PJ Candle Vigil 8.5

PJ holds the candle vigil for the 9th time… well, 8.5 according to delCapo…. the 0.5 is “specially” dedicated to 091108.

Anti-ISA has been the current cause…

The bigger picture? IT’s about spreading the message and knowledge to all on Freedom, Civil Rights, People Power, Suara Rakyat, Bangsa Malaysia, Makkal Sakthi …. . it’s about sending a message to the leaders (BN or PR) that the rakyat’s voices cannot be ignored…. it’s about Malaysia for Malaysians, by Malaysians…

Great coverage of the night on STEETS … well done Lita!! also by Rakyat@Work, ShanghaiFishEve, My thought My World & Paradise Storm

Good to see everyone who showed up despite the long weekend…. new faces, the young ones… RPK & the old crew… & a little pleasant surprise – Matthais Chang =]

delCapo forgot the good camera… some pix of lights & a few interesting faces on this night nevertheless, taken with the old mobile…

On the otherhand…. AnilNetto reports a bunch of FREDDOM RIDERS reaching safely to Kamunting…. delCapo *Salutes* you guys!!!!!!!!!! take care out there…. “they” dun like cyclists much these days…

pix from AnilNetto

4 Responses to “PJ Candle Vigil 8.5”

  1. 1 Michal
    December 8, 2008 at 7:20 pm

    I honour all of your feelings, courage, humanity etc. Its a pity I missed the candle light vigil @ PJ over the last 3 weeks. I shed a tear for the lack-lustre attitude of all Malaysians who prefer to warm their chairs in front of the TV sets. They are waiting hopefully for the day when they can reap the fruits of freedom through your guts.


  2. December 9, 2008 at 7:28 am

    It was very interesting to esteem about it

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