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DSAI Act it is…

220609 – Court decides to hear DSAI’s sodomy case on 080709.

230609 – After more than 6 months since they tried, Parliament finally bulldozes to pass the DNA Identification Bill. So it shall be DNA I Act in no time (anyone seriously think the senate is gonna block it??? )

erhem…. delCapo had previously called for changing of the name to DSAI Bill…  now I think it should be called DSAI Act!!


P59 Bkt Gantang – DAP dinner…. big guns are out

050409-bkt-gantang-dap-dinner-31_sPix of the DAP dinner of 5,000 + another few thousands non-diners attendees..

All the big guns were there…. Karpal & Tok Guru got standing ovation & cheers no less than Anwar, Nizar & Lim Kit Siang.

Zaid Ibrahim too was present.

It was a great nite of Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara…. check out te pix.

A win for Pakatan Rakyat is a win for all Rakyat!!


220309 Kuching – AI to Batang Ai **UPDATED**


The wait is over – AI picks Jawah for Batang AI.

Bawin will be Director of Election Operations for the campaign.

Hope Bawin’s team will throw their support behind the “Return Warrior” Jawah…. to bring Batang Ai N29 back to the people, to begin the new history of Sarawak politics.

PEOPLE POWER!!! Sarawak for Rakyat Sarawak!!

BR team with Jawah in his long house

BR team with Jawah in his long house


Breakfast meeting with the Dayak Bloggers downstairs in our hotel earlier… while anticipating the arrival of Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim (AI) to head a PKR’s press conference for Bantang Ai N29 by elections.



Just after 10 am, The peaceful hotel lobby was soon filled with reporters, local PKR reps… including one of the PKR hopeful candidate for Batang Ai – Jawah Gerang (former 5-term MP for Lubok Antu) and his entourage.jawah-gang_s

AI arrived at just after 11am… smiles & handshakes with as many as he could… nod of acknowledgment to the BR bloggers relaxing at one corner… before going upstairs for a pre-press conference closed door meeting.


The other hopeful PKR candidate – Nicholas Bawin was also spotted in our

Everyone was looking for clues of which of the 2 will be announced as the one to wrestle Batang Ai seat from BN. Prior to his visit, word was that he make the announcement during a gathering at Jawah’s long house in Rh Lepang, Sayat, Lubok Antu tonight.

Just before midday, the press conference was over & Cobbold of Dayak Nation, who attended the meeting & PC, informed delCapo that AI had decided to make the announcement tomorrow before he leaves….

Anwar & a conv0y of cars left for Lombok Antu soon after…

So will it be another chance for Bawin or the return of Jawah?? tagem_sjawah_s

The anticipation continues…..

Whatever it is… for the sake of Batang Ai, Sarawak & PKR’s national ambition… we hope Team Tagem & Team Jawah will be united for the fight ahead…

AI in Batang Ai… hope he can make it work!.


just for kicks? or more to it?

Malaysiakini’s full report here.

the lunch meeting that is the current talk of the town

the lunch meeting that is the current talk of the town

Lah, WTF!?!?!?!

Lah, WTF!?!?!?!

lets “ease” his misery…. sign this PETITION.


KT – pas getting there….

Sentiment on the ground is good…. the town is definitely feeling green….

DSAI gave some of the most solid speeches todate…. Even his old “friends” (Ezam & co. aka the betrayers’) efforts could not dim any of his shine…

PAS momentum in KT cannot be denied… BUT we still got 1 more day of campaigning…. & no room for complacency….

Barisan Rakyat bloggers & friends are almost in full force….. big push tomorrow for victory at KT!!

Ee Chia has been doing some great coverage…

More from KT soon…

Barisan Rakyat HQ in KTPAS troops working & enjoying the nite


Quote (s) of the day – Pakatan Rakyat, WTF!?!?!

these quotes have to be placed together to get the full effect.

Quote (A)

Anwar’s repeated line recently when asked the “when?” question – ““It will happen … as soon as possible…”

ok… delCapo, like a few others on the apolitical civil society front, is still holding on to the “harapan baru” & “ketuanan rakyat” hope Pakatan Rakyat has been selling… & we are willing to wait a little longer…

BUT… check out what’s been said by the rest of Pakatan Rakyat fellas… extracted from Malaysiakini:

Quote (B)

Anonymous PR MPs :

  • “I feel we still lack capable leaders to administer Putrajaya,”
  • “The truth is that Pakatan is starved of experienced, matured, refined and talented administrators to rule the country.”
  • “We have yet even to prove ourselves at state level, let alone administering the country”

Are you guys trying to make UMNO & BN feel better about themselves??


Trying to sabotage your own PR leadership’s promises???

Either way…. WTF?!?!?!?!?!


Will Ku Li still contest?

Today’s “big” news is of course the fact that UMNO supreme council has posponed their AGM to March….

Despite all the cover up & politeness…. the bottomline is clear – these are the last days of AABzzz as PM…

He can fumble & cover all he wants… his 2010 transition plan has been thrown to feed the fishes…. any other country, this is the end…. but then this is UMNO…. it takes a little longer lah…. his so-called integrity & dignity to be preserved (honestly, what fucken dignity & integrity are we talking about???? nevermind….)

So…Najib has a supposingly clear path to UMNO presidency, most probably with Muhyiddin as deputy…. & what he envision would Prime Minister of Malaysia ….. or, does he??

delCapo has a few obvious questions:

Continue reading ‘Will Ku Li still contest?’


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