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Something’s up

Noticed how Jibby’s been missing and Muyyidin’s been on turbo charged public appearances?

Noticed how 2011 – 2012 NYE People Power movements were headed by 1) students (TanJung Malim), 2)middleclass (KLCC +LRT), and 3) an Occupy movement (#occupydataran)??

RPK going bonkers and now an official turncoat. Really?

Something’s up, comrades… Dunno what’s up but something is up. It’s never so simple and it will not be dull :)
Whatever’s up.. We wait for them to come.. Or we keep on walking?
DelCapo walks…

Happy People’s Power 2012!!
If u think 2011 was exciting.. 2012 will rock your socks off? Yeah!!!!!


RIP – Dato’ Patrick Wong

I will always remember you as a friendly, humble, generous, brave, respectable and supportive comrade.

A true anak bangsa Malaysia.

A good man gone too soon… you will be missed so dearly among us.

Patrick as I remember him best... a friendly, supportive face among us

The Whisperer has more here…


RPK sets Barisan Rakyat’s support to the 7 April By-elections

Attention Barisan Rakyat Bloggers and Special Bunch teams… the time has come again to mobilise…. get off your asses =]

Dear Comrades,

Since RPK’s self imposed exile from Selangor (read about it here, if you have just returned from outer space)… we will probably miss the great man at our regular Sunday PJ Vigils and Anak Bangsa Malaysia meetings for awhile.

The good news is that the 3 by-elections (Bukit Selambau in Kedah, Bukit Gantang in Perak, Batang AI in Sarawak) are outside Selangor =]

250309-haris-rpkdelcapo-bwHaris met with RPK earlier tonight to plot  frameworks and strategies for the Barisan Rakyat bloggers and ground teams to cover the by-elections.

From RPK & Co’s recent  road trips to Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selembau areas, and visits to Kuching/Batang Ai by other BR comrades.. RPK’s  thoughts:

  1. If possible, dedicated sections on the blogs  for each by elections, for ease of updating & reading.
  2. Batang Ai should be taken care of by our newly aquainted comrades  – the Sarawak Bloggers (check out Dayak Nation,, The Borken Shield, Letters from Batang Ai) over in Sarawak & their friends on the ground (some BR guys are also going over to help out)…. supported online by all our blogs to bring them coverage & traffic…. start picking up & linking to their postings.
  3. Bukit Gantang is a PAS seat & with Nizar as candidate, looks like a likely Pakatan Rakyat/PAS win. HOWEVER,  judging from the current & recent events surrounding the Perak constitutional crisis, and pre-elections mood on the ground…  an intense & ugly battle is anticipated…… Plenty of work  to be done… no complacency allowed. BR efforts will be concentrated here, based out of Taiping (with love, no less)
  4. Bukit Selembau looks to be messy…. with multiple independent candidates thrown in to complicate matters. BR team shall support and cover it based out of Taiping as well. We shall be working with PAS and Makkal Sakthi comrades.


The captain has spoken …. lets get organised….

May the FORCE be with all of us & all in Batang Ai, Bukit Gantang & Bukit Selembau.

Lets continue to return Malaysia back to the Rakyat!! PEOPLE POWER!!!


RPK ISA Trial Putrajaya – positives

Haris once again blogged live from Putrajaya’s Palace of Justice earlier today.


Observations & reflections:

  • This is a “sidetrack” from the main appeal case by the Home minister on High Court decision allowing RPK’s release from ISA… to “complain” about the panel of judges’ behaviour last week in court.
  • Malik Imtiaz kicked ass again… DPP Tun Majid was a joke of a “learned” opponent.
  • The 3 judges on the panel today – Justices Richard Malanjum, Ariffin Zakaria and Alauddin Sheriff carried themselves impeccably… as compared to “the other 3″ of the actual appeal hearing (Nik Hashim, Zulkifli & Augustine Paul)… we didn’t feel like we had to throw shoes at them =]
  • There were RPK supporters who showed up in solidarity to pack 2 courtrooms…. but we could have definitely done better….  perhaps RPK’s latest posting gave many the idea that it’s not such a big deal today…. perhaps most people still choose to remain “silent supporters”…. perhaps it takes RPK to be thrown back into Kamunting before you guys show up in support again…. perhaps perhaps perhaps.
  • For those who showed up…. kudos!! They included YB Karpal Singh, Antares (great to see u, bro… all the way from Magick River!!), Datuk Seri Wan Azizah, Norlaila Othman (GMI) and some true blood anak bangsa Malaysia.

