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The Khalid and Zahid show begins…

As warned in previous Tiga Khalid post… we Rakyat / Activists / Blogtivists have long days ahead…

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Since the show began…

Adam Adli

Haris Ibrahim

Tian Chua

Tamrin Ghaffar


This statement from police…

Rocket, Harakah, SuaraKeadilan become collector’s items for now….

….. and we keep counting…. and we don’t forget… and we shall keep the fire burning..

Zahid said “Ï have no hands in it”….. we don’t disagree…. Some species HAVE ONLY LEGS, we know… woof.


The Sarawak Show – What’s freedom in the name of power and fear?

[updated 150411]

On one hand, Najib talks about “transform”, 1Malaysia, freedom, equality… even organising makan with his online friends from tweeter and facebook.

All very well packaged and nice to see/hear/read. Well done, Apco!

BUT on the other hand.. when things are not going well… like the Sarawak Show that Najib is failing badly to stage -  screw the progressiveness mask. It’s now same old story – bring out the iron fist.

In the past week… the following media / blogs have been down. Most of them attacked by DDOS.

Bloggers, Activists denied entry into Sarawak. so far:

What else?

So… in the name of Power and Fear of losing… the rules of a democracy, free and fair elections, human rights, freedom of information – all out of the window.

How Najib? is this what 1Malaysia is about?

I think despite of the above… People Power will win 16 April. History will be made.


Nasi Lemak 2020 youtube channel

excellent dubbing work, guys!



Hindraf “last man standing”, 5-7 jan, Duta Courts

Nov 2007.

A spirit rose.


Remember this?


and this, my fav picture from the rally. THE COURAGE, THE SPIRIT, THE MAKKAL SAKTHI that inspired and woke up an entire nation.

Now… after all the so-called leaders turning political, after all the arrested Hindraf activitists have been released on “negotiated terms”…. there’s ONE MAN STANDING – Murugan.

Whatever those who want the original Hindraf spirit to “go away” is trying to sell, and have sold to the rest… Murugan is not buying. He stands and he stands firm.

written by Sekeran:

5 – 7 jan 2011

8.30 am Jln Duta Court 5 (Jenayah) Level 3 Right Wing

New Year Greetings, Comrades,

We begin the New Year with yet another chapter of this ground-breaking saga of The Hindraf Rally on 25th November 2007.

The illegitimate-UMNO led ruling government has used all its resources including the courts to subdue all the defendants in the case, but Murugan, the Last Man Standing is not giving them a walkover.

He has taken it upon himself to use his trial to highlight the double standards, selective prosecution and victimisation by the authorities.

On 26th Oct 2010, the judge had ordered the proceedings to commence in the absence of his lawyer, leaving Murugan to face the court and the prosecution team by himself.

Fortunately, he was not alone. The presence of many of you, activists and lay supporters, has been a source of strength not only to Murugan, but the CAUSE that he represents. It must also have caught the attention of the court and the powers-that-be, that the people care and are watching.

Tomorrow, his lawyer, Visva, is expected to cross-examine the the arresting officer, and the prosecution may call one or two more witnesses before it closes its case.

Could I therefore ask you once again to lend your support, by your kind presence, if possible, however brief it may be.

Irrespective of whether you are able to make it, at least for the sake of YOUR Constitutional Right To Assemble Peaceably without arms, please publicise this case of selective prosecution as widely as possible via e-mail, sms, blogs etc.

Thank You.

PS; I will be away till mid- january: for info please call Mani 0142278439

Have we all forgotten the original hindraf spirit?
One of the main sparks that started the rise of the people to rally for our rights since 2007?

The political games, the media’s blackout, the people’s short memory.. it’s sad to know that there’s only one last man standing from the original Hindraf spirit… one last spirit that refuses to compromise when his comrades, his leaders and maybe the rakyat has abandoned him and what he represents.

It’s to the ruling party’s interest to bury the Hindraf spirit with the dismissal of the Hindraf case.
The courts, the AG and even some of the original hindraf guys are compromised  in line with BN’s interests.

