Big Bang Experiment…. launched!

Stumble upon the “live” launch of this so-called “Big Bang” experiment on BBC…. a project 20 year in the making & costing over 5 billions pounds!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/7604293.stm

“]who says they cant make it pretty too =]

who says they can't make it pretty too =

They are recreating the “big Bang”, the supposingly start of the Universe 13 billion years ago….. to find scientific answers & new Physics… also something called “God particle” as well (aka Higgs boson is a controversial particle believed to bestow mass on all other particles. )… and whatever we still dun know about which may help scientific advancements (i tot we have been doing quite ok…. but i guess never enuff, uh?)
the experiments circuit

the experiment's "circuit"

“It is designed to smash protons – one of the building blocks of matter – into each other with energies up to seven times greater than any achieved before.

In the flashes from the collisions, scientists expect to reproduce conditions that existed during the first billionth of a second after the Big Bang at the birth of the universe.

No one knows precisely what will come tumbling out of the primordial soup of disintegrating protons.

But the scientists have dismissed suggestions that the experiment could somehow cause the end of the world.

The LHC could help scientists explain mass, gravity, mysterious “dark matter” and why the universe looks the way it does.

It could also produce the first evidence of extra spatial dimensions and even create mini-black holes that blink in and out of existence in a fraction of a second. ” – The Independent

27 km tunnels, hundreds of metres below ground… -200 degrees temperatures… shooting protons & guiding them to collide at speed of light.. it’s science gig’s adrenaline at highest order…fucken yeah!!

“]Their F1 starts... smaller cars at higher speed =]

Their "F1" starts... smaller cars at higher speed =

May finally win Stephen Hawking a noble prize…. but he must be proven right first, including that there won’t be black holes appearing to suck us all in!!!… hahahahaha….

we’ll see………


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