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Over 200k people in more than 70 cities – 1 was violent.

4 days on – all the blame game still on… whatever / whoever /whoever.

Truth is – If PM could be bothered (instead of getting a hairwash) to tell the idiot cousin home minister of his to not make it his personal circus and that muppet of a KL Mayor to just give 2 hours of Dataran to Bersih 3.0 KL in the first place, it would have been “Global Bersih all cities bersih”.


delCapo been watching and reading since running with the brave comrades on Saturday…

One that has really taken the words out of my heart is a talented young soul from Penang – Ksatriya.

We first got acquanted 2 years ago on the Bangkit project (His song entry captured below)

Read what he wrote about his Bersih story here “Should we still believe in Peaceful Protests?”

my man…..

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Something’s up

Noticed how Jibby’s been missing and Muyyidin’s been on turbo charged public appearances?

Noticed how 2011 – 2012 NYE People Power movements were headed by 1) students (TanJung Malim), 2)middleclass (KLCC +LRT), and 3) an Occupy movement (#occupydataran)??

RPK going bonkers and now an official turncoat. Really?

Something’s up, comrades… Dunno what’s up but something is up. It’s never so simple and it will not be dull 🙂
Whatever’s up.. We wait for them to come.. Or we keep on walking?
DelCapo walks…

Happy People’s Power 2012!!
If u think 2011 was exciting.. 2012 will rock your socks off? Yeah!!!!!


El pueblo unido jamás será vencido

from the SABM e-groups, thanks to Ariff Abdul (now busy with Durian FM)  and Ma’am Farida.


El pueblo unido jamás será vencido ! 

The people united will never be defeated !! 

O Rakyat, Bersatu, Kemenangan Sudah Tentu !!!






Welcome UMNO Youth and Perkasa to join Bersih 2.0. pls update all police reports

click to join Bersih 2.0 Facebook page

There’s a countdown frame at Bersih 2.0’s website. Countdown to 9 July 2011, the rakyat’s next Walk for Justice – true democracy, human rights, clean and fair elections, auto voters registration etc..

That’s what we will be PEACEFULLY walking for.

Now we have been hearing that Khairy’s UMNO Youth and Ibrahim Ali’s (well, Dr M’s) Perkasa also going to march on the same day.

Farida ( “Madam” for me and should be for all of you) wrote a great piece on Malaysiakini and said “send in the clowns”. hehehehe… nice.

delCapo would like to say to KJ and Ibrahim’s boys – WELCOME!!! For whatever reasons, right or wrong… you are welcomed to join the peaceful march!! The more the merrier.

Just a reminder (in case what Zorro posted is true about IQ and speed), we will be walking for  justice,  true democracy, human rights, clean and fair elections, auto voters registration etc… 

Wadabout your lots, KJ and Ibrahim?

If you are on the same page…. very cool!!

If you are not, and is marching AGAINST Bersih 2.0’s stands… not cool… but GREAT!! Let it be known once and for all 2 facts you guys always say opposition, NGOs and civil societies speculate and gossip about:

  1.  UMNO and Perkasa are not really strangers, are you? So don’t be shy anymore… hold hands like real family or lovers or whatever.
  2. You guys are anti-democracy and everything Bersih 2.0 and civil societies stand for. That’s your true political stand and manifesto!

Only if you are not on the same page as our objectives of the peaceful march, of course… if you are… as siad before… cool.

So either way… once again… WELCOME!!!!! Just don’t come and try create Mayhem or May 13 2.0 or whatever.

See you on 9 July 2011, ya… Marching is towards the CURRENT palace, ya.. not the multi-billion ringgit one you lots have been pretend building at Jalan Duta but actually using it to celup $$ .

Oh ya.. by the way… all those hundreds that have made police reports, including UMNO Youth (errr KJ, how ah?), Puteri UMNO (hey KJ, aren’t they your skirts?), PERTEKMA (taxi Nazri’s goldminers) …. please give a call to Dep IGP Khalid and ask to update your reports to include UMNO Youth and Perkasa, ok?

Must be comprehensive mah… so later no need to take 10 years to investigate who, where, what and all….





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