916 – summary… i’m still burning candles !!

The day started with much anticipation & hope… fresh from the Kelana Jaya Stadium gathering of over 25,000 people…

Zaid Ibrahim continued to walk the talk by reconfirming his resignation from cabinet & keeping an “open mind” about quitting UMNO altogether & joining PR…. *Clap*Clap*

AABzzz & Najib made seperate, desperate & feeble attempts to down play 916…. continue to mock DSAI & PR saying they are bluffing & BN is still in full control…. blah blah blah…. who gives a fuck!?!?!

Follwing Teresa Kok’s parents’ visit the day b4…. Madam Marina got to see RPK at Bkt Aman… we all learn that RPK is not well…. lack of sleep & food… being harrased regularly…. “mental torture”… message to the Rakyat “Take Over the govenment TODAY!”…. goddamit! we all want THAT!!!!

All eyes on DSAI & PR when a press conference in the afternoon……

Ok… so he repeated again & again “We Have The Numbers…. more than enough”….. not making the names public to protect them (fair enuff)… seeking a meeting with AABzzz to show hand & ask him when BN is willing to face the truth & give way (ermmm….. sounds fair but i hardly think they will, actually)…. worse case if AABzzz refuses…. seek an audience with the Agong…. timeline: a Malaysian rubber time of “a few days”… ALL in the name of a peaceful transition, democracy… for the Rakyat’s sake

Erhem…. my opinion is…. to be honest… i expected hired guns & assasination attempts at DSAI & the Lims by now…. so why dun u guys just fucken do it!!! I dun expect any peace from the BN assholes anyway….. but thats just me, one who reads too much fiction & immune to graphic violence on screen.

awrite…. so PK appears to have a plan…. a little wimpy but maybe it’s for the best…. 916 marks the beginning… blah blah blah….

So we wait…. for the sharpest & quickest politician in history of Malaysia Politics to respond…..

AND he actually did!!!!! http://mt.m2day.org/2008/content/view/12781/84/

AABzzz want DSAI to show hand…. but in public before meeting him…. otherwise, no meeting!!! Some minnows BN fellas started echoing their bosses statement… nothing new there… they r practising their satay skills… may need it when they r on the fucken streets soon =]

Either this AABzzz got some kick ass unorthodox & mercurial political brain on him, or brains behind him & is cooking up a great counter-attack plans…. or he just plain dun fucken get it (or didn’t read or get briefed at all)…

Orang kata “meet u & show u so u can decide what to do” lah, LAH!!!! or else will fuck u over in a few days by going public & meet the King to kick you ass out anyway…. they are not really asking… they are TELLING u, for your own good… MEET THEM!!!! … oh no… u rather play this mexican stand-off and think u very clever issit??…. or your SIL & other “advisers”: r busy packing their mountain of cash out of the country & leave u to response like a fucken bodoh???

So the day ends….. not much progress…. a little anti climax actually on the much hyped 916…. thx to DSAI’s big hype & then cautious approach… followed by AABzzz usual “fullstop” style…. stalled the whole program.

Part of my darkConscience is thiking they are all in this together… yes, the whole fucken lot of them…. just to prolong the bloody sitcom… pospone the ending…. distract us from the daily problems of high fuel price (WHY HASN”T IT COME DOWN??), high expenses, lowest market spending in years… people with no money for Raya… etc etc…

Most of all…. my heart goes out to RPK, Teresa & the rest of the ISA detainees & their loved ones…. they would have been given hope that 916 would mark them seeing, smelling, kissing freedom again….

Susan Loone asked last nite “Are we waking up to a new govt tomorrow?” (http://sloone.wordpress.com/2008/09/15/are-we-waking-up-to-a-new-govt-tomorrow/)

I’m still hoping…. i’m still burning wax…..


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