Friday the 13th – news & state of nation


One piece of good news – Perak Speaker Sivakumar CAN indeed use his own lawyers!! So that Ridwan fellw IS indeed a bloody fool piece of shit who wasted everyone’s time & money. Woof! woof!!

The six “bloggers” charged… turned out (what it looks like) to be commentators on the Perak Sultan’s website….. poor guys… slapped for speaking their mind.

WTF!?!?!… they whacked the plaque at the Tree of Democracy in Ipoh too!!!…. Bloody sore losers thugs!!!

Anyone with any good nes pls feel free to wake me up from this nightmare on Fri the 13th….


Original Post:

Friday the 13th…. superstitious or not, people seems to take notice o the date.

Waking up this morning… delCapo felt a certain gloom…. maybe it’s because the rain came early today…. maybe it’s because of the news of of nation, no matter where u read…. is gloom.

What happened to the days of news which says “fireman helps to get the cat down from a tree” & “citizens cheers the arrival of PM & wife back from official trip”??

But you know what? Astro might not be working due to the rain…. but we don’t need TV no more!! Reality is soooo much more interesting… everyday new dramarama….

Summary of our Nation friday the 13th:

The economy is basically – SCREWED!… and we have no clue what the government can do… they don’t even know, or not telling us, the true numbers of how bad it is.

The so-called stimulus package presented by Finance Minister Najib has been greeted with (polite?) deafening general silence from the industries (even the stocks on KLSE had no apparent reaction)…. his distractors are saying it is no bloody good….

Survey says UMNO is corrupted….. err… tell us something we dun know, muthafucka =]

Lets look at the lawmakers……

In parliament – the Panther of Puchong Gobind Singh Deo’s gutsy performance vs the wannbe-PM-in-2-weeks’ cowardice…. sad, no? such tainted baggages he is carrying…. he has stopped defending himself… just wimpishly sits there quietly & then went home early with Rosie…. Can he sit quietly for another 2-3 weeks??? click here

Selangor State Assembly – Unlike Jibby the wimp, Khir Toyo “broke” under the pressure of PR government….. & threaten his state assembly colleague.. “Kau Jaga”….. ooohh!! Ya lah… UMNO Youth Chief-wannabe must be gangster a bit…. Moreover, the accusation was a $500,000 Range Rover given to his wife…. HELLO! they dun drive cheapo cars like that lah!!

Perak State – poor MB Nizar & now Speaker Sivakumar…. hammered & hammered by BN’s all out attacks – Royals, Police, thugs, his own state secretatriat staffs, judges, lawyers…. delCapo still cannot get the logic of him not being able to represent himself or choose his own lawyers & foced to use a bunch of scumbags who are against him!?!?!

delcapo depends on 3 of the best legal brains around for reference on this – Loyar BurokArt Harun & Malik Imtiaz

Speaking of court houses….

Since last nite… news that 6 bloggers shall be charged in court over their alleged statements/posts agaisnt the Sultan of Perak…. a bit worried about my fellow bloggers….

poor Sabahans…. robbed off justice again!!! DemoCRAPcy at it’s best…. Pensiangan, which is meant to have a By-Election, now got their decision overtuerned by the Federal court…. THREE DAYS before deadline… by Justice Nik Hashim…. that now infamous justice who is errrr…. lets just say woof woof!! Augustine Paul’s brother indeed!

Teresa Kok, after a brilliant scoop, has gone on the offensive to sue. You go St TERESA!!!

Norza & Azalina facing charges on Money Politics….. errr… 09 December 2008 Home Minister the Botak, in an interview…

  • YB: What corruption are you talking about? There is no corruption in Umno.
  • MT: But the mainstream media has been reporting the many complaints of money politics.
  • YB: That is money politics, not corruption.
  • MT: Is there a difference?
  • YB: Of course there is. Corruption is when you pay to get something. Money politics is not corruption.
  • MT: What would you call money politics then?
  • YB: Money politics is……..well, money politics.
  • MT: And that is not corruption?
  • YB: Of course not.

So why start roasting Norza & Azalina now?? Are they on the wrong side of the game??…. maybe Botak can explain further & entertain us…hahahahaha

The IGP & AG has also been cleared of any wrong doings in the “Anwar Black Eye” case….how nice!!

ok. Perfect timing to settle this, no? These 2 are key players in the upcoming weeks for BN,  in particular Jibby in his quest to stop shitting bricks & can confortablly sit on UMNO’s throne….

More than ever…. ALL the latest developments smell of the shitty games in our Nation’s political arena…. in recent days, as the tension rise & the urgency kicked in…. all the players are not even hiding them anymore…. just charging thru blatantly.

It used to be easy to spot…. a BN plot, or an opposition plot.

Now?… so many bloody sides…. Jibby’s team, loosely attached to the Dr M team, to Khir Toyo’s movements, PakLah/KJ/4th floor moves, MCA team A/B/C/D, MIC jokes, Gerakan/PPP (who???) … hard to figure who the rest of the 2nd string (IGP, AG, Mat taib, Ali Rustam, Muyiddin etc…) lies too….. hell, we haven’t even mentioned Anwar & PR yet….

Who needs Astro & TV???

1 Response to “Friday the 13th – news & state of nation”

  1. 1 Mils
    March 13, 2009 at 8:38 pm

    Just to proof that those buggers are bunch of CROOCK!! (Crook + Cock)

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