Bukit Selambau By Election – lets cut all the craps!!!


1) A fruitful discussion/debate on going in the comments below….. worth reading.

2) also read this article – Hindraf giving MIC a walkover by -Senthil & Revadhi


original post:

Received  an Email from Naragan regarding the Bukit Selambau By Election. bukit-selambau

Heartfelt honesty from a person who is obviously deeply passionate.

delCapo agrees with much of the email…. especially the parts whereby Anwar & PR SHOULD NEVER fall back into croynism & all the shits we are kicking BN for. NEVER!!

BUT…. let’s be focus…. the task ahead is tough as it is…. do NOT make it any harder.

We can continue whacking Anwar & PR for the choice of candidates, the internal politics they have to go through… blah blah blah…. BUT Lets NOT forget what we are trying to do here –

WIN THE SEAT on 07 April 2009!!!

delCapo, in one day… heard/read about couple of distrubing developments:

Makkal Sakthi comrades’ luke warm efforts to head out to Bukit Selembau & help with the campaign because they are STILL unhappy with the candidate….

  • Brothers & sisters, you can be unhappy & please do not stop letting PR know…
  • BUT… you will make a stronger statement by supporting the campaign & play a big part in PR winning the seat, despite your protest…. rather than protesting & NOT supporting the campaign at all!!!
  • Help win the seat… THEN whack Anwar & PR til the cows come home…. then whack some more!!
  • Please… go in FULL FORCE… BN/MIC is the common enemy!!!

Multiple independent candidates to be nominated

  • up to 11 of them (last count).… for a state seat by election!!!!
  • WTF!?!?!?! unless you are (1) a BN planted independent, (2) a true independent independent hoping to make some quick cash out of BN who might come to “buy you out” at some point….
  • BACK  OFF!!! Don’t come in & split the votes!!! This is NOT the time to be attention seekers!!!

We ALL know the problems….. lets start being part of the SOLUTION!!!




Naragan’s Email in Full below:

I have been an ardent admirer of Anwar Ibrahim and a strong supporter of the Pakatan Government. But that is all being severely tested  with what is now happening in the Bukit Selambau by-elections.

Let it be first known that I have no personal interest in the Selambau by-elections at all nor am I writing because the grapes are sour.  I am totally on the side of the people, on the side of  truth and on the side of justice and I will not stand for treachery wherever it comes from

In the first place, the by elections is occurring under murky circumstances in which the former rep resigned – rumor has it that, that former rep was under a variety of pressures. Rumor also has it that he had almost gone over to the other side, to be saved in the nick of time by some tricky intervention by some member or members of the Keadilan party.

Then when the replacement for him was sought, again divine intervention in the form of an Anwar chrony, one Dato Ravi, pulls out a political novice and a relatively unkown figure and lo and behold , all the wisdom of the Senior members of the party  does not matter anymore. Rumour has it that this happened inspite of misgivings from Syed Husin Ali, Sivarasa ,Tian Chua,  Xavier Jeyakumar, Manickavasagam and Latifah Koyah  about the choice.

This has some very serious implications for all of us. Let me try and explain.

First, what this really amounts to, is chronyism, UMNO style chronyism.  During Mahathir’s time Daim Zainudin and Tajudin Ramli ruled the day, during Badawi’s time it was Khairy who called the shots. But we can pass all that off as UMNO stuff, which we all are trying to get rid of anyway. But we see that happening now in the very movement we are all part of to change all that. The assimilation by the enemy (though in an oblique way) of our budding democracy movement and the dissipation of the idealism is beginning. History is filled with instances of how the old finally consumes the new..  This is very serious and unless we all awaken to it and nip it in the bud, the inevitable will happen – status quo is what we will have after some very hopeful years albeit in the name of a new party.

