT’s thunder, special mention also goes to the Special Branch officers who showed up…. delCapo counted 6 … 1 videographer, 2 with cameras, 1 taking notes, 1 friendly chap going around talking to people, making friends & asking for their names & namecards…

delCapo had the “pleasure” of sharing one of my cancer stick with him…. he asked for my name, number, address, blog etc etc… but offered none in return (his assistant even took photos of me)… Hey brother SB… delCapo believes in 2-way traffic, give & take, ok??… that’s why you got nothing except for a free ciggie & a photo of my ugly face =] Anyway… at least you guys were friendly… next time i give u brotherly hug…. no charge =]

We welcome ALL anak bangsa Malaysia at PJ Candle Vigil… including SBs.

Abang abang, while u are on duty watching us, delCapo hopes some of the message of Suara Rakyat, Freedom, Peace & Anak Bangsa Malaysia get through to you guys….  Maybe you will bring some more friends & family to join us next week??

More coverage of last nite at STEETS,who tributes the newbies… check out the shanghaiFishwhisperer, sanjiun & kkitsam too

Thank you all the speakers & the commentators in the audience….. & there were a few interesting ones =]

here are the pix.. most with some sort of red in it (for JERIT)…. spot the SBs… i call this new activity – SBotting =]

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JERIT riders – mission accomplished in NS, now in Selangor


See u guys in a couple of days !!


Written by Administrator
Saturday, 13 December 2008

13 Dec 2008

Today the JERIT cyclists from south accomplished their mission in Negeri Sembilan. They left Kirby Estate to Nilai then to Pajam. They managed to leaflet in both towns before taking rest in Staffield Estate. Then they crossed border at Beranang. There was a roadblock in Beranang but no one was stopped. The cyclist team was welcomed by some residents in Kesuma Lakes and PSM Semenyih team. Tonight the cyclist will put up at PSM Semenyih office.

Meanwhile another team from North took some rest today at Kuala Woh (Tapah) waterfall. After that they proceed to south towards Tanjung Malim. Tonight they will be staying at the border town – Tanjung Malim.


JERIT Ride for Change Day 10 – Roadblocks (again) & a ridiculous DIGP Statement

2 emails from JERIT Coordinators:

  • 2 Roadblocks experienced by the North Team…. but no arrests and detention yet. Otherwise smooth riding & lunch hosted by YB LeeBoon Chye at Gopeng.
  • An absolutely ridiculous press statement issued by Deputy IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar had urged to public not to participate in the JERIT’s campaign claiming that it is an unregistered organization, and we do not have permits and if the public takes part it is a criminal offence…..

Sori ah, Tan Sri, these kids have parents’ consent to join campaign, have at least 4 state governements’ endorsements (direct from MBs) and is a coallition of registered organisations…. & please enlighten the rakyat since when does cycling and convoy of vehicles need police permit (if they do not obstruct traffic)… maybe u should charge some of them instead of just harrass, detain & release for fun.

The Rakyat supports JERIT’s “Ride for Change”!!!

Full texts of Press statements below…..

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