No, we have not gotten what we all want (the dismissal of Botak’s appeal)… but the fact that the judges reserved their judgement (instead of just throwing it out).. the fact that the case is now ajourned til further notice…. RPK has bought himself more freedom…

Malik Imtiaz commented “for the first time in weeks, I fell normal”…. poor guy was referring to his health… delCapo takes it as positive vibes… it was little, but it was a day of positives anyhow.

You can find he 2 lead councils’ reflections in  Malik’s latest article Art Harun’s latest posting.

More coverage on Shanghai Fish.

more pix within…

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A Nite of Anak Bangsa Malaysia…

rpk-smiles-with-hatWe were there to gather gather… among friends & comrades… socialise… make merry….. makan celebrate….YEAH, RIGHT!!

The fact is –  we had all been worried sick of what was to come on Monday & what was to happen to RPK…. & just wanted to see our dear hero….  THAT’s WHAT!

It was a great show of solidarity, love & support for him & Marina…. and for one another as well, among the now family-liken anak bangsa Malaysia… it’s a still a long march ahead…..

Sure… despite the dark cloud still over our heads & in our mind…. in the end… we did indeed gather gather… among friends & comrades… socialise… make merry….. makan celebrate…. hahahahaha!! hey… what’s the point of being down & sad all the time anyway??… aint’ gonna change what we cannot change… why waste a good party ??

Once again…. Happy Hatch, Queenie!!

RPK… delCapo shall march with you, all the way!! This side or the other….

Also check out Whisperer, Steest, Sunny’s Dawning Eyes. Pathlawan Volunteers

some pix within…. click to enlarge (but u know that already =])

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Who are YOU??


"Against Brute Force and Injustice, the PEOPLE will have the last word... that of Victory" - the inspiring Che Guevara

First of all… thank you for all the responses via email, comments sms on Monday’s show of solidarity with RPK at Putrajaya.

Lets make this one count!!!!!!

Keep calling your friends & family…. call/sms/email those Aduns, MPs and members of Pakatan Rakyat 3 parties…. we want to see some real numbers.

Reading on RPK’s latest article One nation of one people, delCapo gets a sense that Monday may not be as straight forward in Putrajaya as we had thought.

There will be TWO battles in two seperate courtrooms -one  to review the 3 judges, and the other the appeal hearing of RPK’s release from ISA.

  • Best case scenario… RPK’s case gets ajourned til further notice.
  • Worst case scenario… the review is thrown out, the Botak’s appeal is upheld… RPK thrown back to Kamunting!!!

It may take 30 mins… it may take all day.

Same question – WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO???


When we stand with RPK on the steps of the Palace of Justice at Putrajaya… another question beckons..


When we fight for Freedom, Justice, Rights and a better future for our next generations… today, tomorrow and beyond… until we achieve a better Malaysia…



A group of us have formulated the first of our slogan chant (Gus should take the most credit here)… start practising!!

Q:      Who are YOU??


All:  [with battle gusto] AHOO!! AHOO!! AHOO!!.….

followed by All: [relaxing smile with "hang loose" fingers] SANTAI….. hang-loose

Inspired partly by the Spartans (from the film “300”)….

Like the spartans… we will battle as ONE.

But unlike the Spartans…. we shall come in PEACE ….


Satu Bangsa. Satu Negara

One People. One Nation


solidarity with RPK – what are you GONNA DO??

Where? Federal Appeal Court, Istana Kehakiman, Precint 3, 62506 PUTRAJAYA (click for map)

When? 9.00am, Monday, 23 Feb 2009

What? RPK ISA Trial…. the Home Minister’s appeal against his release…. if successful, RPK will be back in Kamunting.

Probably the last time to see/hear RPK for a long time…. maybe ever!!



