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GE 13, Year 2013 – a “NO” campaign

Latest news is that the loooong awaited GE 13  in the year 2013 will finally be on 14th of April.

DOn’t take my word for it… but that’s what the insiders are pretty cock sure about now.

13 on 140413…. if it really happens on that date…. at least we can say there’s 1 side of Jibby that is definitely progressive. He is not superstitious… hehehehe.

Whatever the date may turn out to be… it has to happen soon enough.

All the (our) money BN has been spending and giving out… all the good news (government and corporate)… all the MANISFESTOs from both sides of the political divide trying to convince us they actually have a plan and have us believe they will actually carry it out with the rakyat at heart.

Lets save all the effort trying to digest all the long stories bullshit, my fellow Malaysians…. lets make it very simple.

Lets just make it all about saying “NO”.

“NO” to BN.

THanks to PSY and Jibby in Penang… the “NO” campaign has already started…. and gaining traction on it’s own too, most recently in Melaka trust our 2 historical prides to start it too!!.. check out this video

Lets do it… it sounds, at the very least, fun and brainless enough….

From now til GE13, lets attend any BN ceremahs or events and shout with gusto (in harmony if you like) – NOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!

25 years ago… the Chilean national plebiscite – a national referendum held to determine whether or not dictator Augusto Pinochet would extend his rule for another eight-year term in office. It was held on 5 October 1988. The “No” side won with 55.99% of the vote, ending Pinochet’s 16½ years in power.

A film has been made about that PEOPLE POWER campaign 25 years ago that liberated the Chileans. This film was nominated for Oscars this year.

Here’s the trailer.

Catch the film if you can, my fellow PEOPLE POWER Malaysians…. be inspired by a simple idea and action – VOTE “NO”

More importantly, go home and VOTE this coming elections….

VOTE “NO” to BN… that means… vote ANYTHING BUT BN

Bring BN down!!!!!




45 years on – spirit of Che

I am not a liberator. Liberators do not exist. The people liberate themselves“- Che Guevara, 1958



14 August 2012 – Internet Blackout day

YES to Freedom of Expression

NO to Evidence (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 2012


291111 Walk4Freedom – Pictures

Commentary not required…




Bad Duet spoils a Beautiful Night

It was a brilliant night, weather wise… people power and youth spirits in the air..

A call for a peaceful gathering at our own Freedom Square, Dataran Merdeka – a symbol of our country’s independence, one of the most popular spot for locals and tourists to visit… especially on a night like this… for a group of people to speak freely of current socio-political issues, especially one that is hotly debated by individuals, civil society members and politicians.

What did the Government do? An order was given DBKL and PDRM combined to seal off the Dataran for “safety reasons”. Not even visiting families (long weekend) and tourists were allowed in.

When we pressed for reasons – we were audience to a 20-min comical duet between a PDRM ASP and the DBKL officer-on-duty telling us the other party was in charge… some samples of the duet dialogue:

  • “PDRM only closes the road… the Dataran is governed by DBKL.”
  • “DBKL rules say cannot enter between 1am and 6am (normally) but tonight the PDRM officers are here and they say no one can enter”

In the end, we were referred to a duet of boards hidden by the branches of an overgrown tree… a board that dates “1972”. The DBKL officer tried his best to read off it… the best he could do was telling us “so you see, we have rules…. you can enter the Dataran before 1am… but PDRM say tonight cannot” he started the chorus again without missing a beat.

Bottomline –  this group of intelligent and spirited citizen, made largely of youths whose peers are either busy at home on social media sites or downloading bootlegs, or at some parties taking candy pictures of themselves, was denied a platform once again.

Not to be deterred, they found their space at the footsteps of the Bar Council. The KL People’s Assembly by the Occupy Dataran group did convene afterall – peacefully, democratically, intelligently and with extremely constructive discussions and arguments.

Lots of sing along as usual

The KL People's Assembly in session

Shame on DBKL. Shame that it wasn’t allowed under the biggest flag pole standing.

symbol of independence and freedom - emptiness


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