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Che would be 85 today

At the risk at seeming ridiculous let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love quote-revolution-in-history-is-like-the-doctor-assisting-at-the-birth-of-a-new-life-who-will-not-use-che-guevara-234140 S471_TheTrueRevolutionaryIsGuidedByFeelingsOfLove


45 years on – spirit of Che

I am not a liberator. Liberators do not exist. The people liberate themselves“- Che Guevara, 1958



Revolution by Occupation

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Fahmi Reza has started our version of Tahrir Square, Cairo. Puerta del Sol Square, Madrid. Syntagma Square, Athens… follow #OccupyDataran on Twitter and on Facebook.

Here’s the latest of inspirations from an unlikely source – Tel Aviv, Israel.

I’ve always said I’ve got no issues with Jews or even Israelis… just the damn government.

The “Tent Demonstration” of Tel Aviv shows PEOPLE POWER last Saturday!!

More coverage here and here.

Check out the latest “Revolution by Occupation”

and this is a fucken funny clip to put the shoe into Israeli PM’s mouth.


#SpanishRevolution #nolesvotes

#Bersih2 is not alone... #SpanishRevolution is happening too…. and a damn happening one, by the look of things.

With Taglines like  “no somos mercancía en manos de políticos y banqueros” (“We are people, not commodities in the hands of politicians and bankers” by Democracia Real Ya (DRY), one of the sparks that ignited the revolution…. what about the group #nolesvotes (don’t vote for them), who provided free internet access at their seatings.

With characteristics like being a coalition of different movements…. led by the youths…. being heterogeneous, covering all age ranges, professions and social classes…. utilising blogs, social media, internet and mobile networks… calling for unity against corruption, corrupted politicians… the main M15 rallybeing supported by other cities in Spain and the world…. there are definitely some parallels there.

Wow…. #SpainishRevolution even had their own TV Station… #Bersih2, #BersihStories or #Generation709 can excahnge some notes with them =]





A great example of Women Power and People Power

25 years ago, The People Power Revolution aka Yellow Revolution changed The Philippines and brought in Cory Aquino as their first woman President.

A lot has happened since.

Today, the will of the people in Thailand prevailed and Yingluck Shinawatra has been elected as their first female Prime Minister.



Brazil did it last year.

Singapore had an election when the people was given a chance, for the first time, to a strong opposition in government. They got it. A strong woman, Hazel Poa, in the thick of it. 

One can argue the  examples above happened under very different circumstances and in vastly different environments.

But you know what?

3 undeniable common facts:

  • All 4 leaders are pro-reform, pro-social policies. No, they are NOT fanatics or the kind of “communists” Rais Yatim is painting our PSM.
  • The long overdue acknowledgement of Women Power !
  • People Power cannot be denied.

Bersih 2.0, GE 13….. Najib / BN / UMNO… your call… i’m sure APCO has done their work =]



Peaceful mass crowd, road closure for a few hours in KL. What’s the problem?

Would like to hereby point the attention of the Home Ministry and PDRM’s rank and file to 2 (of many) events in KL that involve

  • Mass public crowd (many wearing same event-related t-shirts and outfits),
  • Road closures
  • PDRM officers very effectively perform traffic control and ensure crowd and participants safety.


1) Standard Chartered Bank’s Annual KL Marathon


2) Le Tour De Langkawi


So… Home Minister and IGP… what’s the problem with this?

Peaceful crowd gathering and walking from 3 predetermined locations, on pre-determined routes to one destination (The Palace).

With good coordination with the Bersih ushers and the usual good traffic control and crowd safety measure by the PDRM officers, this will be smooth and painless… over  within 2 hours.

Again… what’s the problem?

Why must arrest  people, raid offices, hassle  public figures with interrogation 2 weeks before the event??

Why not spend time coordinating the damn thing??


Revolution 2.0 by Yellow Mellow

A vid inspired… from the USA to Middle East…


Najib looks to bring in the army… how will Bersih 2.0’s yellow revolution turn out?


youtube vids for Bersih 2.0


Welcome UMNO Youth and Perkasa to join Bersih 2.0. pls update all police reports

click to join Bersih 2.0 Facebook page

There’s a countdown frame at Bersih 2.0’s website. Countdown to 9 July 2011, the rakyat’s next Walk for Justice – true democracy, human rights, clean and fair elections, auto voters registration etc..

That’s what we will be PEACEFULLY walking for.

Now we have been hearing that Khairy’s UMNO Youth and Ibrahim Ali’s (well, Dr M’s) Perkasa also going to march on the same day.

Farida ( “Madam” for me and should be for all of you) wrote a great piece on Malaysiakini and said “send in the clowns”. hehehehe… nice.

delCapo would like to say to KJ and Ibrahim’s boys – WELCOME!!! For whatever reasons, right or wrong… you are welcomed to join the peaceful march!! The more the merrier.