For the past week…. since RPK’s Probably my last message to Malaysians, and Haris’ Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends it’s been a time of shock, worry & frustration for many anak anak bangsa Malaysia…

RPK’s latest It Ain’t Over til It’s Over earlier today gave us a glimmer of hope that he may have just changed his mind about that “fast to death in Kamunting” motion…. hmmmmm

Fuck it…. enough of talks & thinking…. time for action!!

RPK: ” And when the court rules against me and fucks me off to Kamunting this Monday, I call upon all of you to stand tall and proud on the steps of the Palace of Injustice in Putrajaya and scream at the top of your lungs: IT’S NOT OVER ‘TIL IT’S OVER. And I will scream the same thing in the police van as I journey to Kamunting: IT’S NOT OVER ‘TIL IT’S OVER.”

Question: From NOW til Monday…. WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO???

delCapo has heard/seen the following so far:


Pakatan Rakyat – Aduns, MPs, MBs, Excos, Councillor, members

how about full force of support to show this man who has done & sacrificed so much for your struggle??


People of Permatang Pauh, Kuala Terrenganu, Perak, Penang and all over whose lives RPK has touched

How about a trip to Putrajaya for your Hero??


Civil Societies, NGOs, Anak Bangsa Malaysia, Hindraf  brothers & sisters

it’s time to gather the people and show RPK some love!!



The millions of Malaysia-Today readers, commentators

it’s time to show yourselves…. & make a difference!!


My fellow Malaysians who still dream of justice and hope for a better Malaysia for our future generations

Join us in support of THE MOST IMPORTANT person to achieve that dream


those of you who pray – regardless of faith or race

pray for Justice, pray for Peace, pray for RPK.

Blog, sms, calls, emails, beer talk,  coffeeshop talk, pillow talk, backseat talk….. whatever….

Spread the word! Bring the people!!!

We shall show RPK our love & support…. Stand with him!!

We shall show those who stand with injustice – It’s NOT Over Til it’s Over!!!!

9.00am, Monday, 23 Feb 2009, Putrajaya…..

See You There!! Lets make sure it’s NOT over……


RPK ISA Trial – ajourned…

170209-rpk-isa-trial-2_sHaris has a blow by blow account of what happened at Putrajaya Federal Court up to lunch break. Read here. Well Done, bro! Nice to see u in full gear too =]

Rakyat@work is back! see anil’s blog for his coverage

It was a day of  “dismissals” really (how delCapo wish they would just dismiss the Botak’s appeal), on all motions by RPK’s team:

  • Justice Augustine Paul offered to recuse himself from the hearing of the application to disqualify him from the panel & stepped down.
  • RPK’s team proceeded to motion that the panel, now being only 2 judges left (Justices Nik Hashim Nik Ab Rahman and Zulkefli Ahmad Makinuddin), could not continue to hear the case… after much debate focussing on whether proceedings had begun (which 2 remaining judges is sufficient) or not (which then mean at least 3 judges or more is required) – The panel of 2 ruled that the motion was Dismissed!
  • On the grounds that Justice Augustine Paul may be biased & therfore should be disqualified from hearing the appeal case, due to RPK’s well read past publications criticising him, as well as his past judgement on a case which rules RPK as a “threat to national security”… the panel found the grounds invalid & dismissed the motion.
  • On the motion that this being a complex & constitutional case, more than 3 judges (5 or 7) should be on the panel & that this court has the power to regulate itself (instead of waiting for the Chief Justice’s order) – dismissed.
  • On the motion to present new evidence to the case, based on the fact that RPK has been released for the past few months & proven to be of no threat to national security… & therefore added proof that the Home Minister’s order to his ISA dention was in bad faith – dismissed. (note: at one point, Azhar had to remind the judges that ISA is a preventive detention law…. quite embarrasing for those justices)
  • On the motion to present new evidence that has surfaced from a seperate trial (RPK’s Sedition Trial) that the investigating officers have NOT investigated fully into the article “Lets send the Altantuya murderers to Hell”, which is the same article used as evidence for the ISA case… therefore added proof that the Home Minister’s order to his ISA dention was in bad faith – yes, you guessed it & no prize…dismissed!

