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Quote of d day : Nazri “May 13 and London Riots justify Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011″

LMFAO!! ahahahahaha…. that was my first reaction when I read the sms news.

Seriously, “Nazridiocy” at it’s best again.

Mr Taxi king… a language question – “Riot” vs “Demonstration / Protest”. Use a dictionary lah.

Which part of any of the Bersih, Anti-ISA, Lawyer’s Walks, Anti-Lynas, Occupy Dataran, Hindraf, Malaysian’s for Teoh Bang Hock / Death in Custody… even our good friends Perkasa’s demonstrations, protests had any HINT of RIOT in them? Which one?

The closest thing to a riot all those assemblies has was the platoons of RIOT police (FRU) the government deployed. The only violence was from their batons, shields, kicks, punches and water cannons.

When people walk and express their support or displeasure in public, it’s called FREEDOM.

When motherfuckers go chopping up their neighbours, or break into shops, start fire, steal goods… it’s called CRIME.

In both the May 13 and London riots the problem were NOT about what laws or regulations the country had… it’s about some deep social issues.



Now, a logic question – you seriously think your all-mighty Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011 could have STOPPED May13 or the London riots?

Those rioters were going to stop and think “hang on a second…. the Peaceful Assembly thing say cannot lah… better stay at home and forget about going out to chop the fellas down the road”… or “blimey, there’s a law that say we disnae going oot and break them shop windows and steal them iPads and TVs like.. better we just go to the pub and have a peaceful pint, no? 



Lastly, the best part of Nazridiocy is… the lies or the lack of facts.

“To strengthen his view, Nazri cited the London riots, which led to the ban on street demonstrations by the British government” – news

Erhem… Fact is – the British government only imposed  “A 30-day ban on protest marches  in five ‘troubled’ boroughs of London.”

Nice try, bozo.




Malaysia’s Election Commission (SPR) – a new low

Fresh off delCapo’s rant on telling the EC to shut their gap if they cannot help Bersih’s cause, they have sunk to a new low.

Regarding Indelible Ink

EC: ‘Using indelible ink is a backward practice’… 

Errrr…. then why the fuck did you spend RM2.4 million in 2008 to buy the ink, promised to use, then last minute cancel!?!?!?! WHY!?

Regarding Automatic Registration of voters

EC: “Democracy also requires intelligent people. Automatic registration would enable even a mad man to cast his vote which will not contribute anything to the process.”… (Unregistered Voters) either lazy or indifferent,” he said. “So if these people are automatically registered they won’t take the election process seriously at all.”

My dear 3.9 millions non-registered eligible voter fellow Malaysians… apparently you guys are STUPID, MAD, INDIFFERENT or LAZY and dont deserved your right to vote.

Fucken hell… Are you included when it comes to paying taxes (aka the EC’s  fucken salary)?

Wan Ahmad… you really TALK COCK LIKE SING SONG !!


EC / SPR the referee?

Know who this is?

His name is Robert Hoyzer. A corrupt referee.


The Election Commission or SPR of Malaysia, in theory, is supposed to be like a referee – independent and enforcer of election laws to ensure free and fair elections. 

Well.. in theory.

They are not shy about admitting that they are NOT!. 

In a session earlier this year, this EC deputy chairman Wira Wan Ahmad Wan Omar fella told the forum “we are powerless”, “we only run the elections as administrator”, “we can propose changes but up to government to approve”.

Blah Blah blah…. ok fine… you and the EC / SPR are lame ducks. 

Hang on, didn’t you judge and declare some seats in the Perak state assembly not vacant when faced with their resignation letters?

Oh… sometimes got power to be referee but most of the time don’t have, is it?

Okok… powerless unless otherwise poked by some stick or fed with some of these candies maybe?

Maybe that’s the boost you just got last night to talk shit like “Bersih is Pakatan stooge in bid for Putrajaya”, “There was (a 2007) demonstration and as result, a momentum was built and in the 2008 election (the opposition) won big… now, the rumour is that snap polls will be called and history will be repeated”

Oi! Lets make 3 things very clear

1) There are 8 demands by Bersih … you can read them here. Very clear. People want free and fair elections. Period. 

2) Bersih is a people’s movement, let by a steering committee of NONE political party member. Infact some of them have been whacking Pakatan Rakyat harder than BN (e.g Haris Ibrahim and Amiga herself)

3) Both Pakatan and BN were invited to join. One side did, the other side didn’t… even chose to oppose.


So Berish and the people’s motivation is very clear.

You, Election Commision… can you do anything? Can, then you just do it. In fact you should have DONE it.

But you say you are powerless, right? We even told you we will take your recommendations to the government and fight for them if they are in line with the people’s will.

So if you cannot do anything… THEN JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

Because everytime you open your mouth you make yourself look like this – a BN / UMNO Lembu trying to act like you are a referee.



Quote of the day – Utusan Malaysia

The “independent” news daily said

“it was not racist and did not write false news reports”

hahahahahaha… it’s like saying Rosmah is an innocent virgin.

Talk cock like sing song… still think the people are idiots??