Just a reminder (in case what Zorro posted is true about IQ and speed), we will be walking for  justice,  true democracy, human rights, clean and fair elections, auto voters registration etc… 

Wadabout your lots, KJ and Ibrahim?

If you are on the same page…. very cool!!

If you are not, and is marching AGAINST Bersih 2.0’s stands… not cool… but GREAT!! Let it be known once and for all 2 facts you guys always say opposition, NGOs and civil societies speculate and gossip about:

  1.  UMNO and Perkasa are not really strangers, are you? So don’t be shy anymore… hold hands like real family or lovers or whatever.
  2. You guys are anti-democracy and everything Bersih 2.0 and civil societies stand for. That’s your true political stand and manifesto!

Only if you are not on the same page as our objectives of the peaceful march, of course… if you are… as siad before… cool.

So either way… once again… WELCOME!!!!! Just don’t come and try create Mayhem or May 13 2.0 or whatever.

See you on 9 July 2011, ya… Marching is towards the CURRENT palace, ya.. not the multi-billion ringgit one you lots have been pretend building at Jalan Duta but actually using it to celup $$ .

Oh ya.. by the way… all those hundreds that have made police reports, including UMNO Youth (errr KJ, how ah?), Puteri UMNO (hey KJ, aren’t they your skirts?), PERTEKMA (taxi Nazri’s goldminers) …. please give a call to Dep IGP Khalid and ask to update your reports to include UMNO Youth and Perkasa, ok?

Must be comprehensive mah… so later no need to take 10 years to investigate who, where, what and all….





LKY’s gifts

Forget about the Sarawak elections for a moment…. There’s something going on in another Malaysia federation partner that is definitely taking up Najib’s “why I should or should not call GE13 soon” dilemma. We know Jibby boy likes looking south in more ways than most people know… but Singapore’s GE is definitely giving him the shits.

Why? Well, thank Lee Kuan Yew (LKY).

People like to compare Dr M with LKY… truth is… there are similarities that cannot be denied. Just different in styles – Dr M blogs and fires shots from his hip… LKY gribs balls and bulldoze constitutional reforms… but BOTH have a degree of distrust towards their successors – the “Mr Nice Guys” (Goh “choky” Tong and sleepy Pak Lah) and the “by birth rights” Hisen Loong and Najib.

However, LKY’s actions are often deemed as gifts to his nation… well Dr M’s are harder to swallow, especially when a modern man like him now stands shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali.

LKY, before stepping down as PM in 1990, made sure Choky will lead the passing of a constitutional amendment to make the role of President an elected one. That gave the SEP (Singapore Elected President) power to veto anything funny his PAP successor were to try pull off.

Last year, now in his last years on earth (not cursing the old boy but just being realistic), a PAP dominated parliament increased the new Parliament seat (post 2011 elections) to have more seats – 87 elected (from 82), 9 Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP), and 9 Non-Constituency Members of Parliament (NCMPs) . That’s a volunteered increase of opposition voices in the Parliament, including the most popular losing opposition candidates.

That’s not all..

Anyone watched/read the Singapore MSM lately? Check Straits Times and ChannelNewsAsia. Amazing, unprecedented sudden fairness of coverage of the opposition parties ! NST, Star, MediaPrima, Utusan… you bastards better take some notes.

Anti-government blogs like Temasek Review have been also allowed to stay alive and hot debates allowed on social media.

What is the result?

Some of the most credible personalities have joined/formed opposition in Singapore and stand a damn good chance… Talks of the foreign minister George Yeo losing at Aljunied, talks of up to 15, 20 seats to go to opposition…. some even dream of denying PAP 2/3rd majority (unthinkable in Singapore).

This can be credited to the way the world is today… spirit of revolution is in the air. This can be credited to the rise of people’s dissent towards some genuine social and economical  issues in Singapore.

But can take more credits than LKY himself. Yes. He engineered this and it’s his gift to Singapore to make sure his own party, PAP, will be put in check by what he calls “Opposition in-training” after he is gone.

Nice gifts, LKY… and guess who are your (maybe) unintended recipients?

Why, LKY, WHy???

Imagine… in a year when Najib’s UMNO and BN wants to call an election… and is already extremely lack of confidence due to the in-fighting within UMNO, the continued loss of support for other BN parties like MCA, MIC, PPP, Gerakan…. the recent loss in popularity votes in Sarawak….. the last thing they need is the usually “PAP wins all” Singapore to start losing multitude of seats to opposition and make history down south….

If Singapore opposition wins more than 10 seats. LKY’s gift of engineering will succeed…. and i believe it’s a true gift towards democracy in Singapore…

This happening while Najib is deciding a good, or rather least worse time, to call Malaysia’s own GE.

Malaysians should eventually thank LKY for possibly putting a huge boost towards knocking BN out of government in the long run.

It’s still a long shot… but shorter than we think…

Can’t wait.


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