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Kiasu, Kiasi, Ball-less, Indecisive, Useless….. powerless

the subject terms each describes the current political situation in Malaysia with regards to the State governments, the Federal Government and that “President-like” Najib.

Where got people cut it so close wan, PM? Trying to out do your father in every way is it? Now your state CMs look  like clowns…. starting with Negri Sembilan.

Tommy Thomas’ piece here lays it straight… Uncle Kit also pushing the knife in.

DelCapo resorts this -  GE13 will happen by 27 May 2013…. any dates before that will be like X’mas come early…. all the bullshit between now and then is pure entertainment… because it make s no licking difference.

PEOPLE POWER will kick the government’s ass!!

NS Mohd and Jibby


Ah Jib 哥 , a donkey can never be a Unicorn

Ever noticed Najib giving a speech without paper or those cool expensive transparent text prompters in front of him?

Ever heard or see him do anything not scripted and off the cuff?

The Christian lunch was so tightly choreographed the old robes couldn’t even chorus an amen…

The recent Royal Selangor Club luncheon saw Jibby snookered by an old faithful of his father with the now famous question “Mr Prime Minister, would you make the transition of the government for Pakatan a smooth one if the opposition wins the next general election?”  What did he do? Couldn’t even cook up a respond to save his tail and just ran.

He has also taken on the official “Jib 哥 ” (brother Jib) name given to him by the Nasi Lemak 2020 gang and now used by the Chinese-speaking Malaysians to whack him.

All the media choreography and PR packaging…  the millions of our money spent on the making of Mr 1Malaysia… still such dogshit results.

What a bloody dropkick…

A donkey can never be a unicorn lah…



How, Mr PM?

We hear that you and Rosie have completed your Hajj…. nicely cleansed without hitches, we hope =]

We hear that you are itching to make  11.11.11 significant (like calling for GE 13)

We hear that your inner cicles are telling you “it’s now or never”, or “all things are in place” for you to finally lead a General Elections and win.

We hear all these… why? We think your inner circles are not as trustworthy as you might think…. All these secrets and news all leaking worse than the parliament house roof.

Your own personal “home ministry” (shopping shopping shopping !!!), deputy PM , that Home Minister cousin, that MM teams are not exactly doing you favours, are they?

Those idiots funding and supporting Lynas, the smear Guan Eng campaigns in Penang, the anti-LGBTIQ news… not helping, uh?

Let us put it this way, Mr PM… 11.11.11 or whatever… just a date. You were never quite a historian nor a hero anyway so why start now?… take the rakyat’s advice – DON”T DO IT… or you will be the only loser. You will fail in the GE and your own party’s snakes and vultures will go for your blood… not sure if Rosie will stand by you even.

Wanna be a hero? Sack that DPM and Home Minister of yours… shut down the wife and daugther’s greed… tell that old MM to shut the fuck up… and show us some real balls and for a start – by implementing all the electoral reforms, tell Lynas to go home, no more 100-storey mega tower, no more nuclear ambitions, MACC to proscecute real cases of corruptions (that defense minister to start with). There are more to come but we’ll be here to tell you =]

Once again… call the GE13 anytime before real electoral reforms… Bersih 3.0will rise in your face together with ALL other current prominent movements and causes – Anti-Lynas, PPSMI, LGBTIQ, anti 100 mega tower, #occupy movements, “where r the cattles?”, Malaysians for Teoh Beng Hock, Anti AUKU movements, Anti ISA / EO human right groups, Scorpene trial watchers etc…

The people will rise and defeat your government.

Your own party vultures will nail your coffin.

Your choice.


A laugh a day – MSM like lemmings

Sometime during a boring and rainy yesterday, the wonders of Twitter alerted that a news report on Bernama has downgraded Najib to DPM!!

Comments like “Rosie Behold!” , “Who’s the real PM?” followed.

What’s funny is NST, Malay Mail and a few other MSM soon followed!!

Star was quick to make amends… well, instead of copy and paste.. they cut and paste… maybe paste then cut. Well, at least ONE editor was sort of on the ball… took out the entire paragraph…. hehehehe

Yes yes yes…. they meant “it followed an announcement made by the THEN finance minister and deputy prime minister..”

Whatever… the news wasn’t that great (losing 3 % of take home pay)… don’t know what EPF is going to do with our money next… buy this, bail out that. Sigh!… so at least some fun to have a laugh, especially when the “independent” mainstream media acts like lemmings.



100 stories don’t make a 100-storey right

PM announced the 100-storey Warisan Merdeka (I like how Patrick Teoh calls it a  tombstone…hahahaha) in parliament during Budget 2011.

Then the public outcray all over the place, including a facebook page that grew to 62,000 + in 3 days...

This is despite someone reporting the site to Facebook admin and Facebook blocking the page from it’s admin (cannot make changes) as well as made it unsearchable. btw..Hey Facebook – Fuck You! and your big brother style administration.


