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Dirtiest week in Malaysian History???

Received this in an email.

Spammed it out to all that I know… at the same time PRAYING and HOPING the content is untrue or will not come true.

If you agree with me, please do the same.

ABU’s video here is in line with the email.


_____________________Content of the Email___________________________

Email , post on FB / Twitter / Blogs this message to as many voters as possible.

translate into Chinese/ Tamil / Bahasa / Iban if you can.

SMS the following to as many voters as possible:

PRU13 – BN has received report that they will lose. Now the campaign will get dirtier, including all media carrying content to incite fear and hatred. The Rakyat must counter this by staying clam, vote early and vote in full force on 5th May. Inikalilah!! Pls send to as many people as possible.

Rumour from a source privy to BN’s internal intelligence Report as of last weekend (28 April),
The report stated –  BN will lose majority seats in Parliament … Pakatan Rakyat will win enough seats to form the new Federal Government.

So starts what will be dirtier than an already dirty campaign for PRU13.

Among the rumoured desperate last gasp moves by UMNO/BN will include:

1) Create shortage of supply at markets and supermarkets – cooking oil, sugar, rice, salt etc… to propagate the feeling of people storing up in case of Emergency.

2) Broadcast the film “Tanda Putera” (about May13, 1969) on ALL mainstream TV and cable stations starting Thursday/Friday (2nd/3rd May 2013) to incite anger among the Malays and fear among the non-malays.
Hoping to keep urban non-malay voters at home on polling day… and also inciting the unthinkable come 6th May if BN loses power.

Besides the content, the timing of this is simply EVIL!!
To Counter this, watch Tunku Abdul Rahman’s last speech in the videos.
more vids on Tunku’s last speech.

3) Creating more politically motivated violent incidents around the country.

4) Playing up (even more) on the DAP + PAS issues in the media.

5) Release more fabricated “evidence” and “scandals” to discredit Pakatan Rakyat candidates, leaders and members of prominent anti-BN civil society members.
We pray that  the above rumours are just rumours. We really do.
However, if BN really does push for any or all of them, we (THE RAKYAT) must counter it.
The PEOPLE must do our part to prevent BN from succeeding.
Show them – the people no longer fear them nor are taken in by such dirty tricks… they should RESPECT and FEAR the people!!
Tell all our friends and family!!
On 5th May, regardless of what would have been in the media and happening around us, we MUST come out and vote in full force, and we must vote without fear!!
Vote early, vote in full force!!
At all time, stay clam but firm!!!

People Power must prevail in this historical week!!

Hidup Rakyat!!

Email , post on FB / Twitter the above message to as many voters as possible.
SMS the following to as many voters as possible:
PRU13 – BN has received report that they will lose. Now the campaign will get dirtier, including all media carrying content to incite fear and hatred. The Rakyat must counter this by staying clam, vote early and vote in full force on 5th May. Inikalilah!! Pls send to as many people as possible.


Not difficult…

  • - Hang around after you have casted your vote. Have friends and family with you to make a good social event out of it.
  • - Watch out for any suspicious persons or buses or activities.
  • - Document them
  • - KICK SOME ASS if you have to =]

I look forward to a great Sunday on 050513.





The Cool Battle…. PR is not winning.

Fi-effing-nally… 050513 is the day Malaysians decides.

If numbers are to be believed, there are over 2 million new voters… and many are the young who looks for “cool” factor.

Many are, although tech and internet savvy, still either underinformed or easily swayed by whatever is on social media and online.

That’s why BN’s expensive campaign is promoting Najib like a presidential candidate.

That’s why BN is spending RM70 million last month alone on PR campaigns…. billboards, mainstream media, social media (noticed the amount of disgustingly blue propoganda on the flash ads on the webpages, smart phone apps???)

It is also rumoured that BN’s machineries (like Star Publications)  and rich cronies have bought up influential alternative medias like BFM Radio (heard playing 1Malaysia ads lately), The Malaysian Insider (noticed the reporting is now watered down), The Edge, LiTV etc…

[Post correction 110413: BFM Radio may not have been acquired but 1Malaysia ads have been heard on air. The 2 popular stations that have been acquired are RedFM and CapitalFM]


Hell…. they are maximising the BN Blue colour without party names and leaders’pictures except the “popular” Najib.

From what some quarters are reporting…. it’s working… BN is gaining grounds among the youngs.

The point is this – PR is hardworking, honest, victimised, the new hope and all that… and they have all learned Malaysians who want an end to BN’s politics and a free and fair Malaysia in their pocket…. BUT, they lack the COOL FACTOR.

Something has to be done quickly and effectively to appeal to these young and swaying new voters…. or BN will win.


