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“Politicise” and “Evoke Racial Sentiments”

Two favourite terms of BN and UMNO fellas over the past week when talking about Beng Hock’s death…

Is this the fruit of the new training program DPM was talking about??… all of a sudden Nazri and the folks from UMNO Ampang are singing these terms like in a chorus…

delCapo would like to ANALyse these 2 terms for all of you to judge….

1) Politicise (pls find a good article by SKY in Malaysiakini on this termology)

Question: Who is politicising Beng Hock’s death??


  • Beng Hock  was a DAP political secreatary (as Art Harun and Nat Tan rightfully stated)…
  • Beng Hock was called in to MACC office BECAUSE he was a DAP political secretary.
  • The Kelana Jaya rally “Justice for Beng Hock” was partially a political rally by PR leaders for a fallen comrade…. attended by thousands of concerned citizens.

Yes… it’s politics… no 2 ways about it…. it’s a human tragedy in politics…. How to stop politicising something that is already IN politics.


  • Nazri’s mouth shot out even before the police could figure out where Beng Hock’s body was… Not politicising?
  • BNs other mouths (like the 60-strong Ampang fellas) standing on the street with banners and shouting slogans to gain brownie points (as if they really give 2 shits about MACC, Police and Beng Hock’s family) – Not Politicising??
  • MCA’s visit (President and Youth head no less)  to Beng Hock’s family, Najib’s PA visit to assure Beng Hock’s mother… the wreaths from BN to a DAP PA’s sudden death (accident or suicide according to BN’s own people)…. Errr…. since when they so rajin?? Not Politics at all, of course… pure heart??
  • There were no signs of BN even at an opposition leader’s funeral… not signs of them at Kugan’s funeral… or any of the 3,000 death in custody cases over past 20 years.

SO both sides also politicising … sadly, it’s because it IS politics!! delCapo is disgusted by BOTH sides at times as the line of respect for a deceased was often crossed….

BUT.. for any one side to tell, even WARN, the other side(s) to Stop Politicising??? That’s politicising in itself… and bloody hypocritical… so just shut the fuck up!

2) “Evoke Racial Sentiments”

Once again… the word “Race” is dragged into politics…. how original.

But who is actually the one evoking racial sentiments??

BN/UMNO is telling Pakatan Rakyat NOT to use Beng Hock’s case to “Evoke Racial Sentiments”… Evoke (to remind, to awake an idea…)

Let’s see..


  • Kelana Jaya – more than 3000+ … ONE PURE BANGSA!! Check out the pix here
  • Speeches by an ONE BANGSA ONLY  line up which included Khalid Ibrahim, Husam Musa of PAS, Tunku Aziz, Xavier, … appearances by Karpal and Gobind Singh, next to the DAP reps…. hosted by 2 PKR MCs …
  • Which Bangsa? BANGSA MALAYSIA!!!
  • Kit Siang and Guan Eng spoke in 3 languages about justice and bangsa Malaysia politics- bloody racist father and son… evoking racial sentiments! hehehe
  • Beng Hock’s funeral….2000+ attended.
  • Including his friends and family… and colleagues from DAP…
  • Chegu Bard, Anwar were there too…. to evoke racial sentiments?? yes, they are telling the Malaysian Chinese to raise up and line their nanchakus and chicken chopping knives with non-chinese blood… yes… i can see that


  • A very independent Berita Harian’s brilliant article by a very secular and non-partisan Managing Editor of NST, in respond to nothing.
  • UMNO divisions in Ampang and Pandan Indah… a bunch of the most secular mix of Malaysians WARNING opposition parties (plural) to stop playing the racial cards, in respond to the repeated deafening ZERO racist remarks by Pakatan Rakyat’s leaders over the past week.

Now readers, evoke your own judgement…. who is the one playing racial cards and keep using the “R” word in print and in voices???

When will these goons learn ?? We are all one RACE-  Human Race…. One Bangsa – Malaysian….


UMNO Youth rally at Perak MB Residence – do they have the !!!people power!!

Tales of rallies at MB Residence in Ipoh.

Rakyat’s support for Nizar & PR state government

20,000 to 50,000 (depends on who you ask)


UMNO Youth (with supporters from Selangor, Penang, Negri Sembilan & Kedah)

500 to 1,000 (even if you ask UMNO themselves)

pix available on Tranungkite

Enough said…. hahahahahaha…..

btw.. no signs of police permit, FRU & roadblocks for the UMNO youth rally…. what’s new???

Don’t forget to wear BLACK tomorrow, PEOPLE of PERAK…. delCapo will too =]


KT by-elections – the spinning begins…

PAS & Hudud laws.. shooting themselves in the foot, or just being consistent & honest?

DAP & PKR slight panicky reactions.. relax lah… u guys got more going for u than u think =]

I think RPK said it best…. do your maths, PAS CANNOT form the federal government alone…. therefore, their consistent ideology of an Islamic state & hudud laws cannot be realised. DON”T PANIC!!

UMNO’s statements… KJ’s trap, Najib’s predictable PAS-whacking (hey, Jibby, at tleast they are consistent, unlike u… so NO, it’s not just for the elections) , MCA’s warning  to KT’s Chinese on how much they gotta lose if BN loses (bloody ironic, no?  A threat to warn about other’s trap…hahahahaha)

Main stream media having a field day helping UMNO…. one example

If i live in KT,  i’ll be busy stocking up on food/drinks/ciggerettes, mobile top-ups etc & ready to do business…. it shall be a windfall January as the circus comes to town…. Not to mention BN’s generous handouts…. time to make some money!!

What’s new? it’s just by-election fever….

delCapo hopes for peace & hope the religious & racial cards dun get outta hand…..

otherwise… game on!! spin spin spin… spin the black circle….


Pak Lah’s [delayed] reactions to PWTC visit by Hindraf

This is what I call “Talk Cock Like Sing Song”….

btw… funny how it took AABzzz almost a week to react…hahahahaha

I hope you stay on for the UMNO elections, AABzzz I really do… I wanna to see how ugly it gets…. I wanna see some real fucken fire works!!

This is PEOPLE POWER…. not just loud & violence… but restrained forceful… something you geezers just would not comprehend….

Malaysiakini reports (delCapo’s comments in Red)

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Quote of d Day 2 – KJ again!

yup… the SIL has done it again…. just like previously… after delCapo has decided on Quote of d Day… we will find KJ’s latest …

Khairy: I’m contesting on my own merit

delCapo’s reaction?

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getting crowded at UMNO Hill? all (f)or nothing…

Previously delCapo ask “Will Ku Li still challenge for No. 1 if AABzzz steps down gives way to Najib?”

Reading about Ali Rustam, Zahid Hamidi’s recent declarations that they are contesting the No.2 spot…. got delCapo thinking again…

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Mission accomplished!! – a little adventure to PWTC for Raya Open House

Malaysiakini’s Andew Ong did a good story with pix on our “Bloggers/Activitst” adventure here.

Time/Place : 1130am, 011008, PWTC, UMNO Raya Open House

Mission: Meet AABzzz and send the message in his face “Free RPK” !! “NO to ISA” !!


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