I knew it… he ain’t as dumb as we think

just recently over a teh tarik we were saying how some ministers are plain stupid… Hisham Kerismuddin’s name was popular in the topic… for various reasons we all know lah.. no need to elaborate.

But he is (trying anyway) proving us wrong, ain’t he… maybe he took delCapo’s advise and got good help after all .. hahahaha

Here’s why delCapo is suddenly a “fan”.

1) ISA

We hammered him just yesterday for using arrests and threats as a lazy way of justifying his soon-to-be submitted (none or minimal) amendments to ISA in parliament… a political opprtunist.

Wah… today… he actually started briefing “opposition, activists on ISA reforms”

Not so lazy after all, uh? He actually planned this !!!

Here comes the briefing “ahh… you see… from recent events… we got arsonists AND international terrorists… cow head, wild boar head religious hatists… so we need ISA… no need to change! Thank you… ” 

Not lazy… but LAME!!! I wonder who was invited to this briefing…

2) Action on church arsonists, even if from Umno

From one glance… the statement looks ok. Home minister doing his job lah…

But think about it though… it’s actually quite clever, politically…. no?

On one hand… UMNO gets endorsement for being the one who “fought for Muslims’ rights to the word ‘Allah’”… so passionate that their guys are prepared to burn churches!!

On the other… The government looks good too! They will be arrested even if they are from UMNO..

WAHHHH!!!!! Thank you, Home Minister…. dammit… we all thought if they are from UMNO, they will NEVER be arrested and proscecuted!! You are the fairest Home Minister we ever had, Hisham!!!… waaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!! Malaysia is saved lah….

See how ridiculous it is?? a statement like that is like SPECIAL… fucken arrogant prick.

Wanna impress us? Arrest some real buggers like Khir Toyo (not some ikan bilis again who are more than happy to gain street credibility), proscecute him as mastermind and jail his ass for a few years…

We are not as stupid as you look, even in your small sparks of little cleverness…



#yorais twitter fever

Minister from rAis age ” If you are a Malaysian (especially if you’re Muslim), Information Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim has some advice for you: stay off Facebook/Twitter! The Internet is a form of business introduced by the West!”

That triggered a Twitter fever called “#YoRais”.. read here (full transcript of #yorais)  and have a laugh.

No wonder KJ is back twitting (popularist!!)… even the Star picked it up!

it was funny while it lasted…. hahaha!!

creator unknown


We do not kiss ass… unlike….

BN/ UMNO / Najib (actually it seems like only Najib sometimes) have their 1Malaysia, Pakatan Rakyat/ DSAI have their “Ketuanan Rakyat”.

We, the rakyat, should not have a problem if either or both of the above walk their talk, no?

Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM) comes from the rakyat… to demand both sides of the political divide to “think rakyat first”, among other things. PEOPLE POWER!

It’s a SPIRIT we promote to our fellow citizens to take up…. and therefore we embrace and work with individuals and groups who will join hands with us to spread this spirit, including NGOs, corporations, political parties. One example is this.

SABM is political, but non-partisan. SABM certainly does not kiss ass.

So when a fellow blogger, who demands “cool, clear and clean language” on his blog, wrote “What a fucking joke. ‘Anak Bangsa Malaysia’, ‘Satu Bangsa Satu Negara’, delCapo nearly choked on a curry puff. (I was agreeing to his PKR/DSAI/Azmin fucking up in Sabah story until he started attacking ABM… in the same article!).

No wonder you call yourself a “seaghost”… like a spirit lost out in the ocean… kesian.

Get your fucken facts right, asshole….

Americans call themselves African American, Chinese American, Latino American etc… format : [ethnicity/race] [nationality].

ABM promotes anti-racism… therefore telling everyone there’s ONE human race…

In the spirit of nation identity.. “One People, One Nation”, “Satu Bangsa, Satu Malaysia”… Bangsa = Nationality , bodoh!! Don’t try to backmask spin the race wheel lah… you look like a fucken fool and may fall on your ass-kissing face.

If you wanna be really clear – there will always be Malay Malaysian, Chinese Malaysian, Indian Malaysian, Iban Malaysian, Kadazan Malaysian, Punjabi Malaysian, Siamese Malaysian, Eurasian Malaysian… i could go on.. buy one of the SABM t-shirts and study for yourself …. if you cannot afford one, delCapo will donate.

Once again… SABM is political, but non-partisan. SABM does not support or belong to any party, like you have wrongly accused. SABM is a rakyat’s spirit to promote what we want for Malaysia.

btw… here’s a picture for you.. in respond to your kiss ass post with “i love Najib’s 1Malaysia… unlike Anak Bangsa Malaysia’s ‘Satu Bangsa Satu Negara, What a fucking joke. ….’

BN - 1Bangsa 1Malaysia s

OH MY GOODNESS!?!?! NAJIB is a Anak Bangsa Malaysia supporter??? maybe BN is embracing SABM faster than we think….. at least they r trying hard to kiss the rakyat’s ass again…. empty talk or genuine, we wait and see.. hahahahahaha…..