Kiasu, Kiasi, Ball-less, Indecisive, Useless….. powerless

the subject terms each describes the current political situation in Malaysia with regards to the State governments, the Federal Government and that “President-like” Najib.

Where got people cut it so close wan, PM? Trying to out do your father in every way is it? Now your state CMs look  like clowns…. starting with Negri Sembilan.

Tommy Thomas’ piece here lays it straight… Uncle Kit also pushing the knife in.

DelCapo resorts this –  GE13 will happen by 27 May 2013…. any dates before that will be like X’mas come early…. all the bullshit between now and then is pure entertainment… because it make s no licking difference.

PEOPLE POWER will kick the government’s ass!!

NS Mohd and Jibby


Najib and Taib on the skewers…. does the rakyat have the will to cook them this time?

None of the shits that has been flying around is actually news. And there are alot of them flying around these days. Perhaps it’s the era of over-information and none effective…. might work for the party who utlises it to cloud the facts.

However, 2 very significant RECENT UPDATES on  2 very distinct figures in BN politics that the coalition government is soooo dependent on must surely stand out.

1) Najib the “President” – his PR team (spending our $$$) is running him like an American style President election campaign. It will actually be quite funny if he can’t even win Pekan seat… hehehehe….

2) Taib  the “Sarawak King” – no need to explain lah…

Now… many people might not realise these fellas are actually RELATED BY MARRIAGE.

Nothing wrong with that. Just a fact and a very nice alliance. No?

Now look at this picture:

Jibby and Taib

The latest updates delCapo is referring to -

1) on the left side of things – “Najib gave direct instructions to Cecil Abraham in the PI Bala SD2 “

2) on the right side of things – “Taib’s family caught on video quoting his role in the raping of Sarawak”

Forget about the rest of the bullshit flying around…. Based on these facts alone… The “President” and the  “King” are now CUT OPEN,  SKEWERED and ON THE BARBEQUE PIT.




Watch out Kedah… The M army is back and depositing

Dr M has sounded the warning… and perhaps letting the cat out of the back.

No… not that Mukritz is the “chose n one” to be Kedah MB if he wins and BN wins…. that’s not a secret.

Put the following together

Good enough to tell me that the M army and all it’s power is ready to recapture Kedah.

I dunno about other BN goons who are hoping their poster boy Najib will pull them through… but when Dr M gets serious about a task… you can bet your last dollar there will be waves.


operasi TAHAN must be carried out by all Kedahans….

if the fella don’t look local, can’t speak the “hang pi mampui” Kedahan bahasa slang… can’t sing Negaraku to save his ass…..



Tell Them “Hang Pi MAMPUI!!!!

IT’s time for PEOPLE POWER!!! Tell all your Kedah friends and relatives.



GE 13, Year 2013 – a “NO” campaign

Latest news is that the loooong awaited GE 13  in the year 2013 will finally be on 14th of April.

DOn’t take my word for it… but that’s what the insiders are pretty cock sure about now.

13 on 140413…. if it really happens on that date…. at least we can say there’s 1 side of Jibby that is definitely progressive. He is not superstitious… hehehehe.

Whatever the date may turn out to be… it has to happen soon enough.

All the (our) money BN has been spending and giving out… all the good news (government and corporate)… all the MANISFESTOs from both sides of the political divide trying to convince us they actually have a plan and have us believe they will actually carry it out with the rakyat at heart.

Lets save all the effort trying to digest all the long stories bullshit, my fellow Malaysians…. lets make it very simple.

Lets just make it all about saying “NO”.

“NO” to BN.

THanks to PSY and Jibby in Penang… the “NO” campaign has already started…. and gaining traction on it’s own too, most recently in Melaka trust our 2 historical prides to start it too!!.. check out this video

Lets do it… it sounds, at the very least, fun and brainless enough….

From now til GE13, lets attend any BN ceremahs or events and shout with gusto (in harmony if you like) – NOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!

25 years ago… the Chilean national plebiscite – a national referendum held to determine whether or not dictator Augusto Pinochet would extend his rule for another eight-year term in office. It was held on 5 October 1988. The “No” side won with 55.99% of the vote, ending Pinochet’s 16½ years in power.

A film has been made about that PEOPLE POWER campaign 25 years ago that liberated the Chileans. This film was nominated for Oscars this year.

Here’s the trailer.

Catch the film if you can, my fellow PEOPLE POWER Malaysians…. be inspired by a simple idea and action – VOTE “NO”

More importantly, go home and VOTE this coming elections….

VOTE “NO” to BN… that means… vote ANYTHING BUT BN

Bring BN down!!!!!




Why Bersih 3.0?

All the reasons have been stated and valid. You can google and read.

