Malaysiakini: Vwaishhnnavi and mum freed, 10 in court

Malaysiakini reports & updates here.

delCapo just wanna say this – you muthafuckas are SICK, SICK SICK!!!

She’s 6 years old…. delivering what she believed was a Deepavali invite to the leader of her country!!! You detained her overnite????

How much damage could have been done if you had accepted her gesture of goodwill (even though you might be totally irritated) & then send her home???

How much damage?!?!?!?! versus trying to erase the image of detention off this little angel’s memory for doing something pure!!!!!!!!!

this is just so fucked up…..

to Hindraf leaders…. in light of knowing what these sick bastards won’t stop at doing…. pls spare a thought before sending anymore kids in front…. really…. not asking you to back down from the fight…. but children’s mental health are NOT fucken worth the risk, uh??

from Mobs Crib

from Mob's Crib


5 Responses to “Malaysiakini: Vwaishhnnavi and mum freed, 10 in court”

  1. 1 Mad Scientist
    October 24, 2008 at 4:49 pm

    How did this numbskull creature called ‘hoemister’ get past the quality control? Watch out it’s gone beserk!

  2. 2 frustrated
    October 25, 2008 at 1:09 am

    why cant malaysians see the true lies of hindraf… they are manipulating word after word…
    first the leader says they fighting for the poor and their rights… and then wants equal rights..
    yesterday its leader in exile say.. they just want to worship in peace….

    this hindraf is bullshit, using kids as a human shield ,… shame on her mother the adults who made use of the little kid…

  3. 3 frustrated indian
    October 25, 2008 at 1:38 am

    HIndraf is irrelevant to indians… its looks like they are causing so much hate and malice… if our present leaders have been accused of lies and oppressing its citizens, what abt Hindraf leader’s claim on genocide and ethnic cleansing?? why did he go all the way to india to bring bad name to our country.. why did he have to lie abt the way things are in malaysia.. and now why is the so-called waythamoorthy enjoying his bloody life in london while putting hiw wife and children through trauma??? why is this waythamoorty so silent on india’s oppression of christians?? after all he went all the way there to complain of oppression of indians in malaysia?? double standards ????

    so much money have spent on their lousy campaign when all the fund could be used to help an indian family out of poverty.. but like always people will not listen to sound reasoning… they will follow their emotions…

    try to think… US & the world intervened in Bosnia, rwanda, south africa, kosovo… but why do none of the world leaders give any attention on Hindraf’s “call for help”.. simple… because they know its not true…

    The fact is… our govt is not perfect… but so is Hindraf… Therefore please please dont turn this morons into heroes… it only happens in tamil movies…
    If you learn the facts, u will know that this hindraf bunch are just using people and the people’s emotions for their own purpose…

    imagine what would happen if one this so-called morons become the leaders of our nations…. oh boy.. God help us…

  4. 4 R.Prem Kumar
    October 25, 2008 at 2:37 am

    I respect the Police Force of Malaysia. In any establishment, there are the usual black sheep but the majority do their bit to allow us to live in the condition we are, without the unlawful aggression by criminals. In this light, I am confident that the executive has misdirected itself in under-estimating the intelligence of the echelon of the Police Dept. By virtue of their uniform, they are under no other prerogative but to serve the government of the day. But then the police officer is also human. To be (mis)used in this manner, goes against the fibre of their conscience. Imagine their feelings when directed to deprive a little girl’s freedom and leave scars on her tender mind. Police Officers have children too. This little girl is not seeking to marry an aspiring future Prime Minister! Unlike the dynasty that we see at present. She is a daughter who wants to be with her father; with her parents and her family as a whole. But I am confident that she is going to be on the winning side of the mind. Such tribulations will garner her an understanding that freedom comes with a price. That price is paid by her family. She, is, a heroine.

  5. 5 delcapo
    October 25, 2008 at 8:43 pm

    i appreciate all the comments here… we are not here to agree or disagree.
    The thing is… Hindraf stands for what they believe in… delCapo just hope common sense prevails when it comes to kids… i just cannot see how a 6 year old detained overnite can do any good thats worth “the price”

    again… opinions opinions…

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