Happy 1Malaysia Merdeka – happy double standards

Standard #1, case A

Chinese students were “not needed” and should “return” to China while Indian students should get rid of prayer strings on their wrists, adding that only dogs would do so”

– Hajjah Siti Inshah Mansor, principal of SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, 12 Aug 2010

update: She’s on leave. A Taskforce set up on 20 Aug 2010 by 1Muyiddin. Finding/Action? Nothing.

Standard #1, case B

“the Chinese pupils are  insensitive towards their Muslim peers by eating in the school compound during the fasting month of Ramadan last…ordered them to return to China if they could not respect the culture of other races.”

– A certain principal in a certain Bukit Selambau, 20 Aug 2010.

update: All media has blocked out the exact school and principal’s name. Ministry of Education “Investigations are still ongoing and the principal is still working at the school”

delCapo’s take is still the same as the posting on 20 Aug

Grab the principals, sit them in front of those who allege they have made the remarks to students… ask “did you or did you not say this?”

Yes? sack.

No? kick those who accuse them and send them for ear candling.

Simple, no? why the long investigations and all the extra dramas?


Now… forward to this week.After the no actions on the 2 racist principals.

Namewee’s respond to those racist principals. In his classic ranting style, he came out with this ANTI-RACISM video.

Namewee’s video is provocative and vulgar – no doubt. It’s nothing new and not even his most vulgar work todate. Candypop compared to some of the R&B and Rap songs kids worship everyday.

Infact, the anger towards racism, his frustrations towards the government’s inaction against the 2 principals are valid, and actually spoke on behalf of many of us, regardless of what ethnicity we are. Maybe not the exact words most will use, but the idea is there.

So what has happened?

In TWO days (bear in mind the principals cases are weeks old) after his video was posted on YouTube, Namewee has been investigated officially for Sedition, and has had a 3 police cars convoy visiting his house in Muar last night.

Bythe way – which part of the video is Seditious?? (definition: an illegal action inciting resistance to lawful authority and tending to cause the disruption or overthrow of the government). Asking someone to “eat bananas and flipping a middle finger at them isinciting agaisnt authority?? hello!?!?!?


Standard#1 – “Chinese go back China, Indians wearing strings of blessings are like dogs” – no action after weeks. Principals of public schools who muttered these words on students still have jobs.

Standard#2 – “Siti Hasmah, Eat Bananas.. Nah! (middle fingers)… Kurang Ajar” on YouTube – Sedition charge and arrest warrant in 2 days?

What’s going on, Royal 1Malaysia Police Force??

another episode of what’s more than meets the eye, delCapo reckons……


1 Response to “Happy 1Malaysia Merdeka – happy double standards”

  1. 1 Luna Abdullah
    September 5, 2010 at 11:47 am

    Selagi aku tak nakpak sepuluh kedai kat Bukit Bintang Plaza, jgn lah dok ada banyak sangat orang dok kata depa tu telus and mementingkan merit…kepala hotak depa.

    Kalau betul jujur dan murni nak kan kesamaan dan kerataan tanpa ada kuota, la ni patut aku nampak pemimpin pemimpin kaum cina berusaha untuk memecahkan monopoli satu bangsa di premis ni dan memjalankan initiative untuk meratakan ratio pemilikan kedai di Bukit Bintang Plaza…LauYat Plaza…Sungai Wang Plaza…Pavillion…Lot 10…Mid Valley…Tropicana Mall…

    Aku akan sokong kita hapuskan kuota Bumiputra bila 30% kedai workshop kereta kat KL ni milik Bumiputra…bila 30% kedai runcit…30% kedai kereta 2nd hand…bila 30% stesen minyak…bila 30% kondo-kondo di pusat Kuala Lumpur…bila 30% pasaraya…30 kedai audio…30% kereta Ferari, Lotus, BMW dan Merc atas jalan…tu milik orang melayu…bila 30% jawatan senior manager di Bank Bank Perdagangan, Bank Komersial…bila 30% orang orang terkaya di Malaysia…bila 30% Doktor di Malaysia…bila 30% Lawyer di KL…bila…?

    Taming Sari

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