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SABM to Penang…

Laksa, duck egg Char Kuey Teow, Chee Cheong Fun… here we come!!!

click the pic below for more details .


We do not kiss ass… unlike….

BN/ UMNO / Najib (actually it seems like only Najib sometimes) have their 1Malaysia, Pakatan Rakyat/ DSAI have their “Ketuanan Rakyat”.

We, the rakyat, should not have a problem if either or both of the above walk their talk, no?

Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM) comes from the rakyat… to demand both sides of the political divide to “think rakyat first”, among other things. PEOPLE POWER!

It’s a SPIRIT we promote to our fellow citizens to take up…. and therefore we embrace and work with individuals and groups who will join hands with us to spread this spirit, including NGOs, corporations, political parties. One example is this.

SABM is political, but non-partisan. SABM certainly does not kiss ass.

So when a fellow blogger, who demands “cool, clear and clean language” on his blog, wrote “What a fucking joke. ‘Anak Bangsa Malaysia’, ‘Satu Bangsa Satu Negara’, delCapo nearly choked on a curry puff. (I was agreeing to his PKR/DSAI/Azmin fucking up in Sabah story until he started attacking ABM… in the same article!).

No wonder you call yourself a “seaghost”… like a spirit lost out in the ocean… kesian.

Get your fucken facts right, asshole….

Americans call themselves African American, Chinese American, Latino American etc… format : [ethnicity/race] [nationality].

ABM promotes anti-racism… therefore telling everyone there’s ONE human race…

In the spirit of nation identity.. “One People, One Nation”, “Satu Bangsa, Satu Malaysia”… Bangsa = Nationality , bodoh!! Don’t try to backmask spin the race wheel lah… you look like a fucken fool and may fall on your ass-kissing face.

If you wanna be really clear – there will always be Malay Malaysian, Chinese Malaysian, Indian Malaysian, Iban Malaysian, Kadazan Malaysian, Punjabi Malaysian, Siamese Malaysian, Eurasian Malaysian… i could go on.. buy one of the SABM t-shirts and study for yourself …. if you cannot afford one, delCapo will donate.

Once again… SABM is political, but non-partisan. SABM does not support or belong to any party, like you have wrongly accused. SABM is a rakyat’s spirit to promote what we want for Malaysia.

btw… here’s a picture for you.. in respond to your kiss ass post with “i love Najib’s 1Malaysia… unlike Anak Bangsa Malaysia’s ‘Satu Bangsa Satu Negara, What a fucking joke. ….’

BN - 1Bangsa 1Malaysia s

OH MY GOODNESS!?!?! NAJIB is a Anak Bangsa Malaysia supporter??? maybe BN is embracing SABM faster than we think….. at least they r trying hard to kiss the rakyat’s ass again…. empty talk or genuine, we wait and see.. hahahahahaha…..

HantuLaut…. SABM does not kiss ass….. next time you are looking for one to kiss let me know… i would gladly offer mine, for i’ve been kissed by many but never by a lost salty ghost.

once again…. hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Quotes of the day – Makkal Sakthi Party and Mat Isa

 Mat Isa (BN Bagan Pinang Candidate) – “BN’s candidate Isa said “Itu bulan (PAS) x baik, masa perempuan “bulan” datang, tak bole kacau..”


HEY BAGAN PINANG – you are going to vote for such an asshole???


Meanwhile, at the launch of Malaysia Makkal Sakthi party – “Makkal Sakthi is not a BN pawn”

pictures speak a thousand words! The identity and timing of this party and it’s launch is obviously to confuse the ethnic Indian voters.

Are you guys really buying this bullshit?? BN is stuck with race-based politics… that’s NOT the way for Malaysia.


 meanwhile…. delCapo laughs in the face of such shallow buggers…. ahahahahaha…


Bagan Pinang – vote for change, not 2nd hand goods


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