What does democracy mean if the people’s wishes are not to be considered. What seems to matter is the wish of the elite or the leader and a group of his chronies They can just strut in and make the decisions with impunity, totally insensitive to the wishes of the representatives of the people. Is not this, what we all accuse UMNO of doing. What is the difference?. If this is is happening at this early stage, I shudder at the thought of what could happen when the Pakatan takes over the reins of government, when Keadilan can move unfettered. So will we really have more democracy when Pakatan takes over? We are all banking on that. But will we?

The second point is equally significant. One of the charges leveled against the UMNO government is the way they have used the Mandore system to keep the poor Indians in their utterly depressed and marginalised state. By this I mean, a system where a group of subservient Indians in the form of the MIC are thrown some crumbs so they may keep the Indians in a state of ignorance, poverty and deprivation. They used the likes of Samy Vellu and a bunch of his sycophants to achieve this. Strong leaders were not allowed to emerge from within the Indian community – not that there were not any, but they were all totally blocked, by the system.  Look at the Indians, who are in leadership positions in industry in the private sector, there are so many and they are extremely capable as leaders, but look at MIC, zero!! This is the design from the last fifty years – thanks to UMNO.

Now look at what our dear friend Anwar is trying to create in Keadilan. We have some Dato Ravi, (the new Samy Vellu) and then we have the meek Indians that they are trying to put together in Keadilan as Indian reps. Anwar does not seem to want strong Indian leaders, something that the Indian community so badly needs, so what we have is a ditto of the past fifty years trying to emerge for the next fifty years – old wine in a new bottle. If I am wrong, can someone please explain the rationale for the political novice and a totally unknown to be selected for the Selambau state seat, inspite of the fact that there were 5 very good alternative candidates offered to choose from. Compare this with the choice for Bukit Gantang. And this decision to go with someone so unnatural as a choice was made on the strong recommendations by this Dato Ravi. If I am wrong, let some senior Keadilan Leader come out and refute what I am saying.

I want for the old ways to change. But that change must not be in rhetoric only, the change must be in the substance and the processes of our society and government The change has to be real.

First, Anwar himself has got to get real . He cannot delude himself into thinking  he is invincible. He cannot get intoxicated with his popularity. What I am saying can snowball into a total schism between Anwar and the Indian community if he continues with these insensitive ways. This may cause a swing back to the enemy of the enemy (as they say). They are just waiting around the corner. The UMNO elections are now over and there is a lot of talk of change within UMNO and the new leadership is a crafty one. Just as they in their wisdom caused the marginalization, they may now get equally wise to make up for it.  Do not hand it to them dear Anwar.

All the Indians are seeking is a fair and just system where they are not blocked by the system. Do not block them, Anwar. Do not commit the mistakes of your nemesis of being insensitive to the needs of the people. If the 25th of Nov 2007 happened, it happened because of a seething anger that accumulated over many instances like this. As what Tok Guru recently said, when the UMNO government banned Harakkah, it will only cause the people to “benci” the government.

The implications are very clear to all of us. Ugly old tendencies are trying to re-emerge in new forms, to corrupt and to kill off the positive new tendencies in our society. We, the people should not allow this to happen. I am writing about this now, so it may be nipped in the bud. I do not fear that what I am saying may be taken by the UMNO – MIC combine during the upcoming by-elections to win votes. Principles are more important than influence at critical moments.

Viva la Makkal


10 Responses to “Bukit Selambau By Election – lets cut all the craps!!!”

  1. 1 Nanda
    March 27, 2009 at 11:46 am

    Well, question is, how long do we wait?

    There’s a real danger of compromising one’s principle by way of pacifying the conscience by caiming its for the greater good.

    That was the same reason given for the decision on Kelana Jaya seat candidate prior to 8th March 2008. That we focus for the greater objective and address our dissatisfaction later on.

    To date, questions are unanswered, and dissatisfaction unaddressed.

    While I can see the need not to put any Tom, Dick, or Harry who Makkal Sakthi may think is suitable but may not be up to the actual task, there’s also a need to explain these and the rationale to the man on the ground and it does not work by telling them to think about the greater objective all the time because to them, sometimes, the greater goal is masked and not visible due to the present perceived offence or betrayal of trust. Dictating what is good for them is no different from the other side’s concept of ‘we know what’s best for you’. Educating and explaining on the other hand would be helpful. Unless of course, there’s nothing to educate and nothing to explain simply because we are not made aware of the rationale as well. And if that is the case, makes one wonder how are we different from them?

