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Over 200k people in more than 70 cities – 1 was violent.

4 days on – all the blame game still on… whatever / whoever /whoever.

Truth is – If PM could be bothered (instead of getting a hairwash) to tell the idiot cousin home minister of his to not make it his personal circus and that muppet of a KL Mayor to just give 2 hours of Dataran to Bersih 3.0 KL in the first place, it would have been “Global Bersih all cities bersih”.


delCapo been watching and reading since running with the brave comrades on Saturday…

One that has really taken the words out of my heart is a talented young soul from Penang – Ksatriya.

We first got acquanted 2 years ago on the Bangkit project (His song entry captured below)

Read what he wrote about his Bersih story here “Should we still believe in Peaceful Protests?”

my man…..

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Joker of the Year – 2 front runners

In recent weeks, amidst the rumble and scramble of trying to contain Bersih3.0, Himpunan3.0, #OccupyDataran & the #mahasiswa against #PTPTN on top of the already stretched-out bandwidth of trying to make Najib and his BN officials look less moronic, the high-paying PR firms must have been too busy to cover the KL Mayor and Election Commission (SPR) chairman offices.

These two monkeys have issued statement after statements of great entertainment value and are now (only in April) are already hot favourites for the “Joker of the Year” title.

Examples below (click the names for more from google search):

Ahmad Fuad Ismail (KL Mayor): ”  Dataran MERDEKA not venue for politics, dissent“.

Oi Mayor…. takde DISSENT and POLITICS mana kita boleh dapat MERDEKA in the first place? Bodoh!!!!


Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof (EC Chairman) : “EC chief: Our electoral roll is cleanest in the world

 The comparison to the once famous Iraqi “We are Winning” Minsiter is uncanny…. hehehe… Baghdad Bob indeed.

 Bloody fools but good for a few laughs lah…some more both also Tan Sri… bloody disgace… pity the other brilliant Tan Sri’s we know…. hahahahahahaha…


Addition (240412) : Read Haris’ post here. A bloody lying joker.


KLCC – Peaceful Assembly, Public Protest and BERSIH too!

Hot and sunny Saturday afternoon… at Malaysia’s premier shopping mall and national icon… packed with locals and tourists… what did the KLCC management “coincidentally” decided to do?

Chin Huat saw the poetic irony in it too…. i was trying not to shake too much laughing and taking his pic.

The rest of the time was about a peaceful assembly, peaceful but strong public protest against a restrictive Bill and the ugly action of the government in trying to rush it through….


Until tonight at Dataran Merdeka, until we walk with the lawyers on Tuesday to Parliament to “let them hear it LOUD and CLEAR”.



Ariff says it best =

#Occupy and people's assembly


Tribute to “Uncle Bersih”

Uncle Tii Tiong Huat… I hope you are ok, wherever you are.

I still wanna shake your hand one of these days and buy you a beer.



You are a 709 hero….. and fuck them all who try to suppress, intimidate and ridicule you. 


ahahaha… real photos. Really wan!

Yo Utusan, NST and all you stinking mainstream media.. you missed out on a real weapon Bersih 2.0 had lah..

This guy is no threat… why waste time faking the pic?

THIS GUY WAS WITH US!!! how did you guys miss?????


“OH Rakyat” song by Zhi Wei

Found this on LoyarBurok (keep up the good work, LBs!!!)… 

It’s way way cool… the best song about Bersih, about People Power, about anak bangsa Malaysia ever…

Lee Zhi Wei… rrrrrespect!


Oh rakyat
dah lama terluka
rasa pahit simpan saja
kini bangkit bersuara
mencari erti merdeka

The past few weeks
some things have got me thinking
police keep arresting
but people keep on marching
with tear gassing, water cannons splashing
letting nobody tell’em what they better believe in
Now wait a minute, somebody cried politics
But I don’t get it, I can’t understand when it’s
men and women
our friends and our children
walkin for democracy walkin for freedom
So have a seat for my version of detention
let me break it down in a short spelling lesson
It’s not UM-NO or D-A-P
It’s all about the r-a-k-y-a-t


Now I know some of y’all on a different page than me
But we can disagree, do it respectfully
Dissent, decorum going hand-in-hand
I can make my point, you can take your stand
Cause in the end, we’re all in this together
All fighting the good fight, to make our country better
We got the same goals, we share the same future
Why we letting them make us go against each other?
Merdeka means freedom, it knows no colour

It names every neighbor a brother, a sister
That’s what I saw that day in our street choir
Mr Prime Minister, can you say 1Malaysia?


Yeah bangkit, bangkit say it if you feel it
if not, please, let me to put it in context
cause it ain’t about which side you’re on
Bersatulah! That’s the sine qua non
This not about protesting and rallying
this about just waking up and caring cause
this is Negaraku, who’s gonna care but you
No change is gonna come if you don’t pursue
That’s true, time to stop talking, and start doing and start becoming
the dream that we dream so that we can start living it
if you’re a Malaysian, you best be singing it



British Diplomacy or Coincidences?

Queen Elizabeth in more yellow than “Bersih” yellow with a room full of yellow flowers and furniture to match when meeting Najib and freshly multi-million dollar jewelled Rosmah?

Here are pix of the Queen’s past meetings with PMs and Presidents.

PM David Cameron NOT at the airport to meet the Malaysian delegates and now cancelling lunch with Najib? (check out his face in the picture… and this is one published by photoshop-happy NST)

Britain has one of the most sophisticated and longest history in diplomacy.

Call these what you want… they are no coincidences.

I love Art’s reaction… one of the first off the block. Damn quick, bro! =)

Never thought I’ll say this – LONG LIVE THE QUEEN !


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