HantuLaut…. SABM does not kiss ass….. next time you are looking for one to kiss let me know… i would gladly offer mine, for i’ve been kissed by many but never by a lost salty ghost.

once again…. hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rais Yatim – Minister asshole

delCapo used to have respect for the guy’s supposed intellect…

now? Minister of Information, Culture and Communications….. don’t even have simple manners and humility…. PUI!!


“Politicise” and “Evoke Racial Sentiments”

Two favourite terms of BN and UMNO fellas over the past week when talking about Beng Hock’s death…

Is this the fruit of the new training program DPM was talking about??… all of a sudden Nazri and the folks from UMNO Ampang are singing these terms like in a chorus…

delCapo would like to ANALyse these 2 terms for all of you to judge….

1) Politicise (pls find a good article by SKY in Malaysiakini on this termology)

Question: Who is politicising Beng Hock’s death??


  • Beng Hock  was a DAP political secreatary (as Art Harun and Nat Tan rightfully stated)…
  • Beng Hock was called in to MACC office BECAUSE he was a DAP political secretary.
  • The Kelana Jaya rally “Justice for Beng Hock” was partially a political rally by PR leaders for a fallen comrade…. attended by thousands of concerned citizens.

Yes… it’s politics… no 2 ways about it…. it’s a human tragedy in politics…. How to stop politicising something that is already IN politics.


  • Nazri’s mouth shot out even before the police could figure out where Beng Hock’s body was… Not politicising?
  • BNs other mouths (like the 60-strong Ampang fellas) standing on the street with banners and shouting slogans to gain brownie points (as if they really give 2 shits about MACC, Police and Beng Hock’s family) – Not Politicising??
  • MCA’s visit (President and Youth head no less)  to Beng Hock’s family, Najib’s PA visit to assure Beng Hock’s mother… the wreaths from BN to a DAP PA’s sudden death (accident or suicide according to BN’s own people)…. Errr…. since when they so rajin?? Not Politics at all, of course… pure heart??
  • There were no signs of BN even at an opposition leader’s funeral… not signs of them at Kugan’s funeral… or any of the 3,000 death in custody cases over past 20 years.

SO both sides also politicising … sadly, it’s because it IS politics!! delCapo is disgusted by BOTH sides at times as the line of respect for a deceased was often crossed….

BUT.. for any one side to tell, even WARN, the other side(s) to Stop Politicising??? That’s politicising in itself… and bloody hypocritical… so just shut the fuck up!

2) “Evoke Racial Sentiments”

Once again… the word “Race” is dragged into politics…. how original.

But who is actually the one evoking racial sentiments??

BN/UMNO is telling Pakatan Rakyat NOT to use Beng Hock’s case to “Evoke Racial Sentiments”… Evoke (to remind, to awake an idea…)

Let’s see..


  • Kelana Jaya - more than 3000+ … ONE PURE BANGSA!! Check out the pix here
  • Speeches by an ONE BANGSA ONLY  line up which included Khalid Ibrahim, Husam Musa of PAS, Tunku Aziz, Xavier, … appearances by Karpal and Gobind Singh, next to the DAP reps…. hosted by 2 PKR MCs …
  • Which Bangsa? BANGSA MALAYSIA!!!
  • Kit Siang and Guan Eng spoke in 3 languages about justice and bangsa Malaysia politics- bloody racist father and son… evoking racial sentiments! hehehe
  • Beng Hock’s funeral….2000+ attended.
  • Including his friends and family… and colleagues from DAP…
  • Chegu Bard, Anwar were there too…. to evoke racial sentiments?? yes, they are telling the Malaysian Chinese to raise up and line their nanchakus and chicken chopping knives with non-chinese blood… yes… i can see that


  • A very independent Berita Harian’s brilliant article by a very secular and non-partisan Managing Editor of NST, in respond to nothing.
  • UMNO divisions in Ampang and Pandan Indah… a bunch of the most secular mix of Malaysians WARNING opposition parties (plural) to stop playing the racial cards, in respond to the repeated deafening ZERO racist remarks by Pakatan Rakyat’s leaders over the past week.

Now readers, evoke your own judgement…. who is the one playing racial cards and keep using the “R” word in print and in voices???

When will these goons learn ?? We are all one RACE-  Human Race…. One Bangsa – Malaysian….


We want APPLE… Orange just won’t DO!! Get it??

What we want – Royal Commision with credible and independent panel of commisioners to inquire into the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

What we get after nearly a week – A Royal Commision with dunno who as commisioners looking at ONLY the procedures of MACC… plus a Magistrate’s inquiry into the death of Beng Hock… with the Police announcing that they will wrap up investigation BEFORE the inquiry can start!

Both maybe fruits… but different means different lah!!… Don’t try to smoke this, ok?

It reminds delCapo also of a private joke we used to have with parents:

Kid : “Dad, can I have a 100 bucks?”

Dad: “50 bucks!?!?!?! Wadaya want 20 bucks for?? here’s 10 bucks”

Well Najib and the BN government… we are not kids and you are certainly NOT some fucken parent…. So stop trying to fool us, u idiots!! NOT WORKING ANYMORE!!!

here’s a vid… for some laughs…


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