The session ended just after 2pm, citing the lack of time for both sides to present their argments.

Ajourned to Monday23 Feb 2009, 9.30am.

delCapo cannot make too much comments on the legality & technicality of the dismissalof all the motions… but sitting in court & watching the debates & the judges’ behaviour:

  • Malik Imitaz is the man!! Azhar isn’t bad too…. especially compared to the prosecution team led by Tun Majid. So  much smoother, comprehensive & competent in presenting their arguments. The other side couldn’t find their own stuffs half the time.
  • We got the feeling that the judges, at time, had to prompt the Prosecution team on the points they were trying to make.
  • On the other hand, the judges were arguing with RPK’s team from the minute they start on their motion.

Impartiality, eh?…. hmmmm

Some pix from the day below:

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For RPK – If I Can Dream…

In respond to RPK’s latest post on MT – Probably my last message to Malaysians,

Summarised in the last few paragraphs:

This is a decision I have taken and no one can make me change my mind. And this is probably the last article of mine that you shall read if they send me to Kamunting tomorrow. ……

I pray and hope that the Putrajaya Federal Court will uphold the decision of the Shah Alam High Court to free me from ISA detention. But if it reverses that decision then we must be prepared for that as well. And if the Federal Court does what I fear it will do, goodbye Malaysians, my comrade-in-arms. We shall meet again, one day, although not in this world but the next.

RPK…  We dare to dream of making Malaysia a better country for future generations…. our dream is strong & you are one of the major factor, the pillar of our strength, hope & unity….

If Marina cannot change your mind…. the rest of us added together will also fail… so it leaves only one person in this world who can grant us the wish, the dream of still having our RPK with us even if the decision goes against us tomorrow – YOU, Raja Petra Kamarudin, the brave anak Raja Bugis, the king of all anak bangsa Malaysia… our beloved one & only RPK.

This song is my favourite from the other king…. the lyrics mean everything delCapo is struggling to express…

This song is for you….

There must be lights burning brighter somewhere
Got to be birds flying higher in a sky more blue
If I can dream of a better land
Where all my brothers walk hand in hand
Tell me why, oh why, oh why cant my dream come true

There must be peace and understanding sometime
Strong winds of promise that will blow away
All the doubt and fear
If I can dream of a warmer sun
Where hope keeps shining on everyone
Tell me why, oh why, oh why wont that sun appear

Were lost in a cloud
With too much rain
Were trapped in a world
Thats troubled with pain
But as long as a man
Has the strength to dream
He can redeem his soul and fly

Deep in my heart theres a trembling question
Still I am sure that the answer gonna come somehow
Out there in the dark, theres a beckoning candle
And while I can think, while I can talk
While I can stand, while I can walk
While I can dream, please let my dream
Come true, right now
Let it come true right now


11feb09, RPK ISA Trial, Putrajaya Federal Court


Home Ministry’s appeal against the release of RPK from ISA, following his successful habeas corpus application at the Shah Alam High Court on November 7.

RPK’s legal team, led by Malik Imtiaz and included Azhar,  Chandra,  Neo,  Amarjit , Ashoke & Sreekant requested for time to compile & submit arguments to recuse Justice Augustine Paul from the panel of 3 judges on grounds that Augustine Paul may not be 100% unbiased on this case.

Reasons given (from delCapo’s limited legal understanding) -

  1. RPK had, during the Free Anwar campaign, written articles about Augustine Paul unfavourably, and
  2. Augustine Paul had previously reside over a case in 2001 when RPK was charged withbeing a “thereat to national security”, similar to the current ISA detention… & had ruled against RPK.

After a close shave of initial dismissal (which would have meant hearing to proceed & judgement made in the session), Malik Imtiaz managed to convince the panel that such a submission is indeed important and necessary. The submission to be handed in by tomorrow.

Case ajourned to 17 Feb 09 (Tuesday).

More on My Thought My World, SanJiunMalaysiakini.

Side Note: Karpal & Gobind Singh were representing the Hindraf 5 in their appeal to be released from ISA. Dismissed!

Some pix below:

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