Do we let the heroic flame of the original Hindraf rally die with this last man holding the sole candle?
Will the 30,000 who stood with him on 25 November 2007 against the FRU’s water cannons and tear gas stand up again?

Will the rest of us who felt their spirit and awaken to social activism now come back and show solidarity to this Last Man Standing??

5-7 Jan, Dutacourts.

try to be there.


Rise Rectum, Rise

More like a fucken bad RISE near the RECTUM.

Yeah… Minister Rapist… try changing out of this mode.

Lets hope for justice for the poor lady.

UMNO Culture

Zorro has a good post that made me chuckle… “Bad moon on the RISE” hahahahahaha


Malaysia’s Most Dangerous – the Witness

Why else would there be widespread fear for the safety of the only witness to the multibullets shooting of  15-year old Amirulrasyd and call for his protection?

Why else will a person who goes into an anti-corruption investigation to assist investigation be dead the next day?

Why else will an eye witness who volunteers to testify in court to help seek justice for a fellowman be beaten up and abducted?

In Malaysia, if you seek justice and truth, if you are a witness to any crime or investigations… you better watch out!

The people must demand justice for Kugan, Amirulrasyd, Beng Hock, Guna and all the other police-related deaths.

Now, we must also demand for the release of Selvachandran, before he joins the “1805″ list.



( Beating and abduction of K.Selvachandran by police)
The continuing descent of the Malaysian police force into lawlessness has been graphically demonstrated by the October 25th abduction and beating of K.Selvachandran by police personnel. Selvachandran was a key witness who testified against the police in the recently concluded R.Gunasegaran inquest. On the very day the verdict was delivered in the inquest, police moved against Selvachandran. When Selva’s children asked police why their father was being dragged away, the police answered by beating Selva in front of his own children. The trauma caused to the children is unimaginable and in gross violation of international norms on the protection of children. In a twisted perversion of conjugal love, police personnel tried to make Selva’s wife S.Saraswathy kiss him before beating him up in front of her. Selva, who did his duty as a citizen by telling the truth at the Gunasegaran inquest, is now being held at a unknown location with no access to his family or lawyers. It is believed that he is being detained without trial under the Emergency Ordinance. The outrage done against Selva and his family is only the latest in a long series of police brutality cases going back into and beyond the Mahathir despotism. 


SATURDAY ( 30.10.2010 ) 10.00am

Issued by,



nothing but Justice for Aminulrasyid

The trial has started… you can read about the on-going proceedings here, here, here… and more in the coming days.

delCapo hope they will cut all the games and crap… no need for wayang kulit stories and political consciousness….  just bring justice and closure to his family.

And the new IGP will STOP all unjust police-related deaths.. on the field and in custody!!!

Here’s somthing i wrote the day after Aminulrasyid was shot dead…i was, and am still, pissed.

15 smoked

Mama said stay home, sayang
Mama said stay safe, sayang
Papa said nothing, before
Papa has nothing, at all

We were just cruising, in darkness
For joy and fun, youth mindless
We never asked for, no justice
And never for you to judge us

15! That’s all I got..years!..
how about you.. teh, cigarettes?
15 smokes, 15 shots?
You’ve taken it all.. The hope, the lot
I hope you rot.. I hope you rot

So do you like what you have smoked?
The rubber, the flesh and burning roads
How do you sleep on bloody nights?
dream of your glory, your leaded pride

We were undercover, dear boss
Can we cover this under, like the others
Just another boy, no big loss
Just another nobody’s son or brother

15! That’s all I got..years!..
how about you.. teh, cigarettes?
15 smokes, 15 shots?
You’ve taken it all.. The hope, the lot
I hope you rot.. I hope you rot

Papa has lost and returned, a son
Papa has no more tears, to burst..
Mama prayed for home, sayang
Mama prays for my soul, and answers


delCapo’s 47 min of silence on eve of 47th Hari Malaysia

At the KLSCAH with over 50 fellow silent protestors… via Twitter


Happy 1Malaysia Merdeka – happy double standards

Standard #1, case A

Chinese students were “not needed” and should “return” to China while Indian students should get rid of prayer strings on their wrists, adding that only dogs would do so”

- Hajjah Siti Inshah Mansor, principal of SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, 12 Aug 2010

update: She’s on leave. A Taskforce set up on 20 Aug 2010 by 1Muyiddin. Finding/Action? Nothing.

