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Quote of D Day – Sri Lanka President

And we thought Botak, Nazri & Rais Yatim are champions of talking cock….

This is coming from a president of a country with a major civil war & God knows how big a humanitarian catastrophe in their hands…

“I could not talk to them as I was busy with the New Year festivities……”

Happy fucken New Year, President Mahinda Rajapakse….


N25 Bkt Selambau – Quote of d Day by MIC’s Ganesan

MIC’s Candidate for Bukit Selambau said:

“I am the Obama of Malaysia”

& in one breathe… also said:

“Many people fail to (see) that our country runs on a democratic capitalist system. In this system, the clever will become cleverer, the rich will become richer, the lazy will become lazier and the poor will become poorer,”


  1. Tak MALU ka???!!! Obama of Malaysia…. PUI!!!
  2. Statement contradicts his wannabe status!!!... maybe he doesn’t even understand what Obama’s policies are… hahahaha

Stable Kiosk Kg Baru – A Sunday Date that was not kept.

Kamal, mana lu??

Admiral Tojo & delCapo still waiting at 9.54pm

Admiral Tojo & delCapo still waiting at 9.54pm


who’s in charge here? – Khalid said what????

Most of u must be thinking this is another delCapo’s  whacking of the CPO Khalid…. well… it’s THE OTHER Khalid….

Just read this on Malaysiakini & could NOT believe my eyes…

First the “townhall & 15 minutes” for vigil crap…. now this piece of shit statement.

May delCapo ask you, Tan Sri Khalid, MB of Selangor-

  • Didn’t you endorse the JERIT campaign & was part of the launch?
  • Didn’t you appear so happy for the photo when they handed the memo to you at the 2nd last day of the campaign??
  • Did you, when you spoke to Tuanku, try to explain what JERIT was about? How the kids are 17-18 yr olds (not 7-8 yr olds) with parents’ consent & well taken care of by JERIT’s responsible adult care takers?
  • Did you not hear how these kids learn so much more about the country during their journey?? read this… These ARE the future leaders!!!
  • READ IT AGAIN! noticed the kid’s impression about our police’s behaviour?

delCapo just dun get it…. are you trying (and failing) to be Mr Nice Guy? .. or just don’t get it that u r now leader of a state & not opposition??.. or just don’t get what is Freedom, Civil Rights, Suara Rakyat?…. or just keeping the other Khalid happy so you can keep getting police escort & not traffic fines???

No wonder that Chief Liar CPO is getting more & more blatant….he’s got a toothless MB fanning his fire….. When are u gonna grow some balls, Tan Sri??

You know what? If this is all you have to say & all you can do for the civil society activities…. don’t say anything & don’t do anything.

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Snippets of what delCapo’s been missing…*Updated*

Was out of town for most of last week & struggled in the rain & traffic to get back by Sunday evening.(apologies to all those delCapo promised to meet at the PJ Vigil)…. hmmm… looks like quite a few things happened & mainly positives too!

pic from steest

1) PJ Vigil 6.5 went well!! Excellent job, people!!…. Lita (Steest), Whisperer, Rakyat@work & Eve (chinese blog) have brilliant coverage!

2) More good news!! The longest trial in Malaysian history for Irene Fernandez concluded (finally) & IN HER FAVOUR!!…. great day for human rights & freedom of press… well sort of… poor Irene did spend the last 13 years fighting the case….

3) The Anti ISA event at Pandan Indah suffered the same fate of PJ Vigil 4.5 with 9 people arrested & FRU deployed to disperse the gathering!! latest from Malaysiakini is that the 9 have been ordered to report to court in 2 weeks.

delCapo still don’t get it… the FRU really need all the exercise they can get, uh?? Really… what did they achieve?? intimidation so no more anti-ISA demos & activities??…. not gonna happen!

YB LKS’s post shows what a bunch of hypocrites & double standard pricks still call the shots up there in law enforcement hill.