So the PM panicked and gave some lame explanation… followed by PNB’s own statements about how the RM5 billion will not be from the government or the people (isn’t it the same thing?… strange lah our country) but from PNB.

ok… leaving aside the arguments about how the RM5 billion can be better spent on public transport, helping the poor from Sabah Sarawak and Peninsula, the environment, sustainable reseach etc….

deCapo has a simple question.

If the money is not from the government / rakyat and is from PNB or whoever  Rosie, Jho, Rob or Doug friends bring in from wherever then it is a private project (like Naza’s Platinum park ) – WHY THE HELL WAS IT TABLED AS PART OF BUDGET 2011!?!?!?!

Some say it’s a political blunder by the PM (APCO must kena warning letter already)… and now he is struggling with damage control and using PNB to block.

Some say that it’s a red herring for the Sungei Besi airbase land to be fished out to 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) on the side.

Some say it’s wayang kulit for Jibby to finally say (when the time is right)… “ok… the people say no, I cancel… so vote for BN in GE13 “

Whatever lah…. Rakyat dah bangun da… we are not stupid.

100 stories don’t make 1 100-storey right…

People Power will bring the current BN government down!


Berjaya – got or not?? buy or don’t buy??

We have indeed reached political cross-roads.

Back in the days… the actors and directors follow the script:

  1. Funding of “the Perak buy back”
  2. A “return of favour”  deal done, behind closed doors.
  3. Warning to all the goods friends… get ready.
  4. Announcement (Stock price boost… sell! Profits round#1) [Berjaya stock gained 10 sen on 12May2010]
  5. Public outcry and “bad news” (Stock price drop…. who lose money? the lemmings-like public) [Berjaya stock dropped 30 sen since]
  6. Government clarification + Throw in a charity announcement… all good.
  7. Stock price fly sky high (profits profits!!) {Berjaya stock price should reach RM2.00 mark with the Sports Betting license]
  8. All (well, those in the know) happy… BN also get a boost to their political war chest.
  9. In the long run, BN will have another nice source of “funding”…

Nowadays… aiyo… headache lah… cannot go beyond step (5).

  • A PM who seems to have his balls tied and pulled in different directions and not enough of it to make a firm quick, decision.
  • His debts to the Dr M/Vincent Tan circle  tucking at the strings nice and firm + they have “pictures”.
  • The “funding” from it would be nice too.
  • A youth chief trying to say and do the right thing.
  • A deputy seems to wait to stab him on his back.
  • Party members and political partners not backing him up.
  • Opposition politicians harvesting big time on political mileage on it.
  • An awaken public whom the old ways can no longer fool them.

Seems like game over, no? But events in the past few days do give hope to the original “story”..

A couple of more things not spoken widely about but may be related:

  • “Sports Betting” is not just Football betting – Horse Racing, Greyhound racing, Boxing, Motorsports etc… who knows what else CAN be included.
  • It is known that Vincent Tan also has the “rights” to  horse racing off-site betting premises.
  • There is a need of business to revive  MiTV (U Television), which up til now has been a dead fish. What better way than sports betting as a content??? It also owns U-Mobile and the MiTV protocol is also internet enabled. Perfect!

So, Tan Sri … what’s cooking,  man? Have you and Dr M lost the touch and let these young cikus defy you like they do not owe you anything? or should we brace ourselves to buy a few Berjaya shares and wait for the payday to come, just like old times?

delCapo thinks this is more exciting than Argentina winning the World Cup.

Yes. I love to be proven wrong =]


you help me, i help you. do we have a deal?

THis is the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Symbol of leadership, justice, humility… and absolutely not currupted indeed.

$3 million, $5 million “gua kena keluar duit” (I have to come out with money)… keyword : “I”

“you want $5 million, I want Robert Lau to win… do we have a deal?”

[I LOVE this quote] “This is not a place for a Prime Minister, but I come here anyway”

Who the hell does this fella think he is?

Whose money is he giving away like it’s his loose change?

How many thinks there’s NOTHING wrong with the mentality of our so-called leader right here?

Anyway… this is going to be one of those legendary speeches… hahahahaha!


Merdeka Centre Survey on PM – delCapo got questions…..

The survey was carried out by Merdeka Centre and the story picked up by The Malaysian Insider.

ok… delCapo is in no position to verify the stats revealed by Merdeka Centre… but somehow among my few disconnected circles of friends/acquantances/ workmates/ family… the stats simple dun represent them.

Maybe delCapo mixing with the wrong crowds.

THe Malaysian Insider’s Shannon Teoh has skifully picked up on the stats and subtlely shone a light on Najib:

Still, it seems Najib has surpassed expectations of Malaysians prior to his premiership, which began on April 3.

The Merdeka Centre also found that 45 per cent of Malaysians were satisfied with Najib in May, a point up from just before he stepped up as PM, which in turn was up from a low of 34 per cent in early March.

