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Happy “NIU” Year….

Everyone, especially my Blog Brothers & Sisters of the Barisan Rakyat gang…..

To a  BULLish year ahead…. together, lets have fun BULLdozing & expose more BULLshit!!


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seeking The Kugan Truth….. *UPDATED*

28Jan09 UPDATE: Kugan’s Funeral

Stage 1 – Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) in Petaling Jaya

  • hundreds turned up…. Police made it difficult forthe families to even claim the body.
  • Scuffles between mourners & police…. 6 arrested

Stage 2 – TaiPan Police Station (where Kugan was allegedly murdered)

  • Bigger crowd, two minutes reciting a prayer
  • Slogans condemning the police for the alleged use of excessive force, before moving on.
  • FRU trucks & police bikes were present all the way.

Stage 3 – Puchong Cemetry

  • 2,000+ in total was there amidst heavy rain.
  • FRU & Police parked 1 km away on standby…. with a helicopter circulating the area throughout the funeral duration.
  • Rainsoaked mourners, media, politicians and civil society members, including a crew of 30+ Barisan Rakyat’s own on the scene.
  • Though the crowd was overwhelmingly from the Indian communities, all races were present in significant numbers… in true Anak Bangsa Malaysia spirit!
  • Hindraf supporters led the cries of Makkal Sathi, Vulga Hindraf.
  • “We Want Justice !” was repeatedly shouted by the corwd too
  • Good to see MPs Gobind Singh, Teresa Kok, Sivarasa, Tony Pua, Dr Ramasamy and many DAP, PKR members present.

Heartfelt condolences to Kugan’s family….

delCapo’s pix are posted on Malaysia Today by RPK, and Zorro… they were  easily taken but certainly not easily processed, so i was glad RPK & Zorro wanted to use them…. the grief on Kugan’s family members’ faces are not what delCapo can revisit anytime soon…. NO ONE should face such grief in sending off a young family member, especially under such circumstances of injustice! NO ONE!!!

A conversation was overheard earlier today among some upper middleclass  mixed race group of fpeople while delCapo had lunch… one of them commented “Why are we glorifying a crook’s death”…. delCapo was shocked! This echos that fucken Botak’s statement…  all I could do was asked calmly to the group.  “was he a convicted crook? or do u encourage any suspects to be treated like that? even most convicted criminals dun deserve this”…. we still have a long way to go in Malaysia with this kind of mentality & this kind of so-called leaders with their fucked up chibai mouth!

This is NOT about who Kugan was or wasn’t…. it’s about our human rights… about exposing police brutality, cover ups and shameless lies by police heads & politicians.

May Kugan’s soul rest in peace… while we await the truth…. his murderers will get their time …. the liars & cover-up agents will get their time…. & i hope they suffer in their sleep from now til they burn in hell.

& all those who brand him a crook/thug & think police brutality is “ok” just because he was a nobody….  delCapo hopes you will wake the fuck up after we shaft your fucken words back into your gaps.

More coverage by Haris, ZorroShanghaiFish, Whisperer Rakyat@Work on Anil’s blog

27Jan09 UPDATE: Kugan’s Funeral…..

delCapo echos the call for peace, sense and order while we send dear Kugan off tomorrow.

That Khalid fella has hinted his intend…. lets not give him any excuses to satisfy himself, ya….

May his soul rest in peace while we await the truth…. his murderers will get their time if the initial findings are anything to go by…..

For those who can make it to the funeral:

  • Meeting point : Outside Binary College ( opposite IOI Mall / TESCO. See map below )
  • Time : Between 3pm – 3.15pm. Please be on time.

25 Jan 09: UPDATE: 2nd Post Mortem Completed. Report out Next Month.

Reported in Malaysiakini

The second post-mortem on the remains of Kugan Ananthan was completed about 9.30pm at the University Malaya Medical Centre (UUMC).


The procedure, which started at about 2.30pm, was carried out by a forensic pathologist identified as Dr Prashant.

s manikavasagam 01When contacted, PKR Kapar MP S Manikavasagam told Malaysiakini that the doctor had briefed the family, their lawyer N Surendran and the parliamentarians present for more than 30 minutes regarding his findings.

