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Happy 1Malaysia Merdeka – happy double standards

Standard #1, case A

Chinese students were “not needed” and should “return” to China while Indian students should get rid of prayer strings on their wrists, adding that only dogs would do so”

– Hajjah Siti Inshah Mansor, principal of SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, 12 Aug 2010

update: She’s on leave. A Taskforce set up on 20 Aug 2010 by 1Muyiddin. Finding/Action? Nothing.

Standard #1, case B

“the Chinese pupils are  insensitive towards their Muslim peers by eating in the school compound during the fasting month of Ramadan last…ordered them to return to China if they could not respect the culture of other races.”

– A certain principal in a certain Bukit Selambau, 20 Aug 2010.

update: All media has blocked out the exact school and principal’s name. Ministry of Education “Investigations are still ongoing and the principal is still working at the school”

delCapo’s take is still the same as the posting on 20 Aug

Grab the principals, sit them in front of those who allege they have made the remarks to students… ask “did you or did you not say this?”

Yes? sack.

No? kick those who accuse them and send them for ear candling.

Simple, no? why the long investigations and all the extra dramas?


Now… forward to this week.After the no actions on the 2 racist principals.

Namewee’s respond to those racist principals. In his classic ranting style, he came out with this ANTI-RACISM video.

Namewee’s video is provocative and vulgar – no doubt. It’s nothing new and not even his most vulgar work todate. Candypop compared to some of the R&B and Rap songs kids worship everyday.

Infact, the anger towards racism, his frustrations towards the government’s inaction against the 2 principals are valid, and actually spoke on behalf of many of us, regardless of what ethnicity we are. Maybe not the exact words most will use, but the idea is there.

So what has happened?

In TWO days (bear in mind the principals cases are weeks old) after his video was posted on YouTube, Namewee has been investigated officially for Sedition, and has had a 3 police cars convoy visiting his house in Muar last night.

Bythe way – which part of the video is Seditious?? (definition: an illegal action inciting resistance to lawful authority and tending to cause the disruption or overthrow of the government). Asking someone to “eat bananas and flipping a middle finger at them isinciting agaisnt authority?? hello!?!?!?


Standard#1 – “Chinese go back China, Indians wearing strings of blessings are like dogs” – no action after weeks. Principals of public schools who muttered these words on students still have jobs.

Standard#2 – “Siti Hasmah, Eat Bananas.. Nah! (middle fingers)… Kurang Ajar” on YouTube – Sedition charge and arrest warrant in 2 days?

What’s going on, Royal 1Malaysia Police Force??

another episode of what’s more than meets the eye, delCapo reckons……


Merdeka Day 2010 – show of force?

So we have been told to expect a “different” display of spectacle for this year’s Merdeka Day celebrations – by armed forces and police instead of cultural performances.

Wonderful! After all, the Armed Forces and PDRM have often taken the centrestage recently, haven’t they? Is the Army gonna show us the no-engine jets and submarines? The PDRM gonna show us how they have perfected shooting and interrigation methods that caused thousands of deaths in custody? Maybe the FRU can chip in with gas and water cannons.

Maybe the MACC and Attorney General department should join and do a sketch. This video shows they have great comedy timin.

It’s not that some of us are unpatriotic. But it’s bullshit to shout “Merdeka!” when among all the problems we face in the society, we cannot have justice for those who died as innocents. Independence? Freedom? Do you feel it? I don’t.

So the governemnt will be displaying a “show of force” for the celebrations. Maybe the Rakyat should too.

One of the high profile pending case is the Inquiry into Toeh Bang Hock’s death.

While many will be waving flags watching the government shoot bullets, cannons and fly jets… some of us will wear black and bear a white flower.

WHile they pat each other’s back and claim overtime one 1 Sept, we will be heading to Shah Alam to watch the comedic circle of AG/MACC at Beng Hock’s inquiry.

There will be laughters. But it will not be funny.

So Selamat Merderka. May the force be with us, the rakyat!


