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Not just the media, our government also good at using the Internet

RSF (Reporters without Borders) reported this just before Sarawak’s state elections… more like slamming the Government’s abuse of Internet freedom.

Malaysiakini (nice to be accessible again by the way)  highlighted today the Freedom House which is  supported by the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF), reported Malaysia as “partly free” in terms of Internet freedom.

Geez…. if they were impressed with the use of Internet, wait til they see how Jibby’s Apco team has brilliantly planned the use of media, courts and police.


RPK’s dance with TV3 wasn’t a tat bit too coincidential in terms of timing and content??

The “omega watch” was such a HOT ITEM during Sarawak campaign and now “not an issue, as we are only investigating the screening not the people involved” twist by the PDRM…. common! So now they will convict the Datuk T trio for porn and say it’s not Anwar after all??? brilliant no???

Since when has the script writers been so good? APCO deserves the big PMO’s $$ allocation.

The International recognition should include screenplay award at Cannes or something… but the cinematography and acting still cannot make it lah.


The Sarawak Show – What’s freedom in the name of power and fear?

[updated 150411]

On one hand, Najib talks about “transform”, 1Malaysia, freedom, equality… even organising makan with his online friends from tweeter and facebook.

All very well packaged and nice to see/hear/read. Well done, Apco!

BUT on the other hand.. when things are not going well… like the Sarawak Show that Najib is failing badly to stage –  screw the progressiveness mask. It’s now same old story – bring out the iron fist.

In the past week… the following media / blogs have been down. Most of them attacked by DDOS.

Bloggers, Activists denied entry into Sarawak. so far:

What else?

So… in the name of Power and Fear of losing… the rules of a democracy, free and fair elections, human rights, freedom of information – all out of the window.

How Najib? is this what 1Malaysia is about?

I think despite of the above… People Power will win 16 April. History will be made.


delCapo’s 47 min of silence on eve of 47th Hari Malaysia

At the KLSCAH with over 50 fellow silent protestors… via Twitter


#Yes2009 – Bob Geldof and Dr Mamphela Ramphele hit home..

#yes2009 – Youth Engagement Summit, 16-17 Nov 2009, part of the SEAChange movement.

over the 2 days, 2 particular speakers’ words that really hit home – Bob Geldof and Dr Mamphela Aletta Ramphele…. delCapo really hope the  200+ youths in the  cozy auditorium were awake and got at least 50% of it all.

Here are some quotes from their speeches.

(1) Bob Geldof


On Mindset for change….

  • Never accept your position. Question it.
  • If the web can change entire industries like music and news, it can do the same for politics
  • No matter how mad your idea, do it. As Gandhi said first they ignore u, then they laugh at u, then they fight u, then u win
  • “Whtever u can do, or dream u can do -do it! Boldness has genius, power & magic in it,”
  • Conventional thinking got us 2 whr we are today. people with  unconventional thinking are usually right. We need more of that 2 save us. We need radical voices to get us out. And we CAN get out.
  • The unreasonable man, persists – adapts the world to himself…. All progress depends on unreasonable people
  • “Individuality isn’t impossible. It’s thinking independantly together….. Individualism is nothing but thinking different together & individualism only works when we act in concert, for common good.
  • Change is only good when it meets the benefit of the people.

On Equality…

  • Unless we cooperate as a species, there is no future.
  • “The idea that a person would be considered ‘less’ than someone else because of their skin color -a disgrace” –
  • “Nobody is less than another. Nobody. Everybody has e same potential if they’re given the same opportunity.”
  • “as citizens of the world, you must deal with problems of the world”
  • When you go online, you cease to be citizens of just South East Asia but a citizen of the world”.
  • We live in a world of growing inequality. It is the signature feature of our time. –

On Politics…

  • U must engage, u cannot be apathetic. You must engage w/ politicians & the media must be free 2 articulate that.
  • Media should be free. If we could Twitter, if we could FB then the gov control to our life will be less
  • “Fuck the authorities. As long as you know that youre right, non threatening and non combative, don’t be scared.”
  • Logic and reasonable argument – non confrontational, never threatening. You will win (vs a corrupt govt).” –
  • Q:  in a country where vocalization lands u in jail.What do you do? …A: GO TO JAIL!
  • In Africa, corruption is less than South East Asia.
  • The reason (govt) say that you are too young and too immature is because they fear you

My personal favourite…. “Our punk songs became hit records because they were an articulated reflection of what was going on in the world”

(2) Dr Mamphela Aletta Ramphele, former MD of World Bank


Morals and Ethics are not the same…. Morals VS Ethics should be looked at very seriously.

“morality in political conflicts are caused by bad ethical behaviors of leaders”,  Example (A) leaders who hang on/grab to power despite losing elections (Zimbabwe), (B) policing of “immorality”, intruding inter-racial couples privacy to keep white supremacy in (south africa)… SOUND FAMILIAR????

Rich problems – Kids today should interract more! Children in rich families have parents obsessed wif never ending races in life n attachment to technology

Poor problem – “children born in loveless homes (e.g. rape, conflicts).. children in misery” is the biggest worry


they wanna ban it – we spread it more!!!

Malaysiakini reports that Media Prima, the “UMNO” mainstream media machine which controls TV3, NTV7, TV8 and TV9 has banned certain footages of inside the 7May09 Perak Assembly.

Well… fuck you, Media Prima… the people deserves the truth.

delCapo will leave these ON here as long as I please and hope other blogs and media will do so too.


article on RSF – calls for the release of Malaysian human rights lawyer P. Uthayakumar

received this via an email…..

Reporters without Borders (RSF), based out of France, champions Press Freedom, defends, fights & works for journalists’ rights around the world (including Bloggers). Malaysia, a country up to recently, has been mostly out of their radar compared to Cambodia, Myanmar etc… has now been increasing covered by RSF. Their on going coverage of RPK’s cases are very commendable.

Why only Uthayakumar & not the Hindraf 5 or the rest of the ISA detainees? you may ask….. delCapo can only guess that RSF’s scope includes only journalists (including bloggers & publishers), and they are able to find an angle on Uthayakumar’s article which is part of the reason he has been detained.

The article in Full.

Call for release of Hindu minority lawyer arrested a year ago under security law

Reporters Without Borders calls for the release of Malaysian human rights lawyer P. Uthayakumar, who has been held since 13 December 2007 at Kamunting prison (northeast of Kuala Lumpur) under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for posting a letter he wrote to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on his website (http://

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Botak strikes back!!

Gees that was quick!! Cabinet ordered MCMC to lift the ban/block (whatever u wanna call it) on Malaysia Today… yesterday. That must have made our dear Botak feel as stupid as he looks after his statements on the ban…

So today he whacks 3 printed media with “show cause” letters – English daily theSun, Chinese daily Sin Chew Daily and opposition PKR’s party organ Suara Keadilan……

Continue reading ‘Botak strikes back!!’


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