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Deepest condolences to Haris & Family….

Early calls/sms this morning brought sad news… brother Haris Ibrahim’s mom has passed away.

delCapo did not have the honour & pleasure of meeting her in person… but *salute* nevertheless… for she is the mother of one great Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

Deepest condolences to Haris, Farida & the rest of the family.

May her soul be free & at peace…


Undeny & The Undenial – new words made in Malaysia

If you try to look up the words  in dictionary or google them…. you will not find anything meaningful.

In the context of politics… especially Malaysian politics, especially BN politics…. delCapo would like to suggest that we (Malaysia) might have given meaning to a new word/term – UNDENY, and a syndrome called –  UNDENIAL

delCapo’s defination of these words, loosely referenced to on’s Deny and  Denial

UNDENY / un⋅de⋅ny [uhn-di-nahy] –verb (used with object), -nied, -ny⋅ing.

  1. to state that (something declared or believed to be true) will bring grave punishment to those who propogate it if a related institution can say it’s untrue, doesn’t matter if it’s actually true or not
  2. to attempt to stand down an accusation, not by proving innocence, by challenging and intimidating the accuser to instead.
  3. to quietly allow a notion to exist, but threaten any opponent who suggests it.

UNDENIAL / un⋅de⋅ni⋅al [uhn-di-nahy-uhl] –noun

  1. a perceived rejection of a claim, allegation, charge etc… by assertion of counter attacks in form of threat/unrelated story/ confusing statement/ physical challenge
  2. refusal to openly subcribe to a doctrine, theory, or the like… but yet not denouncing it.
  3. the refusal to satisfy a claim, request, desire, etc., or the refusal of a person making it… but not rejecting it, for other underlying reasons.
  4. Law. refusal to acknowledge the validity of a claim, suit, or the like; but offering no plea of “Not Guilty”.
  5. Life. sacrifice of one’s own status, wants or needs, without giving it up completely.
  6. Psychology. a conscious defense mechanism used in attempt to to reduce self guilt and other people’s negativity on one’s actions which would have been otherwise consciously intolerable.
  7. Politics. answering a reporter’s question,threatening your opponent, evading an obvious allegation of wrong doing while keeping your wannabe-gangster status so your homies will still dig you.. all at the same time.

1957-2009, Malaysia.

Jibby, KJ, CJ, AAbzzz, UMNO, MCA, MIC, BN, Malaysia Political Animals, Zambry,


Examples of how to use the words:

  • In respond to the question of 2 Pakatan Rakyat MPs making  statutory delcarations that Jibby made them $$ offer to jump ship… Jibby UNDENY those allegations and promise that “they will pay for it”.
  • Despite accusations from Mr Singh is King that UMNO Youth was behind the death threat & 2 bullets sent to him, the leadership of UMNO Youth remained in UNDENIAL silence instead of outright condemnation of the death threat. When provoked further by an angry Mr Singh, a group of 30 wannabe thugs were deployed to block Mr Singh from wheel-chairing himself into parliament. Instead of condemning the numbskull act of his boys, KJ UNDENIES his involvement by issuing Mr Singh a childish ultimatum instead.
  • When his beloved deputy, who is rumoured to be organising a show of force to kick out his useless ass, suddenly gets charged (by the cops, not the woman) for a blowjob he got God knows how long ago, Ong Tee Keat UNDENIED he has got anything to do with it by saying “we don’t support men who enjoys blowjob & then admit to it…. he shall be disciplined & banned”.
  • Chief Justice Zaki is a walking UNDENIAL. Period.
  • At one of the numerous trials recently, Judge: These are your charges, how do you plea??… The handsome beret wearing heroic accused : “i’m refusing to respond to a plea”. Undenial?… hahahaha… sori, i had to….

wadayathink? good enough to submit to Webster or Collins or or whatever?


Fireworks in Perak…



Speaker Sivakumar to kick some serious ass……

latest developments on Malaysiakini


Time to put your SUPPORT behind the Government you WANT!!!!!




disagree with Malaysiakini “Najib denies inducing Pakatan reps with cash”

delCapo is not directing this against Malaysiakini…. but i think the heading is misleading.

Why? read the article in entiety (pasted below)…. the most interesting part for me is that Jibby is NOT DENYING the alegations…. in fact, he is merely saying that the Pakatan reps may be proscecuted for these alegations…. BIG difference!! especially in the context of local politics & what BN is capable of….

“They (PR assemblymen) will be prosecuted if they make false reports, and this is quite serious. If statutory declarations are (found to be) abused, they will be charged as well.”

You call that a Denial?? Sounds more like a THREAT to delCapo….

btw… if u r wondering what the fuck is Food Security?? read here….. Dammit i thought these politicians are being threatened with poisoning… ahahaha…. we can only dream, no?

learn something new anyway….. all good =]

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Mob’s in form…..

Many of you are familiar with his brilliant work, published on Mob’s Crib

Mob’s really been in form lately… his last 3 creations are instant classics!

Keep kicking ass, brother Mob!!


Quick post, Malaysiakini – Pakatan to face acid test in Batang Air

Reading Malaysiakini’s analysis on the latest by-election on our hands…. N29 Batang Air (I like the number & the name!!)

Why does delCapo feel that the by-election date will be very close to or ON 7 April  2009??


Surprise me, Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof =]


RPK ISA Trial Putrajaya – positives

Haris once again blogged live from Putrajaya’s Palace of Justice earlier today.


Observations & reflections:

  • This is a “sidetrack” from the main appeal case by the Home minister on High Court decision allowing RPK’s release from ISA… to “complain” about the panel of judges’ behaviour last week in court.
  • Malik Imtiaz kicked ass again… DPP Tun Majid was a joke of a “learned” opponent.
  • The 3 judges on the panel today – Justices Richard Malanjum, Ariffin Zakaria and Alauddin Sheriff carried themselves impeccably… as compared to “the other 3” of the actual appeal hearing (Nik Hashim, Zulkifli & Augustine Paul)… we didn’t feel like we had to throw shoes at them =]
  • There were RPK supporters who showed up in solidarity to pack 2 courtrooms…. but we could have definitely done better….  perhaps RPK’s latest posting gave many the idea that it’s not such a big deal today…. perhaps most people still choose to remain “silent supporters”…. perhaps it takes RPK to be thrown back into Kamunting before you guys show up in support again…. perhaps perhaps perhaps.
  • For those who showed up…. kudos!! They included YB Karpal Singh, Antares (great to see u, bro… all the way from Magick River!!), Datuk Seri Wan Azizah, Norlaila Othman (GMI) and some true blood anak bangsa Malaysia.

No, we have not gotten what we all want (the dismissal of Botak’s appeal)… but the fact that the judges reserved their judgement (instead of just throwing it out).. the fact that the case is now ajourned til further notice…. RPK has bought himself more freedom…

Malik Imtiaz commented “for the first time in weeks, I fell normal”…. poor guy was referring to his health… delCapo takes it as positive vibes… it was little, but it was a day of positives anyhow.

You can find he 2 lead councils’ reflections in  Malik’s latest article Art Harun’s latest posting.

More coverage on Shanghai Fish.

more pix within…

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