PJ “Vigil” 220209 – a nice change…

The “normal” PJ Candle-light vigil took a step of evolution this week…..

Thanks to Aloysious’ organisation.. the group met in Lotus’ private funtion room…. so we can proceed with our agenda & discussions without being hindered by the issue of “legality in assembly”.

No folks, we have not given upthe fight to freely assemble peacefully…. that agenda shall be addressed along the way.

On this night… practicality came first….

What we managed to do in taking this step?

  • 50 people gathered peacfully to discuss various issues.
  • The PJ Police got an early night off.
  • Brothers SBs had an easier evening of work to report back =]
  • Prayers for RPK… for justice & freedom.
  • We managed to revisit The People’s Declaration and the meaning of Anak Bangsa Malaysia.
  • We concurred with Jaya that one of the first & MOST important work for us is to push for voters registration.
  • We heard that the agenda for Anak Bangsa Malaysia includes No to ISA & replace it with a well written XXX Bill (e.g Anti Terrorrism). We now have the resources & oppotunity to take it beyond PJ’s MBPJ tarmac & Lotus restaurant.

Kudos to all the speakers –  Haris, Richard, Peter, Jaya, Melvin, James, the nice lady who (hopefully) will not give up on her other ethnic friends, the nice gentleman who believes in pushing for better environmental awareness…. and last but not least, Eli Wong’s supporter who joined in to rally support for her plight.

Kudos to ALL who showed up…. we shall continue our discussions… lets bring more friends next week.

Read more on Sunny’s Dawning eyes

Pix within…. SBotting included =]


3 Responses to “PJ “Vigil” 220209 – a nice change…”

  1. 1 chong
    February 23, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    rakyat power!!!

    welldone btw.

  2. 2 biggun129
    February 23, 2009 at 7:18 pm

    Not bad, at least I dont have to worry about the RM2,000/-that I maintained in my Saving Book, finally we have a shelter to voice up!Great Job!More will be joining next week!

  3. 3 flyer168
    February 24, 2009 at 12:00 am

    Thanks for the report Danny & Congratulations Aloysious for the organisation to set out the next phase for that Sunday “Awareness Cultural Shows” to move forward.


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