For delCapo… it comes down to this:

The Election Commission (SPR) is NOT independent.

Not only is it not independent like it should be, it is the tool used by Najib’s Barisan Nasional government to corrupt Malaysia’s democracy. 

delCapo has been calling for their suspension in August 2011.

 So cut the bullshit, Najib… as long as the EC is what it is today, any elections you call will be an insult to the people.

That is why Bersih 3.0 (40 countries involved, no less) will be the biggest ever…. and you will feel the rakyat’s wrath.



How, Mr PM?

We hear that you and Rosie have completed your Hajj…. nicely cleansed without hitches, we hope =]

We hear that you are itching to make  11.11.11 significant (like calling for GE 13)

We hear that your inner cicles are telling you “it’s now or never”, or “all things are in place” for you to finally lead a General Elections and win.

We hear all these… why? We think your inner circles are not as trustworthy as you might think…. All these secrets and news all leaking worse than the parliament house roof.

Your own personal “home ministry” (shopping shopping shopping !!!), deputy PM , that Home Minister cousin, that MM teams are not exactly doing you favours, are they?

Those idiots funding and supporting Lynas, the smear Guan Eng campaigns in Penang, the anti-LGBTIQ news… not helping, uh?

Let us put it this way, Mr PM… 11.11.11 or whatever… just a date. You were never quite a historian nor a hero anyway so why start now?… take the rakyat’s advice – DON”T DO IT… or you will be the only loser. You will fail in the GE and your own party’s snakes and vultures will go for your blood… not sure if Rosie will stand by you even.

Wanna be a hero? Sack that DPM and Home Minister of yours… shut down the wife and daugther’s greed… tell that old MM to shut the fuck up… and show us some real balls and for a start – by implementing all the electoral reforms, tell Lynas to go home, no more 100-storey mega tower, no more nuclear ambitions, MACC to proscecute real cases of corruptions (that defense minister to start with). There are more to come but we’ll be here to tell you =]

Once again… call the GE13 anytime before real electoral reforms… Bersih 3.0will rise in your face together with ALL other current prominent movements and causes – Anti-Lynas, PPSMI, LGBTIQ, anti 100 mega tower, #occupy movements, “where r the cattles?”, Malaysians for Teoh Beng Hock, Anti AUKU movements, Anti ISA / EO human right groups, Scorpene trial watchers etc…

The people will rise and defeat your government.

Your own party vultures will nail your coffin.

Your choice.


Suspend the Election Commission (SPR) until Electoral Roll is clean!!

I dunno about you folks out there… but i have bloody  heard and seen enough !!

How fucken rotten is our Electoral Roll?!?!?!

  • Non-citizens are in the roll
  • Blatant and open recruitment of foreign workers as voters with signed contract… more like CON + THREATS.
  • IC with “00” codes in the roll (who are these aliens?)
  • 3,500 people over 100 years ol still in the roll? That’s just in Sabah.. rock n roll, man… Malaysia damn alot of  centurions!!!
  • Duplicate voters (“coincidentally” all UMNO fellas)
  • Phantom voters (finally proven and admitted by EC after years of saying no such things exist)
  • Multi voters at single address (up to 50 in some uncovered cases)
  • Sudden suspicious big increase in new voters in certain constituencies
  • Dodgy postal votes (with cases of army personnel confessing in the faud cases)
  • Shifting of voters from one constituency to another without their consent
  • Recent knee jerk reactions by EC  when cases are reported, including deleting names off the electoral roll
  • More and more examples and cases appearing everyday, thanks to the diligent work of PAS, DAP, PKE, NGOs and NGIs (seriously.. the task is not easy and damn tedious)

Finally, Najib (or APCO’s reports finally got through the blink doors) recognizes “the problem” and ask to setup some parliamentary select committee (PSC) on electoral reforms… Nazri just annouced this will happen in October….blah blah blah…

Yes yes, so you have finally realised the “WHy Bersih?” thingy was not for fun fun or opposition politics issit?… or finally realised you have to layan the rakyat because the heat is too fucken strong… cannot tahan.. ok fine, politics aside… how much a wayang kulit and waste of time this 5 BN + 3PR + 1 Independent MP PSC will be… how we think civil societies, NGOs and international observers should be brought in to joint the task force….nevermind for now, we save for another day of ranting.

Question is – So now how? Just wait?… harlow!! The shit is still stinking and more shit is still being covered up!!

This is what delCapo thinks… IMMEDIATELY:

  • Until the cleaning is done and100% integrity is returned to the Electoral Roll… NO ELECTIONS!!
  • Meanwhile, the entire SPR / EC rank and file personnel should be SUSPENDED!!!

WHY BERSIH, did you ask??


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