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Berjaya – got or not?? buy or don’t buy??

We have indeed reached political cross-roads.

Back in the days… the actors and directors follow the script:

  1. Funding of “the Perak buy back”
  2. A “return of favour”  deal done, behind closed doors.
  3. Warning to all the goods friends… get ready.
  4. Announcement (Stock price boost… sell! Profits round#1) [Berjaya stock gained 10 sen on 12May2010]
  5. Public outcry and “bad news” (Stock price drop…. who lose money? the lemmings-like public) [Berjaya stock dropped 30 sen since]
  6. Government clarification + Throw in a charity announcement… all good.
  7. Stock price fly sky high (profits profits!!) {Berjaya stock price should reach RM2.00 mark with the Sports Betting license]
  8. All (well, those in the know) happy… BN also get a boost to their political war chest.
  9. In the long run, BN will have another nice source of “funding”…

Nowadays… aiyo… headache lah… cannot go beyond step (5).

  • A PM who seems to have his balls tied and pulled in different directions and not enough of it to make a firm quick, decision.
  • His debts to the Dr M/Vincent Tan circle  tucking at the strings nice and firm + they have “pictures”.
  • The “funding” from it would be nice too.
  • A youth chief trying to say and do the right thing.
  • A deputy seems to wait to stab him on his back.
  • Party members and political partners not backing him up.
  • Opposition politicians harvesting big time on political mileage on it.
  • An awaken public whom the old ways can no longer fool them.

Seems like game over, no? But events in the past few days do give hope to the original “story”..

A couple of more things not spoken widely about but may be related:

  • “Sports Betting” is not just Football betting – Horse Racing, Greyhound racing, Boxing, Motorsports etc… who knows what else CAN be included.
  • It is known that Vincent Tan also has the “rights” to  horse racing off-site betting premises.
  • There is a need of business to revive  MiTV (U Television), which up til now has been a dead fish. What better way than sports betting as a content??? It also owns U-Mobile and the MiTV protocol is also internet enabled. Perfect!

So, Tan Sri … what’s cooking,  man? Have you and Dr M lost the touch and let these young cikus defy you like they do not owe you anything? or should we brace ourselves to buy a few Berjaya shares and wait for the payday to come, just like old times?

delCapo thinks this is more exciting than Argentina winning the World Cup.

Yes. I love to be proven wrong =]


Give credit where/when it’s worth…


Yesterday you responded on twiteer to some suggestions that you would put aside political divide and call other Youth wings to jointly condemn the boar head incidents.

Today, it happened…

BN-Pakatan Youth issue rare joint statement

A tiny step.. but at least you walked…. for this, delCapo give you respect!


Khairy – talking the talks..

In respond to the 2 baby wild boar heads wrapped in plastic and left at 2 mosques, KJ talked the talk:

On The Malaysian Insider:

“We should not be trapped by the actions of only a few that want see our society disunited by the attacks.

“We cannot assume who are the perpetrators and it is dangerous if we begin to make baseless accusations.

“For example, when the government was blamed for the church attacks. This will not help the situation but we must be united and patient,” Khairy said.

on Twitter (reponding to someone’s Tweet “ok.. so far so good… how about a joint-press conference with all the youth heads from both side of the political divides? @Khairykj”)

I will be calling my counterparts from PAS, PKR & DAP to ask for a common statement w/ BN Youth condemning all attacks on places of worship.


Now lets see the walk, KJ…..


Undeny & The Undenial – new words made in Malaysia

If you try to look up the words  in dictionary or google them…. you will not find anything meaningful.

In the context of politics… especially Malaysian politics, especially BN politics…. delCapo would like to suggest that we (Malaysia) might have given meaning to a new word/term – UNDENY, and a syndrome called –  UNDENIAL

delCapo’s defination of these words, loosely referenced to on’s Deny and  Denial

UNDENY / un⋅de⋅ny [uhn-di-nahy] –verb (used with object), -nied, -ny⋅ing.

  1. to state that (something declared or believed to be true) will bring grave punishment to those who propogate it if a related institution can say it’s untrue, doesn’t matter if it’s actually true or not
  2. to attempt to stand down an accusation, not by proving innocence, by challenging and intimidating the accuser to instead.
  3. to quietly allow a notion to exist, but threaten any opponent who suggests it.

