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KT chinese voters analysis – NST/MCA vs MT/RPK vs Malaysiakini

delCapo dun read NST…. not even if that’s the only thing available in the toilet.

But someone sent me this link on NST…. wanting my opinion.

Well…. it’s just another one sided talk cock MCA/NST spin??

More importantly…. is MCA cannibalising on a BN failure to make themselves look good & feel better???  Typical BN… fight for limelight first, work on real problems later… or never….

That’s why delCapo loves the word Analysis… most of them are nice academic theories finding a chance to be used… some are insiders’ spin on a story…. ok, they are often credible, even if not 100% most of the time… but there are some that are pure ANALysis horseshit like the NST piece…

You guys form your views after comparing the 3 articles…

MCA, delCapo reckons if Bandar state seat goes to the polls this week when the young guns are home for holidays…. your ass will be roasted!!! ANALyse that, NST!!

*UPDATE* – Zorro just zoomed in on another MCA *puke*….


Thank You, brave KT !!!


delCapo, a Braisan Rakyat Blogger, would like to hereby *SALUTE* & say a big “Thank You!!” to the people of Kuala Terrenganu.

Thank you for your courage… your courage to vote for change….

Thank you for the successful vote for change… your victory gives hope to the continued momentum towards history.

Thank you for being part of a journey towards inevitable historical change not too far in the future…. when Malaysia will be governed by true representatives of the Rakyat…. who uphold & protect every citizen’s rights & freedom… the way it should be.

Thank you for exposing the pathetic tactics of UMNO & BN…. and the doubt on their leadership….

Thank you for speaking up on behalf of the Rakyat…. we don’t want JIBBY & ROSIE to run the country!!! even if it means Pak Lah stay for awhile….

Thank you for exhibiting the strengths and effectiveness of PAS, the maturing of Pakatan Rakyat as one front.

Thank you for showing us what it means to be humble but magnanimous winners…. & what sore losers look/sound like.

Thank you Kuala Terrenganu…. for giving us the joy and pleasure of being part of your celebrations.

RPK lifted by crowd

RPK lifted by crowd

Big shout out to Alistair & the rest of Ming Star crew… & a certain mystery person who paid for our bill EBFORE we had arrived at Hai Ping…. u know who u r… big thank you!!

Last but not least…. Thank you, KT,  for your hospitality and friendship….


tears of joy

tears of joy

delCapo envies you, KT…. for all the success & also for you will no longer have the “pleasure” of a visit from Rosie =]

Not forgetting to thank BN’s machinery for all the seen & “unseen efforts” in keeping the contest close (everyone who was in KT know it was NOT even close)…. & therefore making delCapo’s jab-in-the-dark prediction actually quite close… hahahaha!

BRing on Sabah, Sarawak…. Barisan Rakyat will be there again…..

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some pix of the celebrations below:

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Assorted pix from KT by elections


Reporting from KT – PAS got the votes, will they get the win?

5.30pm – Polls closed….. the fear begins

While delCapo took the streets after borrowing a Honda Ex5 kapcahai…. live updates continued from the rest of the Barisan Rakyat blogbros + other blogs below

On the ground… at Ladang where we are stationed, at 3 other polling stations in Bandar area… on the streets of KT town… PAS’ support kicked BN’s ass. Period.

delCapo sensed some uneasiness though:

  • at just after 4pm… voters turnout numbers started escalating to over 75%. It was 63% after 3pm, & 50+% just after noon… was there a mad rush that was not seen (& I was zig zagging thru the streets) or the rural kampaong stations gained momentum?
  • According to DAP, 25% of the chinese KT voters live outside KT for work & have not returned due to CNY next week. The total chinese turnout is at around 60% mark… & typically, the Chinese voters do not share their choices (we think it’s split but leaning towards PAS)…. lets see what the results say.
  • Reports of phantom voters’ attempt through back gates of polling stations, FRU standing by (to intimidate voters or to protect some secret missions???)….

It’s been a greeat day of field work…. delCapo should feel good… the PAS guys are GREAT!! loud but disciplined… & those who were not wre promptly put in their place by their Maroon troops or elders (& they actually listened).

There a darkCynic side of delCapo…. the old cliche “it aint over til it’s over” & we know BN will bring on all the tricks from now til the reults are out…. THAT’s what we gotta try & stop!!

Time to hit the shower & join the nite’s activities….. hopefully… my fears are just daft thoughts….&  there will be hellava celebrations tonite & all the way back to KL tomorrow…scene at ladang 5pm (2)Ladang at 5pm (1)

more pix to come after reults… stay tuned


12 noon – morning at Ladang… PAS overwhelms BN

Did the first round of walk…. in Ladang area near the hotel…

2 polling stations – PAS overwhelms BN..