    Again… agreed.
    They dun have to make everyone happy (they can’t) BUT they need to start explaining about their decisions…

    Keep Whacking!!

    That’s why i’m blasting it on the blog…. hope others will echo this…& more importantly, DSAI & the PR leaders will read this.

    coincidentally… read http://mt.m2day.org/2008/content/view/19789/84/

  2. 2 Nanda
    March 27, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    Yeah, I already read it.

    Not addressing the issue.

    Again, telling them and whacking them for the mindset without explaining the rationale why this dude is a better man for the job. And this time around, its not even the mindset problem because they are not making a noise because it was a Malay or Chinese candidate against an Indian of their choice. They are making noise despite the fact that it was also another black Malaysian who was chosen. Hence, the whacking is quite off mark actually.

    Why not put PR to task and ask them when exactly are they going to be inclusive and practise the transparency that they preach? Next by-election? What happens when they repeat it next by-election like how did repeated it this time around? Focus on the greater good and keep whacking again?

    I whack the Malaysian niggers like myself all the time when I see they hold a view that they are not Malaysians. But when you have a group of people who have been left to fend for themselves for all these while, whacking wouldn’t necessarily always work. Explanation, education, and inclusiveness. Those are crucial. And we can’t make the mindset change overnight without all the three things that I said. And the more we neglect it, the harder it will be to stop the gap from widening.

    The reason why I’m holding this view is because, I understand the need for the greater goal to be achieved. I’m for it. But at the same time, I really think that it is important to address that the people who can’t see it, are not entirely at fault. They do have a point. And it needs to be addressed soon.

    Ok… lets address the issue.
    Are they unhappy because they never got a good explanation on why Manikumar is the candidate? or they are just unhappybecause their choice of candidate is not chosen?
    Is their recommendation valid? is their candidate indeed better than Manikumar??
    Everyone must be objective…. so their complains must be written & spoken objectively & make sure the right people get to hear & read about them.

    Under the circumstance, given the lack of time & the urgency to keep the momentum up…. i would say… win THIS seat. Last draw.
    Put in in writing that it is the last draw…. then throw 100% support behind Manikumar for Bukit Selambau.

    Next by election or state-wide or nationawide election…. bring out the same complains & remind PR that if they cannot please them, they must at least address them… or else a walk out.

  3. 3 Nanda
    March 27, 2009 at 1:22 pm

    The answer to your questions are in my first comment.

  4. 4 rudra
    March 28, 2009 at 2:50 am

    Im Segaran,34 yrs olds from Alor setar(same kampong with S Manikumar-Kg Tanjong Bendahara).I still remember his home address but don’t want to share over here.He’s consider my good friend since childhood.We studying at same school , Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid but he’s my one year senior.So just wanna let all of u know that Myself know him well other than others even his wife or DSAI.
    He’s really CONMAN.He involved in arm robberies as well (late 90’s) active as leader in Gang 36.I dare to anyone who willing to challege me.He was involved in some cheating over car dealing as what recently reported in local newspaper.He also involved in plenty of dirty job but dont want list everthing over here.So just mark my point.It’s useless if u still voting for Samy Vellu if DSAI happend to field him as PKR candidate.That’s y majority of Bkt SElambau voters was againts once DSAI nominate him as candidate.Plis boycot or cast your votes to independent candidate to show PR that Indians are not fool to dance to their tune.We already teach BN a very good lesson, now the time comes to teach PR the same lesson.See what is happening in selangor and Perak.Bullshit DSAI.Even he can elect a POstman who then later bend to BN,but he said his decision on Manikumar unchangeble.Is’t Suara rakyat.If rakyat shows their disappointment than just consider it but this DSAI shows his egonism.GOD will teach you for ridding the INdians to conflict.Don’t worry.