Hajjah Guru Besar @ SMK Bapa Malaysia & Education Minister of 1Malaysia

Chinese students were “not needed” and should “return” to China while Indian students should get rid of prayer strings on their wrists, adding that only dogs would do so”

– Hajjah Siti Inshah Mansor, principal of SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, 12 Aug 2010

A headmistress is meant to be one of the pillars of society, a hajjah is supposedly a religious person of the islamic faith, in a school named after bapa Malaysia.

How wrong is this whole picture?

We want to conduct an investigation so that the committee will get detailed information and know what actually happened. The principal has apologised and we have asked her to go on leave. These are temporary steps but we will have to wait for the detailed report by the committee before deciding on her position and the disciplinary action to be taken.

– Muyiddin, Deputy Prime Minister and Edication Minister of  1Malaysia, 20Aug2010

More than a week  17 police reports AFTER the alleged event, the DPM decides to start a taxpayer money wasting taskforce to probe?

What? the grassroots report is so slow nowadays to come back and advise which way to sway to minimise political damage?

Grab the guru besar, sit her in front of the 17 who made police reports… ask “did you or did you not say this, woman?

Yes? sack.

No? kick the 17 asses and send them for ear candling at one of the massage palours.

Simple! Taskforce my ass!


it’s time to move with the times

The night of 01 Aug was meant to be a nationwide PEACEFUL candlelight vigil in 8-10 cities in Malaysia + 1 in Sydney and 1 in London. 1 hour program to show solidarity for the thousands who have been arrested during the 50 years under the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA).

Not only has the Act outlived it’s use, it is also against human rights and against the constitution and it has also been abused. What started and promised by the first democratic government of Malaysia to be targetted at terrorists during the emergency has since not only repealed long after its necessity has run out, but used against civillians, journalists, activists, opposition politicians and supporters – in the name of politics.

1 hour program was to continue the efforts by civil society members, NGOs and the people to push for it to be abolished. Not modified. Abolished.

In Petaling Jaya, Klang Valley leg of the 1 hour program, became an 8-hour saga.

a peaceful location

Vigillers denied

Vigillers pushed into the mall

Vigil in the mall

The Arrest of Cikgu Bard 1 of 30

Heavily guarded PJ police station

has there been a terrorist attack?

solidarity - awaiting our detained comrades' fate

the detained comrades

the candles still burn

why don't we feel welcomed?

Dear Home Minister and PDRM Chiefs,

It’s time to move  with the times.

People Power will not fade nor go away. Peaceful vigils and demostration are here to stay. And PEACEFUL is possible.

Civil disobedience is the order of the day and the will of the Rakyat.

The violence, publich disruptions, chaos have been brought in by your instructions to the police officers.

It’s time to move  with the times.

Are candles such dangerous weapons that full geared FRU units have to be activated and instructed to bash into the vigillers? Are the brutal tactics of arrests necessary on a bunch of taxpayers exercising their civil rights to assemble and speak against injustice?

The crime rate is high and precious manhours should be spent solving the rampant crime cases and preventing them, not show of force to clamp down civil societies, in the name of politics. No more will such action gain you any political mileage.

It’s time to move  with the times.

Brainwashing the Special Brunch officers that civil society members and activists are “opposition” supporters and have them come try to convince us to stop activism will NOT work.

“Wait til you all become the government then you can change the laws”

Excuse me? (1) We are NOT political and trying to become the government. We fight for justice and human rights. (2) Are you saying that there will be a change in government ? (3) Are you conceding the current government is condamned and only a change in ruling party will do?

This is what I repeat to the old chap SB officer who likes to come “convince”  or intimidate us. “If there is a new government and the ruling party decides to use ISA to detain all the politicians, their cronies and police officers (like yourself), the same people at these vigils will burn candles for you. Think about that.”

It’s time to move  with the times.

Asking them to intimidate us with threats will only be laughed at.

It’s time to move with the times.

Abolish the ISA and all draconian laws.

Recognise the will and wishes of the Rakyat. Work with us. Stop trying to bash us down.

It’s time to move with the times.

Change. or be changed.


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