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Who’s in charge around here? – Parliament

I tell u… guess who have been flexing their muscles & showing that they are BOSS ??

The speaker & his deputy in Parliament….it’s a good thing if they are truly in charge of things. But not so good if they are not exactly impartial & consistent, uh?



deputy speaker

deputy speaker

How many real motions by the opposition have been dismissed just because they can dismiss them??

The latest on Palestine was even supported by BOTh BN & PR MPs…. also rejected !!

Wadabout the latest redcard given to Gobind Singh Deo when Nazri was the one who misled the Dewan Rakyat & refused to apologise??? Read details here.

Our parliament sessions are fast becoming a joke with name callings & “sexual innuedos”…. yet the Speaker & his Deputy don’t seems to command respect…. but they sure know how to show WHO”S IN CHARGE!!! in the wrong fucken way most of the time!!

delCapo trusts that no matter what, no matter how big an idiot some of our MPs are, no matter how little respect  the Speaker & deputy command… we will never see these scenes from our MPs…kekekekeke:


Who’s in Charge Around Here?? – Selangor

echoing Haris’ post.

Dear MB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, PRK, PR… it’s been nearly 9 months since the rakyat voated you into office.
No more excuses, ya?
Start showing, with confidence & authority – WHO”S IN CHARGE IN SELANGOR!?!?!

For a start, how about walking up to this other Khalid… the CPO or DCP whatever the Selangor top cop & kick his ass, uh?

This is the fella who ordered the 09nov08 “Bloody Sunday” when the FRU charged a peaceful candle-light vigil by the rakyat for ISA detainees…. Injuring & arresting several people, including ladies!! Let alone your own fellow PR MPs and assemblymen, a priest, a prominent lawyer & journalists…

This is the fella whom, after the 09Nov08 “bloody Sunday”, has been making a mockery out of everyone by lying repeatedly about the events of that night! – Minimal use of force lah, No Negaraku was sung when he ordered the charge lah…. lies lies lies…
The latest episode was in the Sun – Khalid stated “anti-Internal Security Act (ISA) gathering in Petaling Jaya where the group dispersed soon after being told to do so for the first three weekends they got together and none were detained. But in the fourth week, they defied orders and kept regrouping, forcing police to act.”

Firstly, he cannot count! It was FOUR weekends of peace before he brought the chaos & violence. Secondly, as Haris & Zorro are whacking about…. We NEVER met any police officers asking us to disperse during the 4 weekends… so it’s all bullshit (again).

Anyway, MB Khalid…. PKNS embarrassment, the Bandar Mahkota Cheras dispute, the alcohol ban issues… all has 2 consistent “feels” to it – 1) you always seem to shoot damn late… 2) not in control! why do you only act  after some violence or some outcry has unfortunately happened!?

So this anti-ISA vigil thingy… you have been pussyfooting again, uh…. the best so far is a half baked statement about holding it in some ‘multi-purpose halls and such like.

Like delCapo said before… a bit late & definitely nowhere near enough!!

Selangor is run by Pakatan Rakyat. Pakatan Rakyat is anti-ISA, no?

So come on! grow some balls for a change… shut that lying police’s mouth & make a strong stand to allow the peaceful candlelight vigils WITHOUT conditions!!

Show us you are indeed IN CHARGE here!!


Who’s in charge around here? – yoga fatwa

Many Malaysians have been addicted to an Edict recently (excuse the punt)…

Yes, ever since the Fatwa council issue a ban on Yoga for Muslims.. there have been fireworks in the media, on the blogs & Malaysiakini, The Malaysian Insider etc… some comments have been a little silly honestly, many at borderline racial tensions….. but mostly showed how passionate Malaysians still are about issues around Anak Bangsa Malaysia, freedom & rights. Even RPK got into the fray with an excellent article basically saying “who gives a toss!?!?!”

However… the chronicle of events in the media got delCapo tsinking another issue – WHO”S IN CHARGE AROUND HERE???

  • Fatwa council?? They issued the ban, didn’t they??
  • Jakim?? They jumped  on to “order” each state council to make a stand, didn’t they??
  • Samy Vellu?? well not quite a force at all…. he just appears out of the woods & make a few opportunist statements nowadays.. MIC party elections coming lah…. free mileage mah..
  • The Rulers, in particular Selangor, Perak & Negri Sembilan made some firm stance….. done deal right? Head of state Religious affairs…The King &  Council of Rulers are head of religion for Malaysia… so end of story, no??…
  • NO… AABzzz stepped in… dunno if fully briefed or not… & landed a photo finish for himself by declaring “I wish to state that a physical regime with no elements of worship can continue, meaning, it is not banned. I believe that Muslims are not easily swayed into polytheism”… ok… very nice to hear.. errrr… but doesn’t his statement contrdicts the Rulers’ statements??…so PM has the final say now, not the Tuanku’s??? I

Chucking the non factor (Samy) aside… Fatwa Council vs Jakim vs The Rulers vs the PM…. 4 different sets of instructions….which one to follow??

A damn stretched position for the enforcers, no?

A damn upside down rule to follow for the sisters & brothers who wanna do yoga just for the simple reason, like the rest of the yoga world – health & fitness… no??