PRO-ISA assholes bully a WOMAN!!!!! WTF!?!?!?!?

Finally the Selangor MB Tan Sri Khalid broke his golden silence & said limited demos are allowed…. well… at least something lah! Abit late & definitely not close to being enuff… but it’s a positive step!! Thank you MB!! But if u need time to grow more balls to act like a true people’s MB & show unconditional support to the people to vote u in, pls don’t take too long, ya…. we are NOT that patient… Zorro certainly has spoken his mind here. Steady lah, sir!!

4) Positive in arrests…. looks like delCapo’s good friends & comrades of the PJ Vigil 4.5, 9 nov arrests might be ok after all! Anil & Malaysiakini have details.

5) this one not so good…. Fatwa Council’s move against Tomboys & Yoga appears to be getting support…  at least Tuanku of Selangor has held up & demands more study first…. & Perak (after a little fuck-up) also withdrew their support for it .

What has the world become lah!?!…. if people cannot dress (decently) as they like or choose sexual preferences ….. & take on healthy exercises like Yoga without being Fatwa-ed…. madness!! You gonna Fatwa Karate/Tae Kwon Do/Ninjitsu? Chanting at Football games?? Singing Chrismas songs with friends?? Fatwa shopping malls from playing festive season songs, or ban muslims from visiting the malls when they play them!?!?!?!?!

…. sigh! IDiOTS!! no wonder my elder blogBros Zorro & Haris whack u guys! Haris followed with a another.

thats all for now, folks…. take care out there… especially u lovely ladies who like to wear power suits at work & keep yourself healthy with yoga… delCapo loves you ladies…. screw them idiots at Fatwa Council!!


Quote of D Day – an idiot named Ibrahim

Is delCapo biased against this man? This elected Member of Parliament??

Or is it really that every time he opens his mouth only crap spurts out??

This guys just hijacked part of Raja Nazrin’s speech & make a rotten meal out of it!!!….

This made Quote of D Day:

“In the case of the United States, Barack Obama shed his language, culture and the Islamic religion of his family in Kenya and Indonesia to assimilate. This was what qualified him to become President,” he claimed. [ahahahaha... delCapo doesn''t even know where to start whacking here....Obama qualified to be President of USA by abandoning his roots!?!?!?!?  Hello! he was born in Hawaii (yes, US of A) & raised by his Christian mother & granparents... never lived in Kenya & only a few years in Indonesia till he was 10.... so which language, culture & religion did he "SHED"????]

Check out the rest of the article from The Malaysian Insider:

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4 Weeks of Peace & Love… they gift us with 1 Sunday Bloody Sunday..

Negaraku Sung at Merdeka Ceremony

The first candle vigil at PJ was held on a peaceful Sunday of 12 Oct 2008. We have had 3 more since.

In between…. there have been successful ones at Penang… 2 good ones at Seremban… 1 in Ipoh.

It’s been consistent throughout - in the name of peace, love & freedom…. attended by the growing number of anak bangsa Malaysia of all ages, all walks of life - beautiful kids & families, lovely elders, even the romantics….

Then they gave us 091108, our own “9-11″… our own Sunday Bloody Sunday…. pfffff!!!!

Play this while u read the rest of this post…. lets hope we dun get there!!!

delCapo wanna know:

1) What exactly were the orders & the objectives of the Government & Police force in activating FRU squads to attack their fellow citizens, who loves their country?

2) MB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim & Selangor PR leadership… WTF!?!?!?! Didn’t this happen on your turf with your own MPs & Assemblymen in the corwd (& detention)… W.T.F!?!?!?!

3) Just to put things in pix&vids-pective below (Hey Botak & that Police Chief with pants on fire… just look what the fuck u have done)


A) 121008 – First PJ session


B) 191008 – With a Whole Lotta Love  & Singing



C) 261008 – Brightness by the Festival of Lights & Glowing Kids


D) 021108 – Angels in the Rain


To This!?!?!?!?!