    Well… & wow!!
    Now is this true??…. if it is… we have less than 24 hrs to convince the PR leadership.

  5. 5 looes74
    March 29, 2009 at 12:06 am

    Guess why LKY sue Tang Liang Hong till his pants down? Although I don’t understand why he’s brandish as chinese chauvinists. I think if Rudra is brave enough, put down his IC & contact. Lets settle in court
    That’s if the court is neutral

  6. 6 looes74
    March 29, 2009 at 12:13 am

    By the way, somehow, I understood why Anwar has chosen him. It seems that in PKR, there are too many Indian chiefs. No offence to the Indians. As this time, we don’t need a hero. Lim Soo Nee & Manika’s behaviours rae quite unprofessionals. Threatening the whole Kedah/Selangor leadership by being independent

    Really cry baby. Read Governing Singapore. There is one great Indian chief in PAP, declaring exit becoming UPP’s head? Won Hong Lim, the Singapore speaker’s corner fame. Doesn’t last long

    We need professional people who handle colleagues within PR Kedah TACTFULLY. Not cry baby! Which I am disaapointed. Not chosen, not chosen lah. If you believe in PKR, stick to it lah. Else, be like an Indian chief, set up your own party and run. Don’t just wanna take Pakatan’s fame and enhance your own fame lah!

  7. 7 Malaysian Heart
    April 1, 2009 at 5:41 pm

    Bukit Selambau: An Urgent Call for Calm & Understanding, and Suggestions for a Way Forward

    I’m writing this with deep concern over the Pakatan Rakyat’s prospects in the Selambau Election as well as for the future of the alternatif movement as well. Just over a month ago we were quite united, and so confident that BN could never win, even against goats & cows. Today the situation has changed dramatically, as the conflict that is apparently brewing within the AM over the choice of candidate for the Bukit Selambau by election threatens our chances there as well the achievement of our aspirations for Malaysia. I say apparently, because my only sources of information are news reports & blogs postings, some from the MSM, some from bloggers & journalists whose agendas I don’t know about. I have no way of verifying what is the real situation, & given the Standard Operating Procedures of our opponents in the past, I cannot stress enough the importance of getting to the TRUTH.

    What I find especially distressing is the tone of the anger that has been directed at Hindraf & the PKR dissenters, in the comments & reports in our blogosphere. On page after page they have had so many insults, threats & stereotypes hurled at them, it is as if BN’s propaganda in the MSM & blogs designed to demonize, demoralize & discredit them has done its job. I don‘t doubt that most of our comments have been made with good intentions & end in mind, i.e. victory for PR, and were sparked by that sense of urgency & alarm that we all feel as the elections approach. Nevertheless, I cannot but feel that such a tone is unworthy of anyone who shares in the values that I believe PR stands for.

    Have we forgotten the role that Hindraf played in making 8/3/08 possible? These are the people who, in their pain & desperation could do nothing else but put their bodies & their lives in the path of the FRU & their chemical cannons. True, dissatisfaction with BN had been growing for a long time, but for me, seeing the blood that they shed when they stood their ground & embraced the truncheon’s blows over & over again, deeply changed the way that I thought & felt about my country & myself. They led the way, they electrified us, even shamed us into action; but sadly, to this very day, they and their families still bleed for it. Some are locked away & forgotten; some prosecuted & persecuted. Many know now what it is to be without Father, Husband or Family. Some, ill, uncared for and forsaken, deteriorate day by day; and one, in exile, may never get to return home, not even to die. Then, there’s that deepest & most painful of wounds that they all bear: the subtle racism, overt ostracism & slur; a wound to which we can now safely say, we have rubbed in our own little “contribution” of salt. Whatever you or I may think about Hindraf or their apparent position on Bukit Selambau, let us agree that at the very least, we owe them our respect & gratitude.

