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HINDRAF 2nd Year Anniversary – Makkal Sakthi!!

2 years since the big show of people power… remember the courage, the spirit and the sacrifices..  before all the political hijacks.

If you wann join in the prayers…. see here



Sending off a good man…

It was a sun-less Sunday… no tropical downpour that we have been experiencing all week… but a general gloom over Klang Valley.

Fitting… we were, after all,  sending off a good man, a “towering Malaysian” as described by Zorro.

A strong, fine young gentleman in search of answers..

Grieving family…

Inconsolable mother…


The longest line of funeral march and convoy of cars delCapo has seen…

“No way this was just a robbery… NO WAY!” – an eye witness of the murder.

The atmosphere was one of Sadness, Disbelief and Anger…

 Farewell, Patrick… we remember and celebrate your life and count our blessings for having the priviledge of your comradeship.

Justice shall prevail and your murderers shall meet their fates one day.

Your spirit lives on… may your soul rest in peace.


RIP – Dato’ Patrick Wong

I will always remember you as a friendly, humble, generous, brave, respectable and supportive comrade.

A true anak bangsa Malaysia.

A good man gone too soon… you will be missed so dearly among us.

Patrick as I remember him best... a friendly, supportive face among us

The Whisperer has more here…


#YES2009 – Quoting Tony Fernandes

Great Summit (Sponsored by AirAsia), Cool Guy, Inspiring and Entertaining Speech.. we have to salute Tony Fernandes for all he has achieved.

And he openly admitted he HATES MANCHESTER UNITED as a football team…. how NOT to love this guy!!! hahahahaha….

The most memorable part of his speech (besides the screaming young fans and the euphoria from him giving away 2 free trips to London) was during the Q&A.

Q: Thank you for giving us airasia and many congrats on your personal and airasia’s success as a group. Great speech too! Inspiring and entertaning.

You r now an inspirational public figure n airasia an icon…

In the spirit of abolishing racial segregation, there are movements to push for removal “race” and “religion” as standard questions on application forms, which still exist prominently in most forms we Malaysians have to fill up.

What is your personal take and perhaps airasia’s policy on this?

A:  I m on the 1Malaysia board and the first thing I asked was to remove “race”.. Airasia has none of that. I support your statement and so does the prime minister.

ok Tony… because you are a cool guy, and a legend and you also hate Man U, I take your words to heart.

Lets see if 1Malaysia walks the bloody talk.


#Yes2009 – Bob Geldof and Dr Mamphela Ramphele hit home..

#yes2009 – Youth Engagement Summit, 16-17 Nov 2009, part of the SEAChange movement.

over the 2 days, 2 particular speakers’ words that really hit home – Bob Geldof and Dr Mamphela Aletta Ramphele…. delCapo really hope the  200+ youths in the  cozy auditorium were awake and got at least 50% of it all.

Here are some quotes from their speeches.

(1) Bob Geldof


On Mindset for change….

  • Never accept your position. Question it.
  • If the web can change entire industries like music and news, it can do the same for politics
  • No matter how mad your idea, do it. As Gandhi said first they ignore u, then they laugh at u, then they fight u, then u win
  • “Whtever u can do, or dream u can do -do it! Boldness has genius, power & magic in it,”
  • Conventional thinking got us 2 whr we are today. people with  unconventional thinking are usually right. We need more of that 2 save us. We need radical voices to get us out. And we CAN get out.
  • The unreasonable man, persists – adapts the world to himself…. All progress depends on unreasonable people
  • “Individuality isn’t impossible. It’s thinking independantly together….. Individualism is nothing but thinking different together & individualism only works when we act in concert, for common good.
  • Change is only good when it meets the benefit of the people.

On Equality…

  • Unless we cooperate as a species, there is no future.
  • “The idea that a person would be considered ‘less’ than someone else because of their skin color -a disgrace” –
  • “Nobody is less than another. Nobody. Everybody has e same potential if they’re given the same opportunity.”
  • “as citizens of the world, you must deal with problems of the world”
  • When you go online, you cease to be citizens of just South East Asia but a citizen of the world”.
  • We live in a world of growing inequality. It is the signature feature of our time. –

On Politics…

  • U must engage, u cannot be apathetic. You must engage w/ politicians & the media must be free 2 articulate that.
  • Media should be free. If we could Twitter, if we could FB then the gov control to our life will be less
  • “Fuck the authorities. As long as you know that youre right, non threatening and non combative, don’t be scared.”
  • Logic and reasonable argument – non confrontational, never threatening. You will win (vs a corrupt govt).” –
  • Q:  in a country where vocalization lands u in jail.What do you do? …A: GO TO JAIL!
  • In Africa, corruption is less than South East Asia.
  • The reason (govt) say that you are too young and too immature is because they fear you

My personal favourite…. “Our punk songs became hit records because they were an articulated reflection of what was going on in the world”

(2) Dr Mamphela Aletta Ramphele, former MD of World Bank


Morals and Ethics are not the same…. Morals VS Ethics should be looked at very seriously.

“morality in political conflicts are caused by bad ethical behaviors of leaders”,  Example (A) leaders who hang on/grab to power despite losing elections (Zimbabwe), (B) policing of “immorality”, intruding inter-racial couples privacy to keep white supremacy in (south africa)… SOUND FAMILIAR????

Rich problems – Kids today should interract more! Children in rich families have parents obsessed wif never ending races in life n attachment to technology

Poor problem – “children born in loveless homes (e.g. rape, conflicts).. children in misery” is the biggest worry


1Utama this saturday… should be fun

Good bands (BittersweetCoupleSeven Collar T-ShirtLiyana FiziRobot AsmaraReza SallehIka and many more), cool festival…

Bring your friends, family… have some fun!

If they are over 21 and still not a registered voter…. grab their asses to one of the booths and get them registered – no more excuse!

Click the poster for details


NameWee “tiu” TNB…

hahaaha…. you go, bro!


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