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Dear People of Perak….

 1 year ago was the drive through Kuala Kangsar, Taiping, Bukit Gantang… even Kamunting… beautiful, if minus that ISA detention center!

Last Sunday, delCapo and some fellow anak bangsa Malaysia drove through parts of beautiful Perak again…this time Beruas, Ayer Tawar, Sitiawan, Lumut, Manjung, Teluk Intan etc..  met some nice people, drank some nice coffee and enjoyed some great scenes… such a great state with great people deserve more than the current situation politics has brought.

The day before, at the SABM Roadshow forum in Ipoh… in front of a 100+ local attendees, delCapo added 2 cents worth among the speakers:

“Happy “Black” Anniversary, Perak… one year ago I was here.. and the few more times in front of the State Assembly, including witnessing the Pokok Democracy day.

I was here with many friends… we faced the FRU.. some were arrested.


I am not a Perakian .. I was born in Johor, grew up in Kedah.. then in Singapore, then Australia..
Familiar story?

I could have stayed overseas but I decided to come back.


I love this country and my fellow Malaysians.
So I came back and I’m staying.. to try and make a difference..

I’ve faced FRU, water canon, tear gas..

Why? I like pain?

I feel so much for Perak!
This was one of birth places of Merdeka..
Now if we do not fix this.. Perak could be the start of death of democracy in Malaysia.

We are not opposition supporters.. We are the rakyat.. People’s Power..
Rakyat jadi hakim!

Let’s fight to win Perak back for the People of Perak.

Let’s fight and win back our country back for the people… together.

Send this and all the messages back you hear today to your family and friends.

At this point we do not know what is going to happen for Perak..

  • The federal court decision on MB vs MB – Nizar or Zambry?… Zorro has his thoughtsAnil’s blog will be covering “live”… delCapo will be twiterring from Federal court.
  • The increasing possibilities of (finally) calling for fresh State Elections – both Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional machineries have started moving – when?
  • How ugly and expensive will the campaigns be this time around? – will it be so ugly that a state of emergency be called to PREVENT the elections from taking place??
  • How much will politics rear their ugly heads and overshadow the most basic – Democracy and People’s power to choose who runs the state.

delCapo cannot tell you what will happen in those 4 areas, Perak… but YOU, my Perakian brothers and sisters, can make sure of a few things.

  • DENOUCE the racial, religion, money politics that will be coming your way…
  • DENY the propaganda to create any violence that may give “them” an excuse to call for a state of emergency.
  • Let the politicians do their politics… BUT Democracy must prevail –   PEOPLE POWER vote and choose the government of the state.

3 simple things… easier said than done…. but CAN BE DONE!

Not just for the sake of your pocket, your own family, your own kampung, your own town, your own city, your own state…. but in the name of true Democracy!!

Perak was one of the BIRTHPLACEs of Merdeka and democracy of Malaysia… it is now the grave since 1 year ago.

Let Perak be the REBIRTH of true democracy in Malaysia. Perak by Perakians, NOT politicians!!!

May the force be with you, People of Perak… tomorrow and in weeks/months ahead.


Perak Crisis – Snap Polls loom?

Rumours are flying…

1 year annivesary of Black Perak approaches..

Ong Tee Keat and Zambry annouces agreement to swap Kuala Sepetang (Port Weld) KTM land so the residents don’t have to move!

Talk about timing and political move… Port Weld was where BN lost their pants during the Bukit Gantang by-elections that voted Nizar into parliament… can BN be more obvious!?!?!?!

ahahaha…. I love the people of Port Weld… good for them (if no political u-turn from this lip service)… Port Weld residents are not stupid too… they will STILL kick BN’s ass when the state polls happen, i’m sure.

Watch out for more goodies in coming days….


counter: Arrests (167)

New Arrests on 26 May 09 in Ipoh: 19 + 2, including speaker Sivakumar, MPs, Aduns, passers-by, 2 fellas walking to DAP office in the evening to attend indoor vigil and event company workers….

 Home Minister & PDRM…. your guys cannot even give (or cannot be bothered to give) good reasons for the arrests anymore…. just tangkap, tangkap, tangCrap…

Once again – It is NOT working!!! stop wasting the Rakyat’s money!!!


they wanna ban it – we spread it more!!!

Malaysiakini reports that Media Prima, the “UMNO” mainstream media machine which controls TV3, NTV7, TV8 and TV9 has banned certain footages of inside the 7May09 Perak Assembly.

Well… fuck you, Media Prima… the people deserves the truth.

delCapo will leave these ON here as long as I please and hope other blogs and media will do so too.


“Live” blogging of “Black Thursday”

pix are uploaded on Picasa


here we are…. IPOH shall make history today, one way or another.

Let’s hope Perakians get their state back in order….


The following blogs should be “live”:


Nationwide campaign – 1BLACKMalaysia, 07May09

Responding to the calls by BERSIH,  NutGraph, People Parliament and many others –

1BLACKMalaysia, 07May09

Malaysians’ support for  PERAK. Malaysians’ support for TRUE DEMOCRACY!!

For those who can make it, see u in Ipoh.

For those who cannot, wear black anyway.

ALL, take pix of your own “Wear Black” campaign & post them on the blogs, or send them to us –


“ShiokGuy” sent me this (thx, bro)…. but delCapo still believe we can save Perak…. lets DO IT!!



Ipoh, 070509 – be there


07 MAY 2009




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