A list of “phantom voters” hanging on one of the PAS station…. Sharizat drove past… RPK got bigger cheers.

no other special incidents so far…

IT’s not about whther PAS has the numbers… they do. It’s about how much BN can “create” to cover the loss ground…. that’s what we are hunting down… the irregularities.

Barisan Rakyat gang on the ground…. more coming soon…

keep checking here and other blogs like




KT ByElection campaign ends…

In the final night of campaigning….

  • PAS hosted a dinner for the Barisan Rakyat crew to show their appreciation of our efforts… thank you for the hospitality!
  • We witnessed PKR’s ceremah at Kampung Cina (in front of the local MCA center)….. where Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, Elizabeth Wong, Lo Gwo Burne and a electrifying Tian Chua spoke… the ceremah ended with group singing of  one of all-time favourite chinese songs “Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xing” (The Moon Represents My Heart)…. nice touch!!

The most incredible campaign by PAS & overwhelming support from their DAP, PKR comrades…. some things u just cannot fake. Pakatan Rakyat has truly arrived & almost as one true front…..

Out on the street… u can count 30-1 (PAS-UMNO) cars/bikes/supporters…. pathetic for UMNO/BN (maybe they just went to sleep early)

Barisan Rakyat gang, let by “local boy” RPK should be witnessing another step towards a change in government… starting with capturing KT parliament seat…

Tian Chua said many good things earlier…. one of them “winning or losing is part of the game…. but we have shown that the rakyat’s will towards change, towards making a stand on who should run our countryis strong…. this, in itselfm is a victory!!”

Well…. Pas is confident, Tian Chua claims PKR predicts a 1,800 margin victory… RPK calls it at 5,000 margin (with phantom votes counted)… delCapo has no basis… but will call it an easy victory…. at least 2,000.

For now…. here are some pix… KT, good nite…. good luck!!


Malaysiakini – Money Politics at KT backfiring….

Money Politics rearing it’s ugly ugly heads… in Kuala Terrenganu…

How bad?

1) 7 FRU trucks with full battle geared personnel at KT’s Grand Continental hotel vicinity….. apprently a fight broke out…. delCapo was eye witness to the FRU presence (sorry no pix)

2) 2 Journalists needed help…. Haris, Zorro & Gus went to their rescue….

Now… these incidents mirror Malaysiakini’s story below…. delCapo dun believe in coincidence.

MONEY POLITICS is EVIL…. EVIL has a price…. we will know the price in a day’s time =]

‘Cash for voters’ sparks commotion
Andrew Ong | Jan 16, 09 7:22pm
There was a small commotion at a hotel in Kuala Terengganu this evening following a rumour that a political party was distributing cash to voters in tomorrow’s by-election.


kuala terengganu by election vote buying in hotel 160109 03When Malaysiakini arrived at the scene around 5.30pm, scores of people were seen filling their names and identity card numbers on a blank piece of paper in the banquet hall.

The crowd of about 100 appeared uncomfortable at the sight of journalists taking photographs and started urging others to stop writing their particulars.

As more journalist streamed into the banquet hall, an unidentified man picked up some 10 sheets of papers containing the particulars and left the hall.

kuala terengganu by election vote buying in hotel 160109 02“I will ask my boss if there is any more money for us,” said the man, prompting the crowd to leave the hotel.

Most of those in the hall were elderly people who claimed that they had attended a buffet high-tea at 4pm.

Unlike most political events, there was no party logos or banners used to decorate the hall. There were conflicting claims as to who organised the event.

Among those who allegedly spoke to the crowd during the meal was a former menteri besar from a West coast state.

By the time the press arrived, the situation became chaotic with many complaining aloud that they had been cheated since no money was distributed.

Some also claimed that those who had come earlier were able to collect the money.Journalists given money

In another development, RM300 cash was distributed to more than a dozen journalists at the state information department’s media centre in Kuala Terengganu.

kuala terengganu by election money given to media reporters at media centre 160109Journalists were asked to list their names, the organisation they worked for and telephone numbers on a blank piece of paper by a media centre staff before being given a white envelope containing six RM50 notes.

Four Malaysiakini journalists wrote their details on the paper without knowing about the money.

The four later returned the envelopes with a total of RM1,200 to the media centre staff. Several other journalists have done the same.

The media centre staff could not answer when quizzed about the source of the money.

At 6pm, two journalists from Chinese-language online news Merdeka Review lodged a police report on the matter at the Terengganu police headquarters.

Information Ministry denies role

Meanwhile, according to a Bernama report later in the day, the Information Ministry denied making any payment to journalists covering the by-election.

Information Minister’s press secretary Hisham Abdul Hamid said the ministry had never directed any of its officers to do such a thing.

“This has never been the practice of the Information Ministry,” he told Bernama.



pix from KT 160109 afternoon

CHeck out AnilNetto & Speak Up Malaysia for write-ups…

More pix (SBotting alert) before the evening break…. before the last nite of ceremahs….



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