However, the findings cannot be revealed pending investigations into the matter.

kugan detainee death morgue scene 220109Manikavasagam said besides himself, DAP Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo and DAP Teluk Intan MP M Manogaran were present at the medical centre.


Nanda is a cool customer & a good friend… low profile, reliable… cool… one of Barisan Rakyat’s finest…

The Late Kugan

The Late Kugan

Nanda, like many,  is also keenly seeking The Kugan Truth…. & Justice for Kugan, his family… and for who knows, maybe quite a few of the 1,000+ victims before him in this hidden history of violence…. but more importantly, hopefully, put a stop to all such criminal acts in the future.

According to Nanda & others, who are following the case closely…..

  • the 2nd Post Mortem is on the way since 11 am this morning and will most likely carry on til late tonight…..
  • No observers allowed.

We seek all parties able & willing… to show up at UH insolidarity for the supporters of truth & for Kugan’s family…. & also keep a watch for any foul play coming to destroy the truth.

delCapo will try to have updates here if anything comes up.

Haris has also been keeping tabs here (With Updates), here, here.

Yes, The Kugan Truth has a big picture…. one that is so heart wrenching & yet one of the most “swept under the carpet”…..The Kugan Truth has a big picture indeed… one that could open up a big can of social injustice worms…

That’s why the MIC, PPP… even MCA & Gerakan want a piece of the action…. fucken polticians & their lip services & political mileage….

T. Murugiah, among all, delCapo has some respect for you…. how about doing some real shit here & camp at the 2nd post mortem til it’s safely completed… & when the real Kugan Truth is out…. then lead a walk to call for the resignation of that liar CPO Khalid “AshBurn”…. & cruxifiction of all those who were involved in the violence & the the cover-up.



PJ Court session – the unfairly accused & their friends…

PJ Session Courts: 21 charged with Unusually friendly to candles & Refusal to Give up Their Constitutional Rights (delCapo’s version of the charges – Unlawful Assembly & Refusal to Disperse)

Bail set at RM1,500 (after much negotiation)…. hearing date : 10 March 2009, 9am

All those 100+ who came out in show of solidarity…. *Salute*

All those who unselfishly contributed to the bail money…. *Salute*

All those who stepped up & offered themselves as bailers… *Salute*

The lawyers & organisers of bail money & bailers to be available to the unfairly accused … *Salute*

The 21 unfairly accused…. your patience (with the system & the intimidation), attitude & spirits are very very admirable… *SALUTE*

On a longer than necessary day of simple court proceedings, we showed them the spirit of the rakyat, of Anak Bangsa Malaysia… the support, the coorporation & the show of solidarity among civil societies…. this is not delCapo’s biased opinion… these were remarks from even the some policemen on duty at the courthouse.

Andrew, one of the 21 unfairly accused, blogs about his experience here.

Rakyat@Work, Sunny and Dave did some collective efforts of “live” blogging posted on Anil’s blog… Welldone bros!!!

More coverage on MT, Shanghai Fish,   The WhispererMy Thought My World Sivin Kit’s Garden , SanJiun even did some SBotting=]

Full House

Full House


RPK picked up an MSM

RPK picked up an MSM

Continue reading ‘PJ Court session – the unfairly accused & their friends…’


**NEWS FLASH** – Court hearing for the 23 PJ Candle Vigil “arrests” – New Data/time

This Friday 23 Jan 09,  9am:

Hearing for the 23 people detained at the 9-11 candlelight vigil, at the PJ court

Many of them are Barisan Rakyat’s very own… some are elected representatives & heros… others are very dear friends….

delCapo will be there to show solidarity….. join me!!

(I blanja breakfast coffee/tea at the nearby Mamak starting 8am)

For all of u who might need some memory refresh on what’s going on …. click here

Also, they were supposed to be in the clear ( Anil & Malaysiakini with details)…”No charges to be preferred agaisnt them”

So what’s up with the “revival” of the case???…..more intimidation??? Because for 2 weeks in a row you have not been able to scare us in PJ & we keep coming back in numbers??

When will you get it? We are NOT rebels…. we are Anak Bangsa Malaysia….. we are believers of our constitutional rights, of freedom, and in support of abolishment of draconian laws like ISA….

