Sri Maha Mariamma Temple relocation – meeting the people

If you haven’t been following…. this otherwise should be a state and local government project made international news…. read Malaysiakini and the Malaysian Insider to refresh the “Cow Head” incidents which sparked the controversy.

delCapo was at the temple’s original and current location in Shah Alam section 19 last nite, and at the dialogue hosted by Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim for the residents of section 23 (proposed new location) this morning.


At Sri Maha Mariamman Temple,  Section 19, Shah Alam


DSC_0045.JPG_sA group of 24 good wishing anak banga Malaysia, including Haris Ibrahim, Wong Chin Huat, Sisters of Islam members and Food Not Bombs youths made a trip to the temple to show solidarity and speak to some of the regulars about the whole situation related to the replocation.

What we found were a bunch of very pleasant and peaceful devotees who frequent the 150-year old temple who welcomed us to join in their prayers session and spoke to us openly.

DSC_0193.JPG_sThere was no resentment nor sentiments of anger towards even the “cow head” incident. Not even towards a Pewaris signboard that has been erected near the temple.

To them, they have agreed to relocate the historical temple to a suitable location, thanks largely to the effort of the current State Government, local council, parliamentarian and adun.

That’s all.





 More pix from the visit can be found here on Picasa.


The Dialogue at MBSA hall.


With MB Khalid Ibrahim, YB Khalid Samad, Batu Tiga state assemblyperson Rodziah Ismail, state development agency PKNS chief Othman Omar and mayor Mazalan Md Noor.


Details of proceedings can be found at Malaysiakini here and here. delCapo will not repeat them.

The observations delCapo made were:

  •  DSC_0274.JPG_sThat Section 23 muslim residents are mostly reasonable and peace loving. Some stood up to express their friendship with their hindu neighbours and they had no problems with a hindu temple located in the area. However, they are concerned if any chaos, for whatever reasons, come with the temple. Fair enough, really… it’s up to the local council to consider their concerns.
  • There were a bunch of them at the dialogue who, may or may not be actual residents as security was not air tight, were there with one purpose in mind – to disrupt proceedings and create commotions. Period. These geezers should have been thrown out.
  • DSC_0394.JPG_sPersonal attacks on MB Khalid, YB Khalid Samad,  Adun Roziah & the dato bandar were really shameful behaviors… many in the hall from their own kampung were seen to be utterly disgusted and ashamed by their neighbours.
  • Credit must be given to the restraint and persistence of the panel to go through the issues and decision process so that the residents understand.
  • Also to the few calm voices from the crowd who waited for the chaos to die down and took the mic to speak their mind, from both sides of the divide.



Overall, I think the dialogue achieved it’s objectives…. but security and discipline could have been better so other residents (soome with kids) didn’t have to witness what was at time utterly disgusting side of my fellow Malaysians.


many more pix from MBSA hall on picasa.

some of these faces look familiar?? “Cow Head” carrier rings a bell??

DSC_0331.JPG_sDSC_0342.JPG_s DSC_0247.JPG_sDSC_0349.JPG_sDSC_0384.JPG_s


3 Responses to “Sri Maha Mariamma Temple relocation – meeting the people”

  1. 1 SAJ
    September 5, 2009 at 9:25 pm

    Thanks for the balanced reporting.

  2. 2 foodforthought
    September 8, 2009 at 3:38 pm

    They were trying to outdo this one

  3. 3 ruyom
    September 9, 2009 at 5:33 pm

    A tragic yet hilarious court proceeding took place in the Ipoh high court on September 8 when the judge blatantly contradicts himself in dismissing a suit brought by Perak PR speaker against the state BN speaker.

    Judge Azahar rejected Sivakumar suit to seek damages from Ganesan for assault and false imprisonment during the chaotic and violent state assembly sitting on May 7. He said the court had no jurisdiction to hear the case due to Federal Constitution Article 72 stipulating that – the validity of any proceeding in any state assembly cannot be questioned in any court.

    And yet in the same breath he declared that – the decision of the legislative assembly to remove the plaintiff as speaker and to appoint the defendant was conclusive and had been fairly determined by the state assembly on May 7, 2009.

    Now, the crux of the entire contention between the two speakers is: who is on the right side of law in the violent tussle for the speaker chair on May 7?

    By declaring Ganesan as the rightful speaker, Judge Azahar is in fact making a legal judgment. Is that not a breach of Article 72? How come he has no jurisdiction to hear Sivakumar grievances but has jurisdiction to judge Ganesan as legal speaker? Is that not a contradiction of the highest order?

    Apart from this atrocious double standard applied by the judge, the main flaw of the judgment is the inability to differentiate between assembly proceeding and criminal behaviour. What Sivakumar is seeking is redress for the unlawful physical violence inflicted on him. And Article 72 covers only businesses conducted in the assembly – not unlawful and criminal act.

    Judge Azahar has therefore wrongly used Article 72 to come to his judgment. To make it very clear that this is the case, I will quote in full the relevant clauses in Article 72 (Clauses 1 & 2) and explain the reasons why.

    Clause 1: The validity of any proceedings in the Legislative Assembly of any State shall not be questioned in any court.

    Clause 2: No body shall be liable to any proceedings in any court in respect of anything said or vote given by him when taking part in proceedings of the Legislative Assembly of any State or of any committee thereof.

    Note the operative words “proceedings” in Clause 1 and “anything said or any vote given” in Clause 2.

    It is abundantly clear what Article 72 refers to are the speeches and resolutions made in the assembly, not any criminal or unlawful act.

    But what happened on May 7 was complete pandemonium and chaos in the assembly hall. There was no chance to conduct any business at all, least of all any resolution passed. In fact the only business done on that day was the address by the Perak Regent Raja Nazrin Shah.

    And how was Sivakumar replaced by Ganesan during that pandemonium?

    While Sivakumar was sitting in the speaker chair, hordes of police personnel entered the assembly hall, allegedly on Ganesan order, and physically lifted, carried, dragged and moved speaker Sivakumar into a room where he was forcibly detained until the assembly sitting was over.

    And as soon as Sivakumar was removed from the hall, police personnel escorted Ganesan into the hall and ushered him to the speaker chair, with police personnel making a line to stand guard in front of Ganesan to prevent any assemblymen from reaching the speaker chair.

    The entire tragedy-comedy was stage managed by the police, and it is therefore more appropriate to say that while Sivakumar was elected by the assembly through a reolution, Ganesan was physically planted into the speaker chair by the police. And that about sums up what happened on that tragic-hilarious day.

    And since Judge Azahar appears to be so respectful of the constitutional principle of separation of power as demonstrated by his professed adherence to Article 72, is it not puzzling that he should have chosen to ignore completely the heinous violation of the doctrine of separation of power when hordes of police personnel invaded the assembly to physically replace one speaker with another?

    Is it not another shining example of double standard in the Malaysia Boleh tradition?

    After the series of judicial decisions that appear to wantonly trample the constitution and the law following the shameful power grab in Perak, the latest low represented by Azahar decision makes us wonder how much lower our judiciary can sink into, as many more judicial decisions in the same series are still pending.

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