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Che would be 85 today

At the risk at seeming ridiculous let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love quote-revolution-in-history-is-like-the-doctor-assisting-at-the-birth-of-a-new-life-who-will-not-use-che-guevara-234140 S471_TheTrueRevolutionaryIsGuidedByFeelingsOfLove


history to be made..



Dirtiest week in Malaysian History??? part 2

The EC, true to form, has shown their fingers.. i mean, hands.

Bloody indelible ink – our $$$, millions spent… since 2008 (last minute cancelled) and now this rubbish!! 

Must shake what first before use?? Shake your lampar lah, pukimak!

EC muthefuckers will be one of the first to be chopped when we get a new government!!!!!!!!!

On the other hand… counter efforts are well in motion

Counter Measure #1 – Ghostbusters!! by the ABU gang…. TAHAN!!!!!!!!!!

Counter #2 – Truth behind May 13 by Ghaffar baba’s son – MUST WATCH!!

Counter move #3 – A well produced short film





45 years on – spirit of Che

I am not a liberator. Liberators do not exist. The people liberate themselves“- Che Guevara, 1958



Over 200k people in more than 70 cities – 1 was violent.

4 days on – all the blame game still on… whatever / whoever /whoever.

Truth is – If PM could be bothered (instead of getting a hairwash) to tell the idiot cousin home minister of his to not make it his personal circus and that muppet of a KL Mayor to just give 2 hours of Dataran to Bersih 3.0 KL in the first place, it would have been “Global Bersih all cities bersih”.


delCapo been watching and reading since running with the brave comrades on Saturday…

One that has really taken the words out of my heart is a talented young soul from Penang – Ksatriya.

We first got acquanted 2 years ago on the Bangkit project (His song entry captured below)

Read what he wrote about his Bersih story here “Should we still believe in Peaceful Protests?”

my man…..

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The “GE-13 in June 2012″ Script

Barisan Nasional should really start a spinoff company… call it BN Productions or whatever.

MIght as well make it official… with quite an impressive back catalogue already… from scripts to videos involving  Chua Soi Lek, Datuk T, Sodomy I & II, Eli Wong, VK Lingam (Sorry that’s a Low Family  independent release)… back in the days – remember D.P. Vijandran?

Anyway, apparently the hottest one to be put into reality production is something called “GE-13 in June 2012″ saga.


Ah Jib gor to be cornered and forced to captain his team to race in GE13 before he has gathered enough balls and his bubbly Rosie the hubby can buy enough handbags. The ship that he supposedly captains to fair no better than the previous. His right hand man, Mr Malay1st shall lead the pack to poke him and Rosie overboard into the ocean. In the midst, a certain Raja Cow Whistler to be ensured a match win and a rise in the ranks.

That’s what the DPM camp is gunning for anyway… and they are quite cock sure about it too…. more than anything.

Lets see if the production can run according to script… or will there be unexpected twists…

*rub hands*




quote of d day – Khir Toyo

Khir Toyo:
On the question of politics, I will answer after January 9,” he added in an apparent reference to the date of Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy verdict.

What he really did was confirm that our judiciary is not independent and but just a political tool.


Satu satu satu satu satu satu TIPU!

11.11.11 came and went… what do we have to show for satu satu satu satu?

Sharizat lembu tipu… KJ nak tolong cover, tapi  nampak macam belum cucu minum susu

Hajj pun boleh shortcut? Tipu?

Chef Wan’s son confirmed Masterchef tipu…

GE13 tak jadi lagi… Tipu? belum sampai waktu? or  takde kuku?

Satu Malaysia feels more like Sapu Malaysia or Tipu Malaysia…



Hey Khalid, what does “CS” stand for?

When we first heard that a certain Khalid Abu Bakar has been promoted to Deputy IGP, some of us had commented to each other that we are in for some ass-burning time ahead. Why? well… lets just say blogtivists, vigillers in Selangor area and this son of Ashburn are old “friends” from when he was CPO…. from the days of ISA candlelight vigils (it got so bad we had a petition to the Selangor Sultan to sack his ass) and  Jerit.

Now, Khalid’s performance related to Bersih 2.0 has not disappointed us… he was the one who by-passed his boss and announced “No More Talk” with the Bersih 2.0 organisers.

When faced with revelations that the police had used dangerous “CS” products on the rakyat during the Bersih 2.0 rally, his statement was ““… don’t create stories that we (police) used the CS (Combined Systems) gas or whatever. We don’t reach that level. Don’t create stories”

okok… first look at this picture… 

Now explain… what does the letters “CS” stand for? 




British Diplomacy or Coincidences?

Queen Elizabeth in more yellow than “Bersih” yellow with a room full of yellow flowers and furniture to match when meeting Najib and freshly multi-million dollar jewelled Rosmah?

Here are pix of the Queen’s past meetings with PMs and Presidents.

PM David Cameron NOT at the airport to meet the Malaysian delegates and now cancelling lunch with Najib? (check out his face in the picture… and this is one published by photoshop-happy NST)

Britain has one of the most sophisticated and longest history in diplomacy.

Call these what you want… they are no coincidences.

I love Art’s reaction… one of the first off the block. Damn quick, bro! =)

Never thought I’ll say this – LONG LIVE THE QUEEN !


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