We gather weekly in PJ, peacefully & for good causes… not breaking any laws, not conspriring anything evil, not a threat to anyone… AND within our rights to freedom of assembly…. with permission from the owners of the property.

Intimidation and Harrassment will NOT work…. not when you are wrong & we are right… get it??

‘To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.’ – excerpt from Obama’s inaugural speech.


KT chinese voters analysis – NST/MCA vs MT/RPK vs Malaysiakini

delCapo dun read NST…. not even if that’s the only thing available in the toilet.

But someone sent me this link on NST…. wanting my opinion.

Well…. it’s just another one sided talk cock MCA/NST spin??

More importantly…. is MCA cannibalising on a BN failure to make themselves look good & feel better???  Typical BN… fight for limelight first, work on real problems later… or never….

That’s why delCapo loves the word Analysis… most of them are nice academic theories finding a chance to be used… some are insiders’ spin on a story…. ok, they are often credible, even if not 100% most of the time… but there are some that are pure ANALysis horseshit like the NST piece…

You guys form your views after comparing the 3 articles…

MCA, delCapo reckons if Bandar state seat goes to the polls this week when the young guns are home for holidays…. your ass will be roasted!!! ANALyse that, NST!!

*UPDATE* – Zorro just zoomed in on another MCA *puke*….


180109 – PJ Candle-light Vigil crowd as big as ever…. but…

One OCPD Junaidi, under some instructions from some numbskull(s)… brought in the fucken troops again…. you would have thought PJ was under siege,  instead of just a brainless overtime outing by mostly unwilling civil servants in the PDRM…. wasting their own time & taxpayer’s good money….

Same shit 2nd week in a row…. & same lack of real reasons given.

The bloody Selangor State government & Dato Bandar…. again…. fucken silence!! It’s about time we get  some responses from you lot!

delCapo, travelling with Mila & Ee Chia back from KT….  had brought  Lekor & keropok from KT (the famous one opposite the floating mosque), Satar from Cherating, kopi from Kemaman…. but unfortunately we were late due to an emergency detour.

We missed most of the “actions”…. but did managed to catch up with old friends & new faces at Lotus, & later while fishing… what a crowd we had…. thank you all sooooo much for coming out!!!

Will leave this week’s reporting to the rest of those who were there on time… delCapo will just be swearing too much anyway =]…. see you all next sunday!


Thank You, brave KT !!!


delCapo, a Braisan Rakyat Blogger, would like to hereby *SALUTE* & say a big “Thank You!!” to the people of Kuala Terrenganu.

Thank you for your courage… your courage to vote for change….

Thank you for the successful vote for change… your victory gives hope to the continued momentum towards history.

Thank you for being part of a journey towards inevitable historical change not too far in the future…. when Malaysia will be governed by true representatives of the Rakyat…. who uphold & protect every citizen’s rights & freedom… the way it should be.

Thank you for exposing the pathetic tactics of UMNO & BN…. and the doubt on their leadership….

Thank you for speaking up on behalf of the Rakyat…. we don’t want JIBBY & ROSIE to run the country!!! even if it means Pak Lah stay for awhile….

Thank you for exhibiting the strengths and effectiveness of PAS, the maturing of Pakatan Rakyat as one front.

Thank you for showing us what it means to be humble but magnanimous winners…. & what sore losers look/sound like.

Thank you Kuala Terrenganu…. for giving us the joy and pleasure of being part of your celebrations.

RPK lifted by crowd

RPK lifted by crowd

Big shout out to Alistair & the rest of Ming Star crew… & a certain mystery person who paid for our bill EBFORE we had arrived at Hai Ping…. u know who u r… big thank you!!

Last but not least…. Thank you, KT,  for your hospitality and friendship….


tears of joy

tears of joy

delCapo envies you, KT…. for all the success & also for you will no longer have the “pleasure” of a visit from Rosie =]

Not forgetting to thank BN’s machinery for all the seen & “unseen efforts” in keeping the contest close (everyone who was in KT know it was NOT even close)…. & therefore making delCapo’s jab-in-the-dark prediction actually quite close… hahahaha!

BRing on Sabah, Sarawak…. Barisan Rakyat will be there again…..

Related: Haris’ latest…

some pix of the celebrations below:

Continue reading ‘Thank You, brave KT !!!’


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