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Hey Aussie Aussie Aussie!!

My Aussie friends,

Look at this table.

Read this article by one of the most respected and honourable men in Malaysia Dr Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj

Many Australians have friends, relatives, lovers, business partners, clients, suppliers, vendors from countries like Malaysia…. strong economic and social ties and all.

Is this how a “big company” from Australia should conduct their business? Coming to our country, pull a few strings, pay-off a few people, go around a few rules, duct a few PR scares, create a few scams while still start the damn plant and poison our land, our water and generations of people to come in the name of profits!!

The Malaysian people have had countless protests and asked all the right questions while Lynas rank and file, our own muthafucking corrupted regime have been singing songs to, failing quite badly, cover things up instead of just coming clean and comply to logic and rules.

I think you Aussies should let Lynas hear it back home too!… if you have a heart for your friends over here…. WHACK THEM!!!

EVIL fights EVIL!! Come on!!

Oi… OI… OI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynas Corp share price chart.


Green battles

People Power is strong and good in Malaysia. Make no mistake about it – Civil societies, NGOs, NGIs fighting in the name of love for our rights, our land, our country.

There are a few green battles being fought – Against the Cyanide-using Australian gold mine in Raub, the Dialog-led RAPID crap in Pengerang, some nuclear ambitions Najib and Co have to line their ever thirsty wallets, and of course that Lynas plant in Kuantan by (again) an Australian company.

 Despite Bukit Merah, despite Fukushima… our fucked up politicians, their  business cronies + these fucked up foreign countries who thinks Malaysia is a dumping ground for shit they cannot do in their home soil are still pressing ahead with one project after another that brings nothing (not even good jobs and tax revenue) but environmental and health risk to our land and our people.

Well… we are not backing down, muthafuckas.

The latest is Himpunan Hijau‘s green walk from Kuantan to Putrajaya. It’s on now…. pls support them anyway you can!


If you have some spare change…. one of things to do is to whack that Lynas share price.
 WHACK IT!!! Make it slide!!

Lynas Share 6 month history. ATTACK!!





Keep your toxic shit to yourselves, Lynas and Mitsubishi !!

Last Sunday was a damn good outing at Maju Junction…. 3,000 strong and mostly young and energetic.


Kuantan had 15,000. Penang, Bukit Merah, KK had their crowds too.


The question is very simple:

- Where will the toxic soil be dumped after the good stuff have been extracted and $$ have been made??

In Malaysia?

Sorry… no fucken way… thank you… please take them ALL back…. better still… DON”T FUCKEN BRING THEM HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

In fact, Lynas…. get the fuck out of Malaysia and STAY the FUCK OUT!

And Misubishi… after the Bukit Merah fuck up back in the 80s, you have just bought into Lynas?

Mitsubishi – FUCK OFF TOO!!

This is our land… we don’t want your toxic shit.


Najib, Adnan Yaakob, Liow Tiong Lai and all you muthafucking pieces of shit who is backing Lynas and Mitsubishi as $$whores$$… i hope your asses start rotting and your dicks fall off once Lynas is in operations and destroying a generation of Malaysians’ lives.

This is NOT politics… this is life and lives are at stake.

I’ll let my homie Namewee finish you guys off here:


A dignified mainstream media company – BBC

Always fair and without fear.

When at fault – apologise.


Unlike the Malaysian MSM… lies and propaganda machinery of the evil and corrupted. PUI!!

Btw, all you mofos like APCO and FMC Media taking millions of the Rakyat’s money from Ah Jib gor and Pek Mor’s gang to make propaganda bullshit for them…  fuck you too!!!






Can you smell rats?

One keeps throwing spanners into his own state government (which he is a member of the exec council) – for kicks or the otherside?

One openly defends a useless frog from his own party.

One starts his OWN “independent” party using the name of his own people’s struggle…. and invites a VIP to his party launch, who represents the very same cause they have been struggle against.

PKR, PAS, the real Makkal Sakthi brothers, sisters…. here’s one way to remove moles…. WHAT R U WAITING FOR??


they wanna ban it – we spread it more!!!

Malaysiakini reports that Media Prima, the “UMNO” mainstream media machine which controls TV3, NTV7, TV8 and TV9 has banned certain footages of inside the 7May09 Perak Assembly.