Goddamit!!!….  Mr Minister & Police Chief, we were singing the National Anthem!! There were kids in the crowd who were dragged & scared (what message r u sending to them??)… there were elders in the crowd who have served our country all their lives (u attacked them singing our national anthem)… there were ladies, mothers of our future generation (at least one of them severly injured when her head knocked against the ground after being dragged..  what did you do? you arrested her son so he couldn’t take care of her!!”

Later on at the PJ Station… from the outside you would think there was a a major Terrorist attack… img_1347


but looking at the list of detainees – Politicians, Catholic priest, Journalists, A damn respected good lawyer, Bloggers, normal respected patriotic members of society… you know you fucked up now, uh??

To be fair… delCapo’s friends who were among the detainees kept telling us via sms that they were treated very well… given food & refreshments & an area to walk around & mingle….

So kudos to the abang & kakak Polis inside the PJ station that nite…. & kudos to Edmon Bon & the group of lawyers for turning up & making sure our friends were well.

3am - our friends giving signal from inside - we r OK, go home!!

3am - our friends giving signal from inside - we r OK, go home!!

“]they were more comfy inside than those waiting anxiously outside for them on the roadside =]

they were more comfy inside than those waiting anxiously outside for them on the roadside =

Jokes aside.. delCapo is still wondering, 3 days after…. what the hell were they thinking when the orders were made???

3 Days later…. still LIES LIES LIES from Botak & Chief Cop & Spin Spin Spin….. still NATO (No action talk only) from Tan Sri Khalid’s State Governement…

The vigils WILL go on!!! PEOPLE POWER!!! Will NOT be intimidated by numbskulls….

or else… how are we to explain to these?

More coverage & comments -

The list of detainees… all released by 7am but 1.

1. Tony Pua Tiam Wee, PJ Utara Member of Parliament
2. Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, Selangor State Executive Council member and
Pandamaran State Assemblyman
3. Lau Weng San, Kampung Tunku State Assemblyman
4. Teoh Way Keng, Petaling Jaya City Councillor
5. Ashok Kandiah, Lawyer
6. Ong Boon Keong, Activist and Coordinator for MAFREL
7. Father Paulino Miranda
8. Ambrose Goh, Malaysiakini journalist
9. Shukri Mohamad, Malaysiakini videographer
10. Sunny Lim, blogger
11. Andrew
12. Angelia Ooi
13. Arrif Abdul
14. Augustine
15. Goh Chien Li
16. Johny Andrew
17. Kenny Goh
18. Khairul
19. Mohd Faizal
20. Rahman
21. Ramesh
22. Syed Ahmad
23. Tinggaran


Malaysiakini: Backbenchers rap Penang’s multi-lingual road signs

delCapo was amused by the so-called “UMNO Bullies” term & stories…. i agree with those who take the stance – “fight the bully, or walk away…. stop sitting there, do nothing but whine like a bitch”

Anyway…. the following exchange in Parliament, as reported by malaysiakini further amuses delCapo today… (comments within)


mohamad aziz sri gading mpMohamad Aziz (BN-Sri Gading) said the Penang government’s decision to implement the multi-language road signs instead of road signs in the national language was disrespectful to the nation’s social contract. [friend... the national language is still there lah... just adding other languages!]

thor teong ghee chinese road plate 250708“I want the Ministry of Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage, with courage, with honesty, to explicitly tell the House what kind of action will it take against the insolence displayed by the Penang government to use road signs with three languages which is disrespectful to the federal constitution,” he said. [delCapo loves it when UMNO fellas use words like "respect", "constitution"... make me spit easier... PUI!]

He then argued that the constitution stated that Bahasa Malaysia was the primary language of the nation and must be used as the main language for public road signs. [[hey numbskull... key words "Primary", "Main"... look them up.... they do not mean "Only" "exclusive", ok??.... fuckwit! with no sense of cultural, heritage AND any command of language as an MP.... sad, man]


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