Malaysiakini – CPO Khalid “We acted to save under-aged cyclists”

So JERIT has been exploiting the young riders, uh?… their parents & they themselves have no clue what they have been doing…. The police have saved the kids!!!!!

Well… according to the CPO Khalid Abu Bakar anyway.

Well well ….. the operations did require CPO Khalid’s personal touch to be in Rawang last nite … must be a big case, uh?

Well well well…. wonder what the public, the JERIT members, the kids’ parents are complaining about…. such ungrateful people, uh CPO???

Maybe it’s because you have a track record of blatant lies after blatant lies??  Remember your failed performances in the past??…. reminders here, here, here, here, here

Maybe it’s because you still treat the rakyat like idiots whom u can spin a story to, after u have carried out the inhumane orders of your masters???

The people’s got news for you, CPO Khalid…. WE DON”T BUY YOUR SHIT!!!! STOP LYING!!! STOP THE ABUSES AND HARRASSMENTS!!!

Who’s in charge here?? Please get rid of this liar as soon as possible…

Full text from Malaysiakini below + JERIT’s statement of reply…. you judge for yourselves, people…

CPO’s Spin

The police stopped a team of more than 50 riders in Jerit’s ‘Ride for Change’ campaign in Rawang yesterday in order to “save under-aged cyclists” from being exploited.

“We detained them for (taking part in an) illegal procession. Later when we checked their details, 28 were found to be under the age of 18…clearly this violates the Child Act as some are only 15 years old,” said Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar.

khalid abu bakar selangor cpo“When giving their statements, these children said they did not know why they were asked to participate in the cycling event,” he told reporters at the Rawang police station last night.

“As for the children, we have actually saved them from being misused and exploited by irresponsible people… we did not arrest them.”

He also said the police had contacted their parents to take them home and would investigate whether the children had received permission to take part in the event.

Another 29 cyclists were arrested and investigated under the Police Act for illegal procession, and under the Child Act for abusing children.

jerit ride for change rawang police protest 161208 01Among them were Rawang assemblywoman Gan Pei Nie of PKR and Sungai Siput member of Parliament Dr D Jeyakumar of PSM (photo: with loudhailer).

Khalid also told reporters that the teenagers were confused about the purpose of the expedition.

“We will call their parents to take them (home). We will also call the child service unit to discuss details of returning the children to their parents.”

‘No permit issued’

Khalid said Gan had not applied for a permit to allow the cyclists to ride pass through Rawang, denying her claim that she had reached a verbal understanding with the Rawang police chief.

jerit ride for change rawang police protest 161208 11Khalid dismissed this, saying “there is no such thing as a verbal agreement”.

“Permits must be written. I was informed by the police chief that no application was made,” he added.

The teenagers were kept at the Rawang police station overnight, and are expected to be released to their parents today.

Those detained – including Gan and Jeyakumar – were released at about 3am. They however remained with the younger cyclists.

The nationwide cycling campaign, organised by the Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas (Jerit), is on the final leg of a 16-day nationwide journey.

The campaign has seen much drama over the days with arrests and roadblocks. Several bicycles were torched by arsonists.

jerit ride for change rawang police protest 161208 03Two teams of cyclists had begun the journey simultaneously from Kedah and Johor on Dec 3 to raise public awareness of issues like food shortage, environmental problems, draconian laws and the impending economic crisis.

The riders are scheduled to reach Kuala Lumpur on Thursday to submit a memorandum to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim at Parliament House.

Jerit has accused the police of harassment and submitted a memorandum to the Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) on the matter.

Police acts condemned

PSM in a strongly-worded statement today condemned the “arrest, harassment, intimidation, humiliation and ill-treatment of the cyclists and activists”.

arutchelvan psm interview 010208 pan“The police stooped low today when they claimed that the children were exploited”, he said, also condemning the use of the Police Act and Child Act to start investigations.

“This is utter rubbish coming from the police force, which has long lost its credibility,” said PSM secretary-general S Arutchelvan.
He added that all the young cyclists had obtained parental consent.

JERIT’s Statement:


Today the Selangor CPO claimed that he has saved the children from irresponsible people who are exploiting them and misusing them. And that when the children were asked why they are cycling, they did not know. This statement by the CPO is a blatant lie and misleading the public on the actual situation.

  1. The claim of the Selangor CPO about saving the children was a lie as the below 18 years old cyclists have parental consent to take part in this cycling campaign. The children actually refused to say anything to the police officers as they did not want cooperate with the police as they are being detained illegally. The children were also were questioned by police whether they were paid to do this. What is the police trying to proof with these kind of questions?
  2. JERIT has been responsible in taking care of the cyclists’ welfare since day one. We are not like the CPO who let the children get wet in the rain and then when they tried to find shelter he sent the Light Strike Force to threaten them and intimidate them. They were not given food until 11pm at night and after so much of pressure then only they were give food.
  3. The CPO also put the children in the car park and put a yellow tape around them, not allowing them to move around. The children were technically under arrest. Is this how you treat children? Is this how the CPO claims that he is saving the children?
  4. The CPO forgot to mention that the children were arrested without the presence of the Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat and the officers from JKM arrived very late at night, As children are not supposed be kept overnight in the police station, but the police kept them there the whole night. How is that for breaking laws?
  5. The children also refused to budge to welfare homes as they prefer to be arrested with the JERIT organizers, where some of them were also parents of the under 18 cyclists. The cyclists felt safe with the JERIT organizers rather than with police who continued to intimidate and harass them.
  6. Today when the parents arrived in the Police Station, they were not allowed in, and then police insisted on taking statement from each parent before releasing their children. Isn’t this a violation? Why do the parents need to give statement? The parents protested and refused to give statement to police and demanded for their children. The police were causing more trauma and agony to the parents of the children.

JERIT strongly condemns the unlawful action by the Selangor CPO. His actions were inhumane and violated the rights of JERIT cyclists. His statement about saving the children does not fit as he cause a lot of agony and mental torture for the cyclists.

JERIT sternly asks the police to stop the harassment and intimidation of the JERIT cycling team. The police must be neutral and look after the rights of the people and not violate them . The police should not take political sides and do the biddings of the political masters.

JERIT’s campaign is a safe campaign done to highlight the aspiration of the people. So stop lying and harassing the cyclists.


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