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The Cool Battle…. PR is not winning.

Fi-effing-nally… 050513 is the day Malaysians decides.

If numbers are to be believed, there are over 2 million new voters… and many are the young who looks for “cool” factor.

Many are, although tech and internet savvy, still either underinformed or easily swayed by whatever is on social media and online.

That’s why BN’s expensive campaign is promoting Najib like a presidential candidate.

That’s why BN is spending RM70 million last month alone on PR campaigns…. billboards, mainstream media, social media (noticed the amount of disgustingly blue propoganda on the flash ads on the webpages, smart phone apps???)

It is also rumoured that BN’s machineries (like Star Publications)  and rich cronies have bought up influential alternative medias like BFM Radio (heard playing 1Malaysia ads lately), The Malaysian Insider (noticed the reporting is now watered down), The Edge, LiTV etc…

[Post correction 110413: BFM Radio may not have been acquired but 1Malaysia ads have been heard on air. The 2 popular stations that have been acquired are RedFM and CapitalFM]


Hell…. they are maximising the BN Blue colour without party names and leaders’pictures except the “popular” Najib.

From what some quarters are reporting…. it’s working… BN is gaining grounds among the youngs.

The point is this – PR is hardworking, honest, victimised, the new hope and all that… and they have all learned Malaysians who want an end to BN’s politics and a free and fair Malaysia in their pocket…. BUT, they lack the COOL FACTOR.

Something has to be done quickly and effectively to appeal to these young and swaying new voters…. or BN will win.


If there is a hell…

No matter which side of the religious fence one sits, or none at all… there are some places you just don’t go.

This NST article on Tok Guru Nik Aziz is like calling Mother Theresa a whore.

Like delCapo said… doesn’t matter which religion or sect you adhere to, or oppose, “Nik Aziz” and “Kafir” do not exist in the same breathe.


If there’s one… we know who we’ll be seeing there =]


ahahaha… real photos. Really wan!

Yo Utusan, NST and all you stinking mainstream media.. you missed out on a real weapon Bersih 2.0 had lah..

This guy is no threat… why waste time faking the pic?

THIS GUY WAS WITH US!!! how did you guys miss?????


Not just the media, our government also good at using the Internet

RSF (Reporters without Borders) reported this just before Sarawak’s state elections… more like slamming the Government’s abuse of Internet freedom.

Malaysiakini (nice to be accessible again by the way)  highlighted today the Freedom House which is  supported by the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF), reported Malaysia as “partly free” in terms of Internet freedom.

Geez…. if they were impressed with the use of Internet, wait til they see how Jibby’s Apco team has brilliantly planned the use of media, courts and police.


RPK’s dance with TV3 wasn’t a tat bit too coincidential in terms of timing and content??

The “omega watch” was such a HOT ITEM during Sarawak campaign and now “not an issue, as we are only investigating the screening not the people involved” twist by the PDRM…. common! So now they will convict the Datuk T trio for porn and say it’s not Anwar after all??? brilliant no???

Since when has the script writers been so good? APCO deserves the big PMO’s $$ allocation.

The International recognition should include screenplay award at Cannes or something… but the cinematography and acting still cannot make it lah.


The Sarawak Show – What’s freedom in the name of power and fear?

[updated 150411]

On one hand, Najib talks about “transform”, 1Malaysia, freedom, equality… even organising makan with his online friends from tweeter and facebook.

All very well packaged and nice to see/hear/read. Well done, Apco!

BUT on the other hand.. when things are not going well… like the Sarawak Show that Najib is failing badly to stage –  screw the progressiveness mask. It’s now same old story – bring out the iron fist.

In the past week… the following media / blogs have been down. Most of them attacked by DDOS.

Bloggers, Activists denied entry into Sarawak. so far:

What else?

So… in the name of Power and Fear of losing… the rules of a democracy, free and fair elections, human rights, freedom of information – all out of the window.

How Najib? is this what 1Malaysia is about?

I think despite of the above… People Power will win 16 April. History will be made.


Quote of the day – Utusan Malaysia

The “independent” news daily said

“it was not racist and did not write false news reports”

hahahahahaha… it’s like saying Rosmah is an innocent virgin.

Talk cock like sing song… still think the people are idiots??




A laugh a day – MSM like lemmings

Sometime during a boring and rainy yesterday, the wonders of Twitter alerted that a news report on Bernama has downgraded Najib to DPM!!

Comments like “Rosie Behold!” , “Who’s the real PM?” followed.

What’s funny is NST, Malay Mail and a few other MSM soon followed!!

Star was quick to make amends… well, instead of copy and paste.. they cut and paste… maybe paste then cut. Well, at least ONE editor was sort of on the ball… took out the entire paragraph…. hehehehe

Yes yes yes…. they meant “it followed an announcement made by the THEN finance minister and deputy prime minister..”

Whatever… the news wasn’t that great (losing 3 % of take home pay)… don’t know what EPF is going to do with our money next… buy this, bail out that. Sigh!… so at least some fun to have a laugh, especially when the “independent” mainstream media acts like lemmings.



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