Snippets of what delCapo’s been missing…*Updated*

Was out of town for most of last week & struggled in the rain & traffic to get back by Sunday evening.(apologies to all those delCapo promised to meet at the PJ Vigil)…. hmmm… looks like quite a few things happened & mainly positives too!

pic from steest

1) PJ Vigil 6.5 went well!! Excellent job, people!!…. Lita (Steest), Whisperer, Rakyat@work & Eve (chinese blog) have brilliant coverage!

2) More good news!! The longest trial in Malaysian history for Irene Fernandez concluded (finally) & IN HER FAVOUR!!…. great day for human rights & freedom of press… well sort of… poor Irene did spend the last 13 years fighting the case….

3) The Anti ISA event at Pandan Indah suffered the same fate of PJ Vigil 4.5 with 9 people arrested & FRU deployed to disperse the gathering!! latest from Malaysiakini is that the 9 have been ordered to report to court in 2 weeks.

delCapo still don’t get it… the FRU really need all the exercise they can get, uh?? Really… what did they achieve?? intimidation so no more anti-ISA demos & activities??…. not gonna happen!

YB LKS’s post shows what a bunch of hypocrites & double standard pricks still call the shots up there in law enforcement hill.

PRO-ISA assholes bully a WOMAN!!!!! WTF!?!?!?!?

Finally the Selangor MB Tan Sri Khalid broke his golden silence & said limited demos are allowed…. well… at least something lah! Abit late & definitely not close to being enuff… but it’s a positive step!! Thank you MB!! But if u need time to grow more balls to act like a true people’s MB & show unconditional support to the people to vote u in, pls don’t take too long, ya…. we are NOT that patient… Zorro certainly has spoken his mind here. Steady lah, sir!!

4) Positive in arrests…. looks like delCapo’s good friends & comrades of the PJ Vigil 4.5, 9 nov arrests might be ok after all! Anil & Malaysiakini have details.

5) this one not so good…. Fatwa Council’s move against Tomboys & Yoga appears to be getting support…  at least Tuanku of Selangor has held up & demands more study first…. & Perak (after a little fuck-up) also withdrew their support for it .

What has the world become lah!?!…. if people cannot dress (decently) as they like or choose sexual preferences ….. & take on healthy exercises like Yoga without being Fatwa-ed…. madness!! You gonna Fatwa Karate/Tae Kwon Do/Ninjitsu? Chanting at Football games?? Singing Chrismas songs with friends?? Fatwa shopping malls from playing festive season songs, or ban muslims from visiting the malls when they play them!?!?!?!?!

…. sigh! IDiOTS!! no wonder my elder blogBros Zorro & Haris whack u guys! Haris followed with a another.

thats all for now, folks…. take care out there… especially u lovely ladies who like to wear power suits at work & keep yourself healthy with yoga… delCapo loves you ladies…. screw them idiots at Fatwa Council!!


Quote of D Day – an idiot named Ibrahim

Is delCapo biased against this man? This elected Member of Parliament??

Or is it really that every time he opens his mouth only crap spurts out??

This guys just hijacked part of Raja Nazrin’s speech & make a rotten meal out of it!!!….

This made Quote of D Day:

“In the case of the United States, Barack Obama shed his language, culture and the Islamic religion of his family in Kenya and Indonesia to assimilate. This was what qualified him to become President,” he claimed. [ahahahaha… delCapo doesn”t even know where to start whacking here….Obama qualified to be President of USA by abandoning his roots!?!?!?!?  Hello! he was born in Hawaii (yes, US of A) & raised by his Christian mother & granparents… never lived in Kenya & only a few years in Indonesia till he was 10…. so which language, culture & religion did he “SHED”????]

Check out the rest of the article from The Malaysian Insider:

Continue reading ‘Quote of D Day – an idiot named Ibrahim’


News Flash…..

UPDATE 18Nov08

RPK reported to Sentul Police Station at 3pm.

delCapo & some of the regular supporters were there to socialise =] Read Whisperer’s account here.

Police interview took less than an hour…. he left the station with lawyers & Marina..

Malaysiakini reports that The Attorney General gave orders to investigate RPK based on a police report lodged by Malaysia Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) (RPK posted a foresight article here), the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council (MAIWP), Selangor Islamic Department (Jais) and the Foundation for the Propagation of Islam Malaysia (Yadim).

Articles in Question?  Not “Lets Send the Atlantuya Muderers to Hell” as earlier reported… but (1) ‘I promise to be a good, non-hypocritical Muslim‘ and (2) ‘Not all Arabs are descendants of the Prophet‘.

delCapo has been informed that the police will now have 21 days to dig for any further proofs to build a case & formally charge RPK.. with what? ? well… they r still trying to figure out…..

lets wait & see…. RPK, we r here for u, with u… all d way!!!

NEWS FLASH!! 17Nov08

RPK was told to report to the Sentul Police Station at 3:00pm tomorrow.


PJ Candle Vigil 5.5 (last week’s shall remain the significant 0.5)

keep 'em burning

We may have gotten just a restricted permit… we may have had to move location…

But the spirits PJ’s candle-light vigil remain stronger than ever…

The Angel of PJ Vigil

The Angel of PJ Vigil

 great sight

great sight

*SALUTE* the Angel of PJ Vigil… youngest veteran … delCapo has had the honour of capturing her pic at the 2nd and 4th vigils….  pretty sure she was at the 1st, 3rd & last week’s 0.5 session as well


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