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Dirtiest week in Malaysian History???

Received this in an email.

Spammed it out to all that I know… at the same time PRAYING and HOPING the content is untrue or will not come true.

If you agree with me, please do the same.

ABU’s video here is in line with the email.


_____________________Content of the Email___________________________

Email , post on FB / Twitter / Blogs this message to as many voters as possible.

translate into Chinese/ Tamil / Bahasa / Iban if you can.

SMS the following to as many voters as possible:

PRU13 – BN has received report that they will lose. Now the campaign will get dirtier, including all media carrying content to incite fear and hatred. The Rakyat must counter this by staying clam, vote early and vote in full force on 5th May. Inikalilah!! Pls send to as many people as possible.

Rumour from a source privy to BN’s internal intelligence Report as of last weekend (28 April),
The report stated –  BN will lose majority seats in Parliament … Pakatan Rakyat will win enough seats to form the new Federal Government.

So starts what will be dirtier than an already dirty campaign for PRU13.

Among the rumoured desperate last gasp moves by UMNO/BN will include:

1) Create shortage of supply at markets and supermarkets – cooking oil, sugar, rice, salt etc… to propagate the feeling of people storing up in case of Emergency.

2) Broadcast the film “Tanda Putera” (about May13, 1969) on ALL mainstream TV and cable stations starting Thursday/Friday (2nd/3rd May 2013) to incite anger among the Malays and fear among the non-malays.
Hoping to keep urban non-malay voters at home on polling day… and also inciting the unthinkable come 6th May if BN loses power.

Besides the content, the timing of this is simply EVIL!!
To Counter this, watch Tunku Abdul Rahman’s last speech in the videos.
more vids on Tunku’s last speech.

3) Creating more politically motivated violent incidents around the country.

4) Playing up (even more) on the DAP + PAS issues in the media.

5) Release more fabricated “evidence” and “scandals” to discredit Pakatan Rakyat candidates, leaders and members of prominent anti-BN civil society members.
We pray that  the above rumours are just rumours. We really do.
However, if BN really does push for any or all of them, we (THE RAKYAT) must counter it.
The PEOPLE must do our part to prevent BN from succeeding.
Show them – the people no longer fear them nor are taken in by such dirty tricks… they should RESPECT and FEAR the people!!
Tell all our friends and family!!
On 5th May, regardless of what would have been in the media and happening around us, we MUST come out and vote in full force, and we must vote without fear!!
Vote early, vote in full force!!
At all time, stay clam but firm!!!

People Power must prevail in this historical week!!

Hidup Rakyat!!

Email , post on FB / Twitter the above message to as many voters as possible.
SMS the following to as many voters as possible:
PRU13 – BN has received report that they will lose. Now the campaign will get dirtier, including all media carrying content to incite fear and hatred. The Rakyat must counter this by staying clam, vote early and vote in full force on 5th May. Inikalilah!! Pls send to as many people as possible.

Bersih 2.0 (part 2) – the ugly side

In Part (1), delCapo’s pix and vid showed “what could have been”.

Well… here’s why it didn’t.

oh shit the next 3 seconds will not be fun

oh shit the next 3 seconds will not be fun

Tung Shin Hospital under attack.

Here are some vid… some by others, some by delCapo. Take note of the difference between the crowd left on their own and when the police are in action.

But you know what?

The BN govenment, Najib (APCO and whoever advising the PMO), Hishammudin, Rais Yatim, IGP, the muthafucka Deputy IGP…. You guys have just made the biggest fuck-up in the way you handled Bersih 2.0… from day 1 til 09jul11.

You will taste the rakyat’s cannons and gas like never before… just like how you put us and your poor officers in this through.

Don’t believe me? Call GE13 NOW!


history was made today.. and we have just gotten started.


A great example of Women Power and People Power

25 years ago, The People Power Revolution aka Yellow Revolution changed The Philippines and brought in Cory Aquino as their first woman President.

A lot has happened since.

Today, the will of the people in Thailand prevailed and Yingluck Shinawatra has been elected as their first female Prime Minister.



Brazil did it last year.

Singapore had an election when the people was given a chance, for the first time, to a strong opposition in government. They got it. A strong woman, Hazel Poa, in the thick of it. 

One can argue the  examples above happened under very different circumstances and in vastly different environments.

But you know what?

3 undeniable common facts:

  • All 4 leaders are pro-reform, pro-social policies. No, they are NOT fanatics or the kind of “communists” Rais Yatim is painting our PSM.
  • The long overdue acknowledgement of Women Power !
  • People Power cannot be denied.

Bersih 2.0, GE 13….. Najib / BN / UMNO… your call… i’m sure APCO has done their work =]



delCapo’s 47 min of silence on eve of 47th Hari Malaysia

At the KLSCAH with over 50 fellow silent protestors… via Twitter


Student Power – by Fahmi Reza

Just a teaser for now… i can’t wait for the full feature… another “real” history lesson which our school books left out.

Watch the rest of Fahmi’s work, especially “10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka” on his YouTube page.

Well done, bro!!


HINDRAF 2nd Year Anniversary – Makkal Sakthi!!

2 years since the big show of people power… remember the courage, the spirit and the sacrifices..  before all the political hijacks.

If you wann join in the prayers…. see here



P59 Bkt Gantang – scenes & tales from Port Weld

The only "sign" of history left

The only "sign" of history left


  • Port Weld was renamed Kuala Sepetang during Sultan Idris rule. (anyone know the date?)
  • The first ever rail way in Malaysia was built from Port Weld to Taiping.
  • It is, AND should be honoured, as one of Malaysia’s heritage sites.

This predominantly chinese area has some of the friendliest but independent minded people you will ever meet.

300309-port-weld-scenes-5_sIt remains a vibrant fishery town with some of the most deliscious Tau Fu Fa, Mee Udang, Mee Kari & Pau you can find.

Some of the issues they face today after years of BN rule (PKR only took over the state seat in 2008):

  • Approx. 200  fishermen have not gotten their fishing license for years… apparently only NOW (this week) has BN, led by Ong Tee Kiat promise that they will get theirs SOON!
  • The local masjid, the only one here, is seeing renovation & road tarring for the FIRST time in 50 years… again, this week.
  • Many live in houses on TOL land, which have NOT been renewed for more than 15 years… The Pakatan Rakyat state government was gonna arrange freeholdtitles for them.
  • The Pakatan Rakyat government was also in the midst of consulting with the residents on some land adjustments to accomodate new housing & infrastructure  for them.
  • The neglect of Port Weld as a historical town is suspicious…. as rumours of a major development company, backed by BN, is eyeing much of the land for their own development (maybe THEN will Port Weld get it’s deserved status, but NOT benefitting the locals… maybe)
  • The locals have been depending on boats to cross the river to a part known only as “Kuay Kang” in Hokkien (Cross River)… they have been waiting for a bridge… which Pakatan Rakyat has planned for… now hijacked by BN as part of their election promise… as per other election promises.
  • Sathival, a local chap, told us about some locals living in extreme poverty & offered to take us to visit them… we ran out of time as Sathival had to attend to something…. shall follow-up!
a stolen promise?

a stolen promise?

Port Weld will always be Port Weld to most…. lets hope the locals get what they deserve… & soon… not just empty election promises.

Haris & Zorro had an inspired posting each too!

more pix of  scenes from Port Weld within….

Continue reading ‘P59 Bkt Gantang – scenes & tales from Port Weld’


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