pak lah has a true talent….

 delCapo has been trying to digest the latest at UMNO Hill, in particular AABzzz (last?) Flip Flop (or maybe i should get a life as this mite be a fucken waste of time anyway)….

Previously, we thought it was gonna be very interesting if AABzzz stays & contests to be the UMNO No.1 again, as many like Ali Rustam & Zahid had stepped forward to say they want to be No.2… that would make it very crowded at the top comes March’s UMNO Elections…..

The other question is now relevant again – Will Ku Li still contest now that the opponent is Najib??

All this is, of course, nothwithstanding Pakatan Rakyat taking over the goverment …. I do not think the UMNO elections will be as exciting if it’s an opposition party…. most of the fellas will probably have fled the country anyway =]

Back to the subject of AABzzz… Farish A. Noor wrote something that hits the spot

 From The Other Malaysia

Rest in Peace, Islam Hadari
Written by Farish A. Noor
Wednesday, 08 October 2008
Observers of Malaysian politics both at home and abroad have already begun to write the political obituary of the country’s embattled Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. While the global economy goes into a tailspin and markets across Asia tumble on an hourly basis, Malaysians seem more engrossed in the country’s on-going political drama that has turned into a comical farce of near-epic proportions: The fate of Prime Minister Badawi hangs in the balance as rival contenders for the coveted post of leader of the UMNO party and Prime Minister of Malaysia come to the fore, ranging from his current deputy Najib Razak to even veterans like Tengku Razaleigh whom many had written off years ago.

To be sure, the immediate verdict on Badawi’s period of rule will not be a pleasant one. The picture that is being painted at the moment is that of a less-than-rosy canvas, and the list of Badawi’s failings is as long as it is impressive. The man who started with such promise, and who promised so much to the electorate, may well end up in the history books of Malaysia as the one who lost it all.

When he came to power in 2004 Badawi scored the highest mandate in the history of Malaysian politics. Not a single leader before him, not even the country’s founding father Tunku Abdul Rahman or Mahathir Mohamad, had ever managed to win such a huge share of the public’s votes. Yet following the elections of March 2008, he has earned himself yet another honour, this time being the leader who lost the most votes, seats and state assemblies in the history of Malaysia.

Many will can me for saying this – But does this mean that Tun Dr Mahathir has been right all along?? Allow me to explain.

 We all know why AABzzz was chosen by TDM to take over… not for his lack of strengths & intellect…. BUT simply because AABzzz was the right choice to neutralise the hostility TDM had created amongs the voters….. AABzzz was deemed as “mr Clean” & “Nice Guy” and had supposed Islamic credentials….. He was the choice to gurantee an UMNO & BN vitory in 2004.

Now…. TDM had been AABzzz biggest pain in the ass since then… no single louder voice calls for AABzzz to step down. Claims of gentlemen agreement that AABzzz promised to step down after 1 term etc….

Yes, of course there are many other reasons…. but could it be TDM knew the lack of strengths in AABzzz will show soon enough?…. and he predicted that shit will hit the fan with such a weak leader NOT in control of  such an  insatiable bunch of  UMNO Warlords + packs young hungry wolves around AABzzz….

True enough…. 2008 elections was a disaster…. the Warlords & Wolves are out of control…. the “empire” has seen the rise of their biggest threats EVER in DSAI-le Pakatan Rakyat… & most of all the will of !!!PEOPLE POWER!!! is so strong against BN that none of their propoganda machinery works anymore.

So what has AABzzz left as a legacy? Farish has mentioned the 2 records he holds…. I think he is the only PM who got married while in office

delCapo reckons AABzz should write scripts for local soap drama after March….. he has a true talent for prolonging dramas…hahahahahah!!!

here’s just one latest example…

Exerps from malaysiakini

bn supreme council abdullah announcement 081008 03Will you be stepping down as prime minister?

Well, at some point I have to hand over to my successor.

Who is your successor?

I hope it is Najib. Why do I say hope? Najib has to stand for Umno elections first. Once he wins the elections and becomes party president then we will discuss about it (the power transfer).

What do you feel about being forced out?

You ask them whether or not they forced me out.

You see??

He is not letting Najib sleep easy yet, is he?… excellent talent for dragging it just a bit more…….

delCapo is loving it!!!


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