UNDENIAL / un⋅de⋅ni⋅al [uhn-di-nahy-uhl] –noun

  1. a perceived rejection of a claim, allegation, charge etc… by assertion of counter attacks in form of threat/unrelated story/ confusing statement/ physical challenge
  2. refusal to openly subcribe to a doctrine, theory, or the like… but yet not denouncing it.
  3. the refusal to satisfy a claim, request, desire, etc., or the refusal of a person making it… but not rejecting it, for other underlying reasons.
  4. Law. refusal to acknowledge the validity of a claim, suit, or the like; but offering no plea of “Not Guilty”.
  5. Life. sacrifice of one’s own status, wants or needs, without giving it up completely.
  6. Psychology. a conscious defense mechanism used in attempt to to reduce self guilt and other people’s negativity on one’s actions which would have been otherwise consciously intolerable.
  7. Politics. answering a reporter’s question,threatening your opponent, evading an obvious allegation of wrong doing while keeping your wannabe-gangster status so your homies will still dig you.. all at the same time.

1957-2009, Malaysia.

Jibby, KJ, CJ, AAbzzz, UMNO, MCA, MIC, BN, Malaysia Political Animals, Zambry,


Examples of how to use the words:

  • In respond to the question of 2 Pakatan Rakyat MPs making  statutory delcarations that Jibby made them $$ offer to jump ship… Jibby UNDENY those allegations and promise that “they will pay for it”.
  • Despite accusations from Mr Singh is King that UMNO Youth was behind the death threat & 2 bullets sent to him, the leadership of UMNO Youth remained in UNDENIAL silence instead of outright condemnation of the death threat. When provoked further by an angry Mr Singh, a group of 30 wannabe thugs were deployed to block Mr Singh from wheel-chairing himself into parliament. Instead of condemning the numbskull act of his boys, KJ UNDENIES his involvement by issuing Mr Singh a childish ultimatum instead.
  • When his beloved deputy, who is rumoured to be organising a show of force to kick out his useless ass, suddenly gets charged (by the cops, not the woman) for a blowjob he got God knows how long ago, Ong Tee Keat UNDENIED he has got anything to do with it by saying “we don’t support men who enjoys blowjob & then admit to it…. he shall be disciplined & banned”.
  • Chief Justice Zaki is a walking UNDENIAL. Period.
  • At one of the numerous trials recently, Judge: These are your charges, how do you plea??… The handsome beret wearing heroic accused : “i’m refusing to respond to a plea”. Undenial?… hahahaha… sori, i had to….

wadayathink? good enough to submit to Webster or Collins or or whatever?


Quote of the Day – KJ shoots…

KJ aka SILNML (Son in law not much longer) was quoted in The Malaysian Insider when asked to comment about Bukit Gantang By Election:

Earlier today, Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin had said that the by-election would be a measure of people’s confidence.

“Before that, the BN government must prove that stability and confidence can be returned,” he said.

This is a guy FULL OF CONFIDENCE after rallying “Duitlah Tuanku” shouts with a “massive” 1,000 crowd of imported supporters.

Either he is talking out of his ass or he is trying, badly, to hint that Najib is fucking things up.

KJ… why dun you just take a gun & 2 bullets… shoot one at Najib & shoot the other  into your own foot???


KT by-elections – the spinning begins…

PAS & Hudud laws.. shooting themselves in the foot, or just being consistent & honest?

DAP & PKR slight panicky reactions.. relax lah… u guys got more going for u than u think =]

I think RPK said it best…. do your maths, PAS CANNOT form the federal government alone…. therefore, their consistent ideology of an Islamic state & hudud laws cannot be realised. DON”T PANIC!!

UMNO’s statements… KJ’s trap, Najib’s predictable PAS-whacking (hey, Jibby, at tleast they are consistent, unlike u… so NO, it’s not just for the elections) , MCA’s warning  to KT’s Chinese on how much they gotta lose if BN loses (bloody ironic, no?  A threat to warn about other’s trap…hahahahaha)

Main stream media having a field day helping UMNO…. one example

If i live in KT,  i’ll be busy stocking up on food/drinks/ciggerettes, mobile top-ups etc & ready to do business…. it shall be a windfall January as the circus comes to town…. Not to mention BN’s generous handouts…. time to make some money!!

What’s new? it’s just by-election fever….

delCapo hopes for peace & hope the religious & racial cards dun get outta hand…..

otherwise… game on!! spin spin spin… spin the black circle….


Quote of D Day – MCA Youth delegate Ting Tai Fook


“If we want to use ISA, let’s use ISA against these few people first […] I also believe Khairy, this irresponsible leader will be defeated badly in the coming Umno Youth chief elections,” he said to applause from the delegates. – Malaysiakini

 Steady lah, brother Ting!!!… Got Balls, man!!…. trust delCapo, many many people would like to see it happen too…

Nice idea… but 1) it will never happen, 2) we are anti-ISA, agaisnt ANY detention without trial, for ANYONE…

so yeah…. maybe we can think of something else for dead-eye KJ, uh??

u r delCapo’s Quote of D Day anyway =]


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