Well… fuck you, Media Prima… the people deserves the truth.

delCapo will leave these ON here as long as I please and hope other blogs and media will do so too.


BN’s “new” Perak Exco – no $$Whores$$ but got snake beater

Malaysiakini reports on BN’s Perak Exco

First of all… they could not even get enough names… big joke!

Only 6 out of 10 were sworn in…. dunno why… waiting for more $$Whores$$ to jump over or some background arm wrestling to be completed.

Whatever…. lets look at who is in:

  • all 3 $$$WHORES$$ who jumped ship from PR didn’t make it so far…. well one is always on MC, one is now almost a fugetive with a warrant on his head, & the other one still cannot buy vegie from Jelapang markets…. does that mean Hee will NOT get her camry after all???? hahahaha
  • This one more interesting, Hamidah Osman famed for her the following:
  • Perak MCA Youth head Dr Mah Hang Soon, who kicked Ling liong Sik’s son ass in the MCA elections…. well… only chinese. no choice.
  • Dunno much about the rest… lets dig some more dirt =]

Quote of the Day – KJ shoots…

KJ aka SILNML (Son in law not much longer) was quoted in The Malaysian Insider when asked to comment about Bukit Gantang By Election:

Earlier today, Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin had said that the by-election would be a measure of people’s confidence.

“Before that, the BN government must prove that stability and confidence can be returned,” he said.

This is a guy FULL OF CONFIDENCE after rallying “Duitlah Tuanku” shouts with a “massive” 1,000 crowd of imported supporters.

Either he is talking out of his ass or he is trying, badly, to hint that Najib is fucking things up.

KJ… why dun you just take a gun & 2 bullets… shoot one at Najib & shoot the other  into your own foot???


Malaysiakini: By-election – NOT in Perak but in Kedah

Another late nite sms & echo-ed by Malaysiakini’s report.

” By election Bukit Selambau state seat, Kedah.Arumugam resigned due to tremendous pressure on him & his family to defect to BN. Confirmation later today”

If what is written is true… it means Arumugam has:

  • Been offered to be a $$WHORE$$, accept the $$ or harm will come to him & family…. typical “carrot & stick” BN-style “offer” …
  • Chose to “fuck it”…. resign & leave….
  • Keeps his dignity & hopefully, the safety of himself & his family.

The above is just a wild guess by delCapo…. but it fits.

Continue reading ‘Malaysiakini: By-election – NOT in Perak but in Kedah’


Perak – Nizar arrest & orchestra-ed unrest ??

delCapo hopes this is just a paranoia & will be the first to call myself a fucken idiot if nothing happens close to what is written in this post.

In a previous post, delCapo suggested some moves the Perak rakyat can do to keep up the support for Nizar & his team…. while keeping the pressure on the Sultan that they DO NOT want an in-coming BN State government…. The Sultan has erred, for whatever reasons.

No change… that stand holds. PEOPLE of PERAK must do their part.

Wear BLACK until they hear the rakyat’s voices & give the state back to you!!

A late nite sms came in – “Please advise your friend to avoid Ipoh on 09 Feb 09…. PAS is mobilising all their members to protect Nizar. The police may arrest him for Sedition. This means ISA”

Assuming this rumour is true….delCapo’s reactions:

1) A wise elder said this upon hearing about the sms “Ipoh should NOT be avoided on 09 Feb 09… all the more people should make it a point to go & support them!”. I couldn’t agree more. !!!PEOPLE POWER!!!

2) Thinking further & deeper….

  • what choice has Najib & BN have if the rakyat keep up the pressure on NOT wanting a BN government and demand for fresh elections?
  • What if the courts rule that the 3 $$WHORES$$ are no longer ligitimate aduns??
  • What if the Sultan has a change of heart & allow dissolution of state assembly??….
  • Najib cannot afford another round of elections…. let alone a sure loss!!….

The fear is that BN is trying to create unrest (by arresting Nizar)… & have a perfect excuse to declare a state of emergency in Perak…. & rule by martial law.

Damn  it will be 1969 again, 40 years on….. like father like son, no??

Have we NOT moved forward or have we just gostan????

Take heart, dear Perak…. protect Nizar by all means for he is indeed The Man…. but be cool…. do NOT let BN & their trogan horses create the unrest they wanna orchestra!


pic from Anil Netto

pic from Anil Netto


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