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We will be victorious

I’m always laughing … even when i smell something rotten. But reading Haris’ posting got delCapo pumped ….


Yes, We – the rakyat, the people, the anak anak bangsa Malaysia… will not falter.

We cool, but we aint’ no fools!
We love, we tear but we got no fear…
not for you anyway!

We will be victorious over the evil forces and their hidden plans.

this is a good song with good lyrics and  a great chorus… maybe we should play it as one of the anthems… kekekeke

Rise up and take the power back, It’s time the Fatkats have heartattacks…

They will not force us, They will stop degrading us,

They will not control us, And we will be Victorious!

Full lyrics within

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Give credit where/when it’s worth…


Yesterday you responded on twiteer to some suggestions that you would put aside political divide and call other Youth wings to jointly condemn the boar head incidents.

Today, it happened…

BN-Pakatan Youth issue rare joint statement

A tiny step.. but at least you walked…. for this, delCapo give you respect!


I knew it… he ain’t as dumb as we think

just recently over a teh tarik we were saying how some ministers are plain stupid… Hisham Kerismuddin’s name was popular in the topic… for various reasons we all know lah.. no need to elaborate.

But he is (trying anyway) proving us wrong, ain’t he… maybe he took delCapo’s advise and got good help after all .. hahahaha

Here’s why delCapo is suddenly a “fan”.

1) ISA

We hammered him just yesterday for using arrests and threats as a lazy way of justifying his soon-to-be submitted (none or minimal) amendments to ISA in parliament… a political opprtunist.

Wah… today… he actually started briefing “opposition, activists on ISA reforms”

Not so lazy after all, uh? He actually planned this !!!

Here comes the briefing “ahh… you see… from recent events… we got arsonists AND international terrorists… cow head, wild boar head religious hatists… so we need ISA… no need to change! Thank you… ” 

Not lazy… but LAME!!! I wonder who was invited to this briefing…

2) Action on church arsonists, even if from Umno

From one glance… the statement looks ok. Home minister doing his job lah…

But think about it though… it’s actually quite clever, politically…. no?

On one hand… UMNO gets endorsement for being the one who “fought for Muslims’ rights to the word ‘Allah'”… so passionate that their guys are prepared to burn churches!!

On the other… The government looks good too! They will be arrested even if they are from UMNO..

WAHHHH!!!!! Thank you, Home Minister…. dammit… we all thought if they are from UMNO, they will NEVER be arrested and proscecuted!! You are the fairest Home Minister we ever had, Hisham!!!… waaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!! Malaysia is saved lah….

See how ridiculous it is?? a statement like that is like SPECIAL… fucken arrogant prick.

Wanna impress us? Arrest some real buggers like Khir Toyo (not some ikan bilis again who are more than happy to gain street credibility), proscecute him as mastermind and jail his ass for a few years…

We are not as stupid as you look, even in your small sparks of little cleverness…



ISA – ahh… another political tool…

So Home Minister, next parliament sitting, you are supposed to try and table amendments to the ISA act…. even though there have been many suggestions/proposals that the current ISA act simply has to be abolished completely as it is outdated, old and with too much room for abuse… and abuse it has been, politically.

This is convenient… threaten to arrest arsonists (the places of worship attacks) with ISA, even though there’s no need to.. then remind everyone that “In the case of the attacks on places of worship, only 19 people have been remanded and (even then) it is not an ISA issue,” …. Then why bring it up at all??? Easy way to justify your precious ISA’s existence, uh?

I hate political opportunists!!

Oh ya… of course… arrest 50 fellas quietly under ISA… choose which ones are good to keep… Keep 10 (or is it 12) and release the rest… linking them to “unamed international terror organisations”…. do a press release only after a human rights lawyer expose the arrests.

Scary lah!! Who are these 50 and the 10-12 still detained? local or foreign… still scary…. Why? because the ISA does not allow anyone to question the arrests, nor know their well being as human beings!

What’s scarier is the government using these as justifications NOT to abolish the ISA… and leave it to be used politically again when convenient.

We need a new law to counter terrorism… it is called an Anti Terrorism Act… new, up-to-date and with checks and balances so no abuses of power and human rights…. get rid of this old ISA crap.

Hisham… don’t be lazy lah… go do your homework. If you need help… plenty of good help around… just ask.


Khairy – talking the talks..

In respond to the 2 baby wild boar heads wrapped in plastic and left at 2 mosques, KJ talked the talk:

On The Malaysian Insider:

“We should not be trapped by the actions of only a few that want see our society disunited by the attacks.

“We cannot assume who are the perpetrators and it is dangerous if we begin to make baseless accusations.

“For example, when the government was blamed for the church attacks. This will not help the situation but we must be united and patient,” Khairy said.

on Twitter (reponding to someone’s Tweet “ok.. so far so good… how about a joint-press conference with all the youth heads from both side of the political divides? @Khairykj”)

I will be calling my counterparts from PAS, PKR & DAP to ask for a common statement w/ BN Youth condemning all attacks on places of worship.


Now lets see the walk, KJ…..


Perak Crisis – Snap Polls loom?

Rumours are flying…

1 year annivesary of Black Perak approaches..

Ong Tee Keat and Zambry annouces agreement to swap Kuala Sepetang (Port Weld) KTM land so the residents don’t have to move!

Talk about timing and political move… Port Weld was where BN lost their pants during the Bukit Gantang by-elections that voted Nizar into parliament… can BN be more obvious!?!?!?!

ahahaha…. I love the people of Port Weld… good for them (if no political u-turn from this lip service)… Port Weld residents are not stupid too… they will STILL kick BN’s ass when the state polls happen, i’m sure.

Watch out for more goodies in coming days….


surprise surprise!

SeldomSeldom post anything here these days… why?… boredom… uninspired… same old shit out there politically, no?

The one big recent thing was the organised attacks on churches, temple, suraus… but seems to be some group playing with themselves and getting no where with their agenda, other than harming properties, sentiments and unfairly reflecting Malaysia as some terrorist country. Political religion is just bullshit…

Better off spending time watch the grass grow… or roam around and irritate groups of youths at McDs or Old Town to go register to vote.

Look what we have as news..

1) No go-ahead from AG for Karpal to prosecute Lingam – really? geez… better luck next time, Karpal…

2) Jet engines theft: PAC says no top guns involved – Oh really?!?!? wow.. surprise surprise

3) PKR slaps gag order on Zul Noordin and may sack him, within a month – about bloody TIME!!!!

“Black Perak” anniversary coming up (06 Feb)… and new rumours of a snap poll for Perak State… hmmm… should wake a few people up soon =]

oh ya… Mr “Only 1″Malaysia (nobody else, including his own BN fellas seem to buy it) PM  just annouced Putrajaya and Cyberjaya gonna try to gain “green points”… more lips service and no bloody action?… how about start by banning plastic bags in Putrajaya and Cyberjaya?? oh sorry, that means Mrs PM will be banned too… hahahahaha


Back to my daily “hello, are you a registered voter??”


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