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why has God and religion been dragged in again?

damn weird and damn funny…

Vincent Tan, Chariman of Ascot, head honcho of Berjaya Group, charity giver, king maker, apparent religious preacher too… after Najib slam a “NO” into his face (the stocks for Berjaya Toto and Berjaya Group alert!):

“To all those who supported legalising sports betting, you are the true embodiment of 1Malaysia.

“You are rational realists and true leaders of our multi-cultural and multi-religious society. You are not a hypocrite or a humbug or a holy pious pretender but a true God fearing devotee of a Better Malaysia.”

Hypocrite? yeah maybe… so are the whole bloody bunch of you friends!

a humbug? I didn’t know you like Arctic Monkeys too! my man, Vince!

or a holy pious pretender ? wah… why don’t you all stop using religion to politicise this?? Sports betting is business vs morals. BUSINESS!!! holy nothing either way…. been hearing too much “Football is not a just a sport” commentary is it??

but a true God fearing devotee of a Better Malaysia… poor God… kena dragged in again. Btw, why capital “B” ah? damn solid lah… self-promoting your charity. Ever the devious businessman… maybe he thinks he IS God… hmmm… in Malaysian Politics, he wasn’t far from it when Dr M was still relevant.

now back to the true religion of Bola Bola Bola………


Vote for “Bangkit” songs

Voting is now on!!!!!!!!


  1. Click on the poster,
  2. Choose the songs you’d like to see professionally produced and on the Bangkit CD
  3. Comment “Yes” and anything else you wanna say…. give shit to those you don’t like.
  4. Click “Like” too!
  5. Spread the word to your friends.
  6. repeat as often as you want


SABM Roadshow Forum – Kota Bahru 19 Jun 2010


Berjaya – got or not?? buy or don’t buy??

We have indeed reached political cross-roads.

Back in the days… the actors and directors follow the script:

  1. Funding of “the Perak buy back”
  2. A “return of favour”  deal done, behind closed doors.
  3. Warning to all the goods friends… get ready.
  4. Announcement (Stock price boost… sell! Profits round#1) [Berjaya stock gained 10 sen on 12May2010]
  5. Public outcry and “bad news” (Stock price drop…. who lose money? the lemmings-like public) [Berjaya stock dropped 30 sen since]
  6. Government clarification + Throw in a charity announcement… all good.
  7. Stock price fly sky high (profits profits!!) {Berjaya stock price should reach RM2.00 mark with the Sports Betting license]
  8. All (well, those in the know) happy… BN also get a boost to their political war chest.
  9. In the long run, BN will have another nice source of “funding”…

Nowadays… aiyo… headache lah… cannot go beyond step (5).

  • A PM who seems to have his balls tied and pulled in different directions and not enough of it to make a firm quick, decision.
  • His debts to the Dr M/Vincent Tan circle  tucking at the strings nice and firm + they have “pictures”.
  • The “funding” from it would be nice too.
  • A youth chief trying to say and do the right thing.
  • A deputy seems to wait to stab him on his back.
  • Party members and political partners not backing him up.
  • Opposition politicians harvesting big time on political mileage on it.
  • An awaken public whom the old ways can no longer fool them.

Seems like game over, no? But events in the past few days do give hope to the original “story”..

A couple of more things not spoken widely about but may be related:

  • “Sports Betting” is not just Football betting – Horse Racing, Greyhound racing, Boxing, Motorsports etc… who knows what else CAN be included.
  • It is known that Vincent Tan also has the “rights” to  horse racing off-site betting premises.
  • There is a need of business to revive  MiTV (U Television), which up til now has been a dead fish. What better way than sports betting as a content??? It also owns U-Mobile and the MiTV protocol is also internet enabled. Perfect!

So, Tan Sri … what’s cooking,  man? Have you and Dr M lost the touch and let these young cikus defy you like they do not owe you anything? or should we brace ourselves to buy a few Berjaya shares and wait for the payday to come, just like old times?

delCapo thinks this is more exciting than Argentina winning the World Cup.

Yes. I love to be proven wrong =]


you help me, i help you. do we have a deal?

THis is the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Symbol of leadership, justice, humility… and absolutely not currupted indeed.

$3 million, $5 million “gua kena keluar duit” (I have to come out with money)… keyword : “I”

“you want $5 million, I want Robert Lau to win… do we have a deal?”

[I LOVE this quote] “This is not a place for a Prime Minister, but I come here anyway”

Who the hell does this fella think he is?

Whose money is he giving away like it’s his loose change?

How many thinks there’s NOTHING wrong with the mentality of our so-called leader right here?

Anyway… this is going to be one of those legendary speeches… hahahahaha!


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