Well well well, Shannon…. nice writing….

Ok… Nevermind the Malaysian Insider spin… so what’s delCapo main problems with the stats (beside not being convinced)?

1) If delCapo is conducting a national survey and there are  39% of “no respond”… it will NOT be published, let alone published and being used as a major news reference!!

2) There are many ways of conducting and presenting a survey’s demographics – age group, geographical location, education level, professional background, sexual orientation, etc…. all which would have made meaningful mainstream analysis of an opinion poll on our new PM (except maybe sexual orientation)… but what is the ONLY one  this Merdeka Centre has chosen to use – RACE!!!…..WTF!?!?!?!

Hello!! We have been talking about Anak Bangsa Malaysia…. unity…. even the subject of your survey is trying to push his 1Malaysia propoganda lah… can you cut the race crap!?!?!?!

What is Merdeka Centre playing at?? Why has Malaysian Insider picked this up with such enthusiasm????


Man of the Month – Lim Kit Siang

delCapo loves uncle Kit… fellow blogger, DAP supremo (is that an official title yet? hehe), man with will & balls of steel!!

Man of the Month has a nice list for Jibby…. not too long so he can have no excuse not to read it…. delCapo would like to add 2 sens worth:

1. Secure motion of confidence

Common, Jibby…. do u have the marbles??

Uncle Kit… if he does have the balls, lets see if can pass this step first lah… if not the rest no need to talk =]

2. Clarify 1Malaysia motto

Yeah, u oppotunist copy cat… WTF does 1Malaysia mean?? The pretty website seems to be a shrine to promote yourself only…

Some of us are promoting Anak Bangsa Malaysia – One People One Nation…  r u in??

Speaking of the website –

3. Make a stand on corruption

“Najib had not even mentioned corruption once in the past 11 days.” – LKS

Uncle Kit… on this topic… whatever he say we also will not believe, no?? Maybe if he gets rid of that makan semua fatty Rosie we can start to see some sincerity.
4. Top priority on economic crisis

yeah… not your own pocket or your wife’s exploding handbag!!
5. Hold election in Perak

Hear hear!! You started it…. now go fix it!!

Give Perak back to Rakyat Perak!!!

6. Set up IPCMC fast

Start by giving some concrete answers and actions to the Kugan & Adi Anwar cases.

Where are the guilty cops!?!?!?! Why no charges???

7. Repeal all draconian laws

Repeal ISA and all draconian and undemocratic laws!! Release those held without trials immediately!!!

Draft new laws with the right checks & balances to take care of national security (not just BN supremacy).

Lah, WTF!?!?!?!8. First-World Parliament

Uncle Kit…. I think this one we need to wait til Pakatan Rakyat takes over…. the bunch of assholes in there thinks “first world” as “OUR world” lah…

Overall, Jibby…. if this simple list by uncle Kit is too much too do… just bugger off & enjoy the billions u already accumulated lah… afterall, your dream of the RAHMAN theory has been fulfilled….


Najib’s current dream purchase – a Time Machine

The heat of becoming the next Prime Minister of Malaysia must be unbearable!!!

We’ve  had  jets, copters, sub marines,…. Can the French or Russian built Jibby a Time Machine?

He is soooo close… yet so far … to become Malaysia’s 6th Prime Minister:

What’s interesting?….

He has washed hands off the 3 by elections…. conveniently passing the ball to Muyiddin & the 3 VPs… no one has seen him campaigning in any of the 3 seat areas thus far.
Moreover, he has gotten PDRM to command Pakatan Rakyat – No “Altantuya” or no permit.-

  • Jibby, scared ah???? ahahahahaha

His” friendly” bloggers have been busy covering his ass by diverting attention from him… one of them, a newly re-elected Press Club pres, even gone to pass the ball to Sultan Azlan Shah by saying Bukit Gantang is an “Anwar vs Sultan” by election!!!

  • hahahahaha!!!…. Oi! delCapo just spent 3 days in Bukit Gantang lah…. It’s all about Nizar Nizar Nizar….. even Anwar, Najib, Tuanku were not mentioned much… let alone seen battling it out.
  • Anwar just came back from overseas lah… & i think you fellas have certainly used the Tuanku’s name often enough…..
  • What utter rubbish!!! hahahahaha…. funny though… nice try!
  • NAJIB CANNOT RUN AWAY FROM THE 3 BY-ELECTIONS!!! no mater how you spin it!!

So…. is Najib

  • Conceding defeat???
  • Too busy “making sure” he gets to be PM??? or
  • Just plain whimpy & wishes he can jump into a time machine & head to the future….. whenever… when he is sitting on the PM’s chair & being serviced like a king by some…. erhem!

I think campaigning & waiting is getting just too damn hard for poor Jibby.

All the same.. WE DO NOT WANT YOU TO BE PM!!!

Lets hope the King will help us out…. DAULAT TUANKU!!!


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