    I’ve organised the rest of my thoughts under 4 headings:
    A. Our Current Situation
    B. What’s really at stake here
    C. Suggested Way Forward
    D. Final Thoughts

    A. Our Current Situation

    On the face of it we have Hindraf & PKR grassroots leaders are unhappy with PKR leaders’ decision to nominate S. Manikumar as PKR candidate for Bukit Selambau. Both (Hindraf & PKR) had prepared shortlists of their preferred candidates but none were chosen. Their main reasons for this unhappiness seem to be:
     Disappointment at not being chosen themselves, as a “reward” for past hard work
     Manikumar’s youth, inexperience, lack of record and not being a local, being a “crony”
     Not being involved in the selection process
     Lack of transparency in the process
     Disagreement with process & selection criteria itself
     Perceived double standards in selection
     Possible issues with Manikumar’s allegedly fraudulent business dealings
     Perception of there having been backroom deals with V. Arumugam with the involvement of DSAI’s friends (one Datuk Ravi?)

    Other longer standing grouses with PR may be:
     Lack of democracy in PKR & PKR Kedah, who have not held state-level elections since he joined in 2004
     Perception of having been deceived by false promises and lack of progress on various development issues e.g. land for schools, citizenship documents, social issues, business opportunities & training
     Perception of a lack of respect and appreciation

    One thing I want to note here is these reasons, with the exception of the one regarding personal disappointment, are not racist (ala ketuanan UMNO/MCA/MIC) but actually speak to root issues of common concern.

    As a result of this dissatisfaction:
     3 ex PKR members are standing in Bukit Selambau as independents
     Hindraf is not supporting PKR’s campaign in Bukit Selambau
     PKR’s Jerai division has disbanded itself & Kalaivanar has thrown his support for BN
     Various commentators have condemned Hindraf & the PKR Kedah dissidents, with growing perception of Hindraf as an unworthy organisation with a agenda driven by racist or personal concerns

    This conflict must be seen in the context of of PR’s growing list of problems & challenges (partly self inflicted, partly BN’s doing):
     Abortive takeover of Parliament & our perceived loss of the moral high ground
     Fall of Perak and PR’s subsequent tactical errors resulting in emotionally sensitive charges of derhaka and the attendant publicity
     Perception amongst rakyat (not just Hindraf) that PR has not been effective & efficient, that PRU 12 promises have not been kept
     Various scandals (real or engineered) surrounding PR personalities, accompanied by doubt’s about integrity of PR reps
     Lack of a coherent common vision accompanied by bouts of discord between & within PR component parties

    Add to all that a perceived BN “resurgence” due to Mahathir’s return to a “united” UMNO, Samy Vellu’s “new mandate” at MIC, Najib’s repressive countermeasures and we may just be seeing the beginnings of a “perfect storm”.

    B. What’s really at stake here

    Superficially, at stake is the victory in Bukit Selambau as well as in Bukit Gantang & Batang Ai. However we must go below the surface, and acknowledge that even if we win all three, given the current situation as outlined above, this conflict within us will slow down the momentum of our movement, perhaps even allow BN to begin rolling back the clock to pre-PRU 12. To regain forward momentum, as well as to help build a strong foundation for our struggle, a careful consideration of the deeper root issues raised by this conflict is needed within PR. What’s really at stake here is our movement’s identity, vision, direction & indeed future viability. These issues, all which overlap with real Hindraf/PKR grouses identiified above, are:

     Vision & leadership
    • What is our vision for all Malaysians?
    • Is this vision a shared one? How do we create this consensus?
    • What are our strategies & policies to achieve this vision?

     Values, Principles & Political Culture
    • What are our values & principles?
    • Are these values & principles practiced by our current leaders at all levels?
    o Do we want feudal “warlords” as leaders who know everything & cannot be questioned & seem to seek personal interests? Are there old BN habits & paradigms that still infect us?
    • Are we open, consultative, empowering, engaging & transparent?
    • Do we play the politics of race, patronage, feudalism, cronyism & nepotism, backroom dealmaking, numbers, rewards for loyalty? In other words business as usual BN style?
    • What is the true nature of the relationship between PR & rakyat?