Standard #1, case B

“the Chinese pupils are  insensitive towards their Muslim peers by eating in the school compound during the fasting month of Ramadan last…ordered them to return to China if they could not respect the culture of other races.”

- A certain principal in a certain Bukit Selambau, 20 Aug 2010.

update: All media has blocked out the exact school and principal’s name. Ministry of Education “Investigations are still ongoing and the principal is still working at the school”

delCapo’s take is still the same as the posting on 20 Aug -

Grab the principals, sit them in front of those who allege they have made the remarks to students… ask “did you or did you not say this?”

Yes? sack.

No? kick those who accuse them and send them for ear candling.

Simple, no? why the long investigations and all the extra dramas?


Now… forward to this week.After the no actions on the 2 racist principals.

Namewee’s respond to those racist principals. In his classic ranting style, he came out with this ANTI-RACISM video.

Namewee’s video is provocative and vulgar – no doubt. It’s nothing new and not even his most vulgar work todate. Candypop compared to some of the R&B and Rap songs kids worship everyday.

Infact, the anger towards racism, his frustrations towards the government’s inaction against the 2 principals are valid, and actually spoke on behalf of many of us, regardless of what ethnicity we are. Maybe not the exact words most will use, but the idea is there.

So what has happened?

In TWO days (bear in mind the principals cases are weeks old) after his video was posted on YouTube, Namewee has been investigated officially for Sedition, and has had a 3 police cars convoy visiting his house in Muar last night.

Bythe way – which part of the video is Seditious?? (definition: an illegal action inciting resistance to lawful authority and tending to cause the disruption or overthrow of the government). Asking someone to “eat bananas and flipping a middle finger at them isinciting agaisnt authority?? hello!?!?!?


Standard#1 – “Chinese go back China, Indians wearing strings of blessings are like dogs” – no action after weeks. Principals of public schools who muttered these words on students still have jobs.

Standard#2 – “Siti Hasmah, Eat Bananas.. Nah! (middle fingers)… Kurang Ajar” on YouTube – Sedition charge and arrest warrant in 2 days?

What’s going on, Royal 1Malaysia Police Force??

another episode of what’s more than meets the eye, delCapo reckons……


Merdeka Day 2010 – show of force?

So we have been told to expect a “different” display of spectacle for this year’s Merdeka Day celebrations – by armed forces and police instead of cultural performances.

Wonderful! After all, the Armed Forces and PDRM have often taken the centrestage recently, haven’t they? Is the Army gonna show us the no-engine jets and submarines? The PDRM gonna show us how they have perfected shooting and interrigation methods that caused thousands of deaths in custody? Maybe the FRU can chip in with gas and water cannons.

Maybe the MACC and Attorney General department should join and do a sketch. This video shows they have great comedy timin.

It’s not that some of us are unpatriotic. But it’s bullshit to shout “Merdeka!” when among all the problems we face in the society, we cannot have justice for those who died as innocents. Independence? Freedom? Do you feel it? I don’t.

So the governemnt will be displaying a “show of force” for the celebrations. Maybe the Rakyat should too.

One of the high profile pending case is the Inquiry into Toeh Bang Hock’s death.

While many will be waving flags watching the government shoot bullets, cannons and fly jets… some of us will wear black and bear a white flower.

WHile they pat each other’s back and claim overtime one 1 Sept, we will be heading to Shah Alam to watch the comedic circle of AG/MACC at Beng Hock’s inquiry.

There will be laughters. But it will not be funny.

So Selamat Merderka. May the force be with us, the rakyat!


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!!Justice for Beng Hock!!

Fuck Racism !

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