     Delivery & execution
    • How do we select & develop a truly representative cadre of leaders in such a way that no group feels left out?
    • Do we select leaders by ability, or as a reward for loyalty? Do we place unfair standards of class, formal education or wealth?
    • Is our leader selection process transparent, fair, where all have had a say in it and agreed the rules? Are there double standards?
    • How have we delivered on our promises since 8/3/08? A lot was promised.
    • Have we been fair & equitable or have we been busy fighting fires, living from crisis to crisis (some of our own making), & neglected to lead in the truest sense of the word?
    • How do we work with marginalized groups who bear the brunt of BN’s failed policies? Takeovers of Parliament & long term political goals are all well & good but what do we do to ease their suffering here & now?

     Communication (most of the misunderstanding is really attributable to poor communication & engagement)
    • How do we inform & educate stakeholders, understand & manage expectations, & get our message across?
    • How do we work with multiple stakeholders, with common broad goals but diverse cultures & perspectives?
    • How do we raise the level of political discourse beyond race & patronage?
    • How do we work with the various groups who are at different levels of political maturity, thanks to our political monoculture of the last 50 years?
    C. One Way Forward

    The thing to do is to sit down together & share one’s thoughts & feelings openly. The main purpose of this meeting should be to find & develop a common vision, set of values, principles and goals that we truly share. When that is done, consider & address the dissatisfaction & disagreements that have been the cause.

    I suggest that Tuan Guru Nik Aziz (probably the most respected leader in Malaysia) be the host or convenor. The leadership of both sides must come with open minds & most importantly open hearts. There can be no place for personal egos, posturing & rhetoric or trying to gain concessions ala BN’s old politics. All talks must be firmly based on mutual respect and objective truth that can be verified. If we only plaster over cracks by merely soothing tensions while ignoring the real issues, we are setting ourselves up for future disaster.

    There will not be enough time to cover every detail, but there is enough to begin to repair the relationship. It may be too late to undo some mistakes if mistakes have been made. If both sides decide that we can work together, come out of that room together & share with all of Malaysia what you have just achieved. Make it crystal clear that no effort will be spared to achieve victory, make it plain that errors have acknowledged, bonds have been mended, wrongs have been set right and changes have been committed to. Then let us each do what we do best.

    D. Final Thoughts

    To PR: Most of Hindraf’s & PKR’s grouses seem to be real & most are based on one or more of the common issues stated above. Granted, 1 or 2 personalities seem to be pushing for personal gain & “reward”, but once the underlying grouses are addressed, those with personal interests in mind will be clearly identifiable & obvious to all. I disagree with Neil Khor & others who say that Hindraf has a “radical race based agenda” and I do not believe that there is any fundamental unbridgeable ideological difference between PR & Hindraf. With their leaders behind bars & the perception that we have forsaken them, what we are seeing is not a racial agenda ala UMNO/MCA/MIC but frustration over the issues raised, coupled with the vestiges of BN thinking & political paradigm. As I said before, old habits die hard. The right question to ask is how do we engage them? Let us start by acknowledging that some of us have been treating Hindraf as the Greeks treated Philoctetes, good enough to fight for us but not good enough to be in our company & to engage with fully. The day we start ignoring constitutents we will start becoming BN hoping to win based on a not BN USP. PR same as BN. However, under no circumstances must you compromise your non-sectarian agenda”.

    To Hindraf & PKR dissidents: I won’t pretend that I understand the depth of your pain. But I will say this: the Chinese have a saying: “tong zhou gong ji” which means “when people are in the same boat, they should help each other”. Right now, except for the BNputras & their cronies, we are all in the same boat, and our boat is now leaking. If we do not help each other now, we will all sink together. So in this emergency with 8 days left it’s time to get our boat safely across. True, your community has been marginalized by BN and I won’t try to lessen or underestimate your suffering, but you must acknowledge that you are not the only one in pain. Poor Malays & orang asli still face conditions just as bad. I’m not asking you to sacrifice your principles or tolerate unfair dealing from anyone, PR included. Ask the tough questions and hold PR accountable for whatever they have promised. But at the same time be prepared to honestly reexamine Hindraf’s struggle. Do not be chained to old BN ways of thinking, and do not be afraid to think out of the box. Please take the opportunity to make your voice heard. The overwhelming perception out there is that some amongst you are seeking personal position or that you are only fighting for a narrow racist agenda. This is a golden opportunity to set the record straight. Supporting BN now will only harden & solidify the this negative perception.

    Make no mistake, a vote for any of the independents or a even spoilt vote will be a vote for BN. It would be a real loss for all if people who have the same overall goals fail to work tohgether & hand victory to those who have been oppresing all of us these many years. And while you are considering your next course of action, do be aware of those in your midst whose may not have your best interests at heart.

    May I also humbly remind you of Waythamoorthy’s words, that I believe ring so true today: “Many see Hindraf as an opportunity to gain leverage and dictate their own benefits. This is totally against our principles. Hindraf is you and me who are battling a war for better policies and governance for the Malaysian Indian as a society with equal and fair treatment as opposed to individual glamour and glory.”

    To both PR & Hindraf: Don’t let BN exploit this division by spreading more lies & confusion. Their MSM & blogs have already begun. We only help BN more when the tone of our discourse deteriorate to the level of provocations, threats & insults. To see that happen will be BN’s ultimate victory.

    Let me be very clear – I voted for PR not to see 1 BN replaced by another. I did not vote for PR for special treatment for myself, my family or my race. I did not vote for PR to be their crony. I voted for PR for an end to corruption, cronyism, imbalanced development, mismanagement of national resources, authoritarianism, intitutionalised & societal racism. But I want a government that is more than just a mere negation of BN or “the lesser of 2 evils”. I want a government that is responsive, tolerant, respects the rakyat, transparent, fair & equitable, that promotes individual freedom & human rights. I strongly believe that these are the common bonds that unite us. Let us show that we can overcome conflicts, rediscover what really holds us together & emerge victorious together.

    Lest we lose hope in our struggle, let us remember that in politics, conflict among partners is common, due to the political culture that is dominant. We need a new political culture & after 50 years, old habits die hard. Ever since 8/3/08 we have had to undergo a steep learning curve, and we cannot expect too much in 1 year & must not delude ourselves that all our leaders are all angels who will know instinctively what we the rakyat want. It is up to all of us to ensure that our leaders know what we want & to keep them on the straight path.

    Now, what can we do as individuals about this. Consider carefully what is right, then communicate it to your family, friends, leaders. Get involved, for our future, the future of our country is too important to be left to chance, to in the hands of politicians.

  8. 8 Makal
    April 2, 2009 at 1:01 pm

    Very true indeed. There is something very very wrong in choice of Manikumar and the selection process. Very fishy!

    I hope PR will still win but I think it’s going to lose this one!

  9. 9 Makal
    April 2, 2009 at 1:17 pm

    “Rumour has it that this happened inspite of misgivings from Syed Husin Ali, Sivarasa ,Tian Chua, Xavier Jeyakumar, Manickavasagam and Latifah Koyah about the choice.”

    Very fishy indeed!

    “Help win the seat… THEN whack Anwar & PR til the cows come home…. then whack some more!!”

    Right on!

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Anak Malaysia, LOVES Malaysia... in protest!! Get rid of the assholes currently running Malaysia Inc.!!

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A darkConscience on the deCadent state of affairs..

This blog promises strong opinions, which with my limited vocabulary, can often only be articulated in coarse words of different languages… Reader discretion is advised.... If u choose to read... and feel offended or cannot handle it... my apologies... Now... suck it up! or get d fuck outta here....

delCapo blogbegins…

... on d eve of Permatang Pauh's by election... ... on d eve of the most significant day in Malaysian recent history... ... which marks a sustained march towards a kicking out d useless, corrupted, lying, racist assholes running